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This company was started to provide true and revolutionary customer service while developing long-lasting, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between customers and the team here at Living Water Irrigation. We strive and choose to accomplish something completely new in the construction industry.


Living Water Irrigation is the premiere company for consultation, design, installation and repair of Tulsa Sprinkler Systems.

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We invest the time and energy in our customers to evaluate each and every property for the most efficient and productive way to install or repair any and all Tulsa Sprinkler Systems. It is critical to spend the time to listen and understand the specific needs to properly design or repair an irrigation system.


The most important aspect of the Sprinkler System installation process. We are well versed and qualified to properly lay out a new System based on water flow, water pressure, types of plant material, future redesign and expansion, and most importantly property owner desires.

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Once the Tulsa Sprinkler System has been designed properly the installation process begins. On time, on budget, every time guaranteed. Ensuring that the installation adheres to the design and that the jobsite remains clean during the process and is spotless upon completion.


Hunter certified technicians with years of experience in any and all repairs. No job too big or small. From a small repair such as a broken sprinkler head or reprogramming a controller to repairing a Tulsa Sprinkler System that has not operated in years. We specialize in redesigning systems for new pools or landscaping.

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