Tulsa Jellyfish Lighting

Living Water Tulsa is now a distributor of Jellyfish lighting and we are excited to see them at work lighting up everyone’s homes here in the Tulsa Metro.

Tulsa Jellyfish lighting is the ultimate Christmas light.

Living Water is now a distributor of Jellyfish lighting and it is outdoing the traditional C9 Christmas lights.

Not only is Jellyfishing lighting amazing for Christmas lighting, you can light up your home for accent lighting, game day, security, and highlight your favorite parts of your home.

You can change your Jellyfish lighting with over 16 million different colors and over 100 different color patterns currently.

Did we mention it is permanent? These are all year round exterior home lighting without the removal hassle.

You can have a different color display to entertain the neighbors every night .

These lights add to the amazing curb appeal of a home.

You will not be able to miss the house that has these advanced lights on it. 

Tulsa Jellyfish lighting allows you to create your own color patterns and you can do it all from your cell phone.

Do you have an iphone or android ? Doesn’t matter,  they both are compatible with Jellyfish lighting.

You are able to manage your own lighting schedule from your phone for daily, weekly and event/ holiday scheduling. 

Jellyfish lighting is also connected with the website weather.com so you can be scheduled along with sunrise and sunset to get it on the perfect time schedule for your home.

You can even save events on your calendar  If you aren’t looking for extravagant colors for your lighting display you can use any color of white from soft to cool or neutral there are no limits to these accent lighting options. 

Do you have your favorite part of your home? If you only want your peaks, columns, or even just certain sections of your home lit up, they have zoning options.

jellyfosh-lighting-tulsaIf you want the front of your home or the back of the home lit up differently or at different times you have that ability to customize your lights to do just that.

Which means you can have different colors in different sections of your home or even different patterns.

Jellyfish lighting has so many options and customizations the possibilities are endless. The Tulsa Jellyfish lighting can also be dimmed if you wanted. 

 They have some amazing color options for holidays.

The different reds and green and whites add a very classic Christmas feel or if you like to have more color or shock factor you can add different moving patterns across your home.

Valentine’s day would be a great time to show off all the different shades of pink and reds they offer. Halloween can be a show stopper as the purples and greens would look thrilling with spider webs and smokey fog machines.

You can show your love for America with their red white and blue patterns on Fourth of July, Memorial day and Labor day! Do not forget St. Patricks day where you can show off the many arrays of green.

If you prefer to use your lights for more of a security feel they have all shades of white that will compliment your home and other outdoor lighting you may have . You can dim and brighten your light as much as you like. 

Jellyfish lighting through Living Water Tulsa has a 5 year warranty!

Which just makes the deal for getting Jellyfish lighting through them the best there is . The Jellyfish lighting is amazing as it is because if one light goes out it will not shut off the rest of the lights with it.

They are LED lights that already are so good for many years and you get the added warranty from Living Water which has become a household name in the Tulsa Metro.

You can trust that your lighting will stand out amongst the neighborhood and will have and will be put in by a top rated company. The jellyfish lighting gives off enough light around the home for great visibility on your door bells and your cameras.

During the holiday season bright lights around the home are important for aesthetic and for a deterrence for anyone who should not be there. 

You do not have to be tech savvy to use their app and the Living Water employees are all educated in their product and are more thanjellyfish-lighting-tulsa-214 happy to run everything through with you so you are able to use and get maximum use of your new Jellyfish lighting.

There is always that yearly hassle of getting on a ladder and putting up the Christmas lights and having to get back on the ladder a short month later and take them down .

Why take them down? You can get Tulsa Jellyfish lighting and use them during the holiday and as quick as picking up your phone you can change it to your choice of accent lighting or a fun array of lights to showcase your home. 

 Living Water will make sure your Jellyfish lighting is put up seamlessly and improve your home’s exterior. You have the guarantee of good work and a good team that takes pride in their amazing work and they will leave you pleased and satisfied with their every light.

You will have complete satisfaction with this upgraded and permanent lighting that you wont need to ever put up Christmas lights again. Living Water will give you a great experience from the first phone call from their knowledgeable owner through the install process.

They will give you full transparent information and guarantee satisfaction with their work. If you ever have any questions they have a 24/7 line for their customers and are right there when you need them.

This is the place to get your Tulsa Jellyfish lighting from. Run to get your free estimate from Living Water so you can sport your game day and holiday spirit or show off the amazing features of your home with Jellyfish permanent accent lighting for a new fresh look for your home. 

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