Jellyfish Lighting Tulsa is the new high tech way to have stunning outdoor lightning on your house. This lighting is one of a kind because it is completely customizable.

At Living Water we are very excited to be one of the only companies in the Tulsa area that can offer this one of a kind lighting. 

The main reason Jellyfish lighting is so popular is because of the way you can customize it to your home. After the lights have been installed by our trained technicians, you can access your lights by an app on your phone. From there you can change which lights are on, when they come on and what colors they will be.

The possibilities are endless!

For Halloween you can easily turn on some purple lights to let trick-or-treaters know you are home. Also, just think about never having to drag out the ladder on Christmas day again.

Also since they can be changed as simply as clicking in the app you do not have to commit to red and green lights all winter long.

You can easily switch them out to whatever color you are feeling that day. There will also be no need to go out in the cold in January to try and take all the lights down again, trying to organize them the best you can for next year and then the wires become a tangled mess.jellyfish-lighting-tulsa-214

While lights on your house are very popular around the holidays, you can also change the lights to show love to your favorite sports team.

If you are having a party to cheer on your Oklahoma State University Cowboys on Saturday, change your lights to orange. On Sunday you might be cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs and want to show your pride by changing the lights to red. Whatever combination, sports team or holiday you are celebrating, you can make sure you have the best lights in the neighborhood. 

While holidays and football games do not happen every day, you can still use your Jellyfish Lighting Tulsa. By changing your lights to just a cool white, or any shade of white that you would like, and turning some of the lights off, you can have beautiful lighting on your house that is minimal and sleek.

Jellyfish Lighting Tulsa: 16 Million Color Combinations!

There are different presets already made if you do not want to pick them yourself. These presets you can pick if the lights are on every 3, 6, or 8 feet. On some homes you might notice large outdoor lighting on their homes that have light bulbs and wires running through their flower beds.

But with Jellyfish Lighting Tulsa already installed on your roof you are able to change out the lights to make your house beautifully lit without having to worry about larger bulky lights or a lightbulb burning out without notice. 

permanent-accent-lighting-tulsaThe best part is, you can set the lights to a timer and a calendar. On the app you can customize the colors and which lights you want on, and then go to the times to make sure they come on and off automatically when you want.

For example from sunset to sunrise or arctic times. You can set your lights months in advance. Once your lights are installed you can immediately set your Christmas lights on the calendar in the app.

Saying that red and green lights will come on from December 1st- January 1st so even if it is July your lights will be all ready to go by Christmas. 

While the lighting is permanently placed there are different track and spacing options. These lights can be installed with a standard track; they are placed on a flat soffit and the lights are 9 inches apart and the light faces directly downward.

The next option is a canted track the lights are also 9 inch apart, face downward but they are on an angled soffit. The Z flashing with standard track are not on a soffit but a drip edge or wall cap. The next option is a fat track and standard track, these are best for beams, awnings, and pergolas; really anything less than 1 ¼ inches wide.

If you are wanting an option where the lights do not face directly downward, the Madhav Flashing and standard track lights face out at a 45 degree angle. Lastly, if you were wanting the most lit up option, picking the 6 inch spacing would be best for you.

Whereas all the other options are 9 inches, the 6 inch spacing will really make your house shine brighter than all the rest. 

While Jellyfish lighting is a new concept to most it has been around since 2011. It is named after Jellyfish because of the comb jellyfish. It has eight rows of small combs that diffract the light to make a rainbow effect as it swims around. 

Real customers that have Jellyfish Lighting Tulsa already installed on their home are raving about their lights. One of the main comments made across the board is how excited everyone is that they no longer have to pull out a ladder every year around Christmas time to put up their lights.

Now they can set their lights from the warmth of their own home. Another popular comment is how the lights disappear in the daytime. When the lights are installed you can not see them until they are on. No more wires and large plastic clips on the outside of your house.

Another great part is installing the lights only takes about a day to get done. It is very quick and easy to install on most homes that it is only a one day job. Most of the people who do have them installed all say that they wish they would have just got it done sooner.

They love their easy, simple outdoor lighting, game day lighting and holiday lighting.

The lights are very bright and vibrant that your neighbors will be jealous of your home and they will want jellyfish lighting on their house as well. 



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