Installation Isolated


Years of experience that include new construction, small residential and up to and including large scale commercial projects of Tulsa Sprinkler Systems


Certified technicians with over 20 years of experience. Equally skilled in repairing a broken head as a complete redesign. No job too big or small. Immediate response in most cases. The premiere choice for Tulsa Sprinkler System repair.

Repair Isolated
Light Install

Outdoor Lighting

Small packages that begin with 6 fixtures, intricate design and illumination packages that can provide effectual lighting for your entire property, to include: pathways, landscaping, trees, pools and outdoor water features. ILLIMUNATE YOUR INVESTMENT



Tired of those pesky wet areas in your yard? Allow us to design a drainage solution to navigate the water away from your property. Whether a French drain for ground water, a surface drain to eliminate standing water or gutter drains to dissipate roof water. Extensive experience with pumps as well, if gravity won’t allow us to solve your problems.


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