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Living Water Irrigation is a family owned and operated Tulsa sprinklers company here.

Josh Wilson started Living Water back in 2018 with nothing but a van and his two friends Pedro and Jesus.

With very little money to their name Josh had to ask his mom to help buy the van so they could start the company.

On the way home with their new van, Josh started to call all the contacts in his phone telling them he has started a new company and offering irrigation work. Josh, Pedro, and Jesus  agreed to do any and all jobs so they could get their company up and running.

A few years after Josh completely over worked himself he knew it was time to add to his Tulsa sprinklers team. Josh made a post on Facebook about how he was hiring a sprinkler technician to come work for him full time.

That Facebook post is what Michael Reed responded to all those years ago. With no office to meet in, Josh told Micahel to meet him at a local McDonalds. Josh told Michael that he had little to no money to offer him and he would be working non stop, but in the end it can be very rewarding for him.

Even though it was not a very appealing job offer, Michael still said yes and is still with the company to this day. Now if you ask Michael why he said yes, he would tell you that he does not know why but he believed in Josh.  

With a name like Living Water, you can guess what our Tulsa sprinklers company is built on. 

The name Living Water was a sign from God himself.

With no name in mind he went to church one day and left after hearing a message from his pastor about John 7:38. “ Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him”.

Knowing that this should be the name of his new company, he called his mom to tell her the great news. When his mom answered she quickly stopped him to tell him about how she had also just attended church and heard the same message that Josh heard and she thinks the company should be called Living Water.

Josh has always made sure that his company is filled with good hearted, kind and Christan oriented people.

Josh puts God first in his everyday life; he makes sure that his company reflects that. Living Waters biggest pride is how we treat our customers.

Every employee knows that we go above and beyond for every customer, and we will always exceed their expectations. When someone works with Living Water they know they are getting a well dressed and well-mannered technician that will go the extra mile.

Our technicians are known for leaving a yard cleaner than how they found it, helping a homeowner with something other than sprinkler repair, and going the extra mile when they need to help a homeowner.

If you don’t believe that our technician could be that great, check out our Youtube page, @livingwaterirriagtion.

On our Tulsa sprinklers Youtube channel you can watch hundreds of video reviews of real customers saying the same things. 

Living Water is so highly rated because our employees are with our customers from start to finish.

When a customer first calls in, they are greeted by one of our office staff members who is able to answer all their questions. Next they will be scheduled with an experienced sales technician to talk about what they want for their yard and what they would like to have placed.

That can range from installing a whole new system, adding to a current system, or just updating parts. After the customer signs the agreement, they are quickly scheduled for a crew of Living Water employees to come to their house to complete the work.

Most of our jobs are completed in just one day. After the crews have completed the job, the homeowner is scheduled for an appointment for the next day to have a full walkthrough of their new system.

They are shown how to set up the system and how to run it. If a customer ever has questions they can always call the office or there is always a QR code sticker on all of our controllers with a link to our Youtube page.

On there, the customers can find any video they need explaining everything from how to turn your controller on to turning the water off to your sprinkler system.

These few details are what puts Living Water above all other Tulsa irrigation businesses.

We are with our customers every step of the way and able to answer any questions they might think of. Living Water employees are available at all hours to answer the phone.

One of our technicians always has an emergency phone on hand. At Living Water Irrigation we are dedicated to helping our customers and exceeding their expectations every step of the way. 

While the start of the company was not easy, it has become very rewarding.

Living Water now has around 30 employees. Installing multiple jobs a day and responding to several service calls.

Living Water now services the Tulsa area, all the way to Edmond and Oklahoma City and even McKinney Texas. The Living Water Tulsa location is the highest rated irrigation company in Oklahoma with the most 5 star reviews on Google.

While still doing Tulsa sprinklers and irrigation work, Living Water also offers multiple other services. From landscaping, Christmas lights, outdoor audio, artificial turf, putting greens, and lighting and drainage.

We are also now the only dealer in the Tulsa area for Jellyfish Lighting.  Even though Josh is no longer doing work in the field he is still involved in the day to day operations that happen at the office.

While Josh has told his employees multiple times that he is stepping back and retiring from Living Water, we know that he could never leave his business that he built with a little borrowed money and his two best friends. 

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