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Let Living Water Irrigation take care of all your Tulsa sprinkler repair and irrigation repair needs.

We are the best when it comes to Tulsa sprinkler repair.

We can come take a look at your irrigation system and let you know if there are any improvements or repairs that need to be done.

A lot of times we come out and people haven’t run their system a few years. If you do not run your system things will definitely get old and worn quick.

Water can be the best lubrication for irrigation systems as the parts are typically PVC and plastic. Without running your system for a while there will almost most definitely be nozzles clogged and heads broken.

This can be an easy fix and not too costly for the customer, but the longer that you do not run your irrigation system the more problems that you may have. We can come out and run through the system and take a look at all the zones and make sure that there is nothing that may need to be repaired.

A lot of times lawn mowers and certain things running over heads can break the nipples on the heads and the pipes. We come with a fully stock van with stuff that can make the repairs ypically quite easy.

Allow us to come out and take a look at your irrigation system and make any Tulsa sprinkler repairs or adjustments that may possibly be needed. We can also take a look at coverage. A lot of times customers that haven’t run their system in a long time may have coverage issues.

Maybe you haven’t used your irrigation system in a few years and just put down some sod or some new landscaping. If this may be the case and you spend a lot of money on these type of things and would like to make sure that it gets water sufficiently we can definitely come out and take a look at your current irrigation system and if you do know have one we can tell you what it would take and how much it would cost to put one in for you.

We have install crews which can put a system in one to two days.

Tulsa Sprinkler Repair Can Be Avoided With Proper Winterizations!

Call us out to take care of your winterization and do a spring turn on. It is super important to winterize your sprinkler system as not winterizing it can damage the backflow which is the most expensive piece of the entire system.

We can also come out and do a  spring turn on where we un-winterize the system and run through all the zones and let you know how everything is looking before the season starts.

By not winterizing your sprinkler system you are leaving it susceptible to freeze damage. Replacing a backflow which is damaged by freeze can cost up to $1,000. To replace a RPZ you’re looking at about 800 to 1,000 dollars and for the PVB it is typically a 400-500 dollar repair; these repairs can be avoided by winterizing your Tulsa sprinkler repair needs and sprinkler system before the first freeze. 

For any irrigation repair needs call Living Water irrigation.

We are the best Tulsa sprinkler repair company when it comes to repairing sprinkler systems.

We really care about the value of our customers’ dollars. This is why we do our absolute best to make sure that their sprinkler irrigation system is watering the correct way.

We would love to come out and take a look at your system. Call today to schedule an appointment with us to take a look at your irrigation system. First we will come and run through your system and make sure that there are no repairs that are needed.

We will run through each Zone and take a look at the existing heads and make sure that none of them need to be repaired and each head has adequate coverage.

We will then take a look at your back flow and make sure that there is no freeze damage or leaks. Even if you’re backflow has a small leak, a small leak nearly always turns into a big leak.

The pressure that is coming to this backflow is so high that if it bursts entirely then it is going to dump alot of water out  at a very fast rate. This will kind of create a lake in your yard and always sets you up for a really high water bill.

It is important to have a backflow that is working properly. These back flows are essential in maintaining a clean water supply. If your backflow is not working correctly then water may be coming back in from the heads and into the supply line and go back into the city water or travel into your house.

A lot of customers put fertilizers and different types of things in their yard not to mention dirt. It is important to make sure that these things aren’t going into our drinking water. Each city has different codes so that you have to have a backflow to make sure that there isn’t water getting back into the drinking water.

Maintaining a backflow is imperative. By not winterizing the backflow it can have freeze damage and not only not work properly but can also create a leak which will not stop. If you want to use your irrigation system the backflow has to be working properly.

By not winterizing the backflow you’re putting yourself at risk for freeze damage and it can range up to $1,000 to repair or replace a backflow. This can be easily avoided by making sure that your sprinkler system is always winterized before the first freeze.

Give us a call before the season or before the first freeze so we can come out and take a look at your system or before spring so we can turn on your system and run through all the zones and make sure that everything is working properly and make any adjustments if there are any that need to be made.

Always choose living water for all your Tulsa sprinkler repair needs. Give us a call anytime.

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