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If you want to have the best lawn in the neighborhood you need to keep up with watering your grass. The fastest way to do that? Use our Sprinkler Repair McKinney services!

Without it, that can be a long and arduous process. If done manually with a garden hose you risk overwatering areas and spending a lot of your time going around your property lugging your hose around.

If you use yard sprinkler you will have to go out and move it multiple times in order to try and get your yard watered and you run the risk of forgetting about it and leaving the water on and having to pay a pretty hefty water bill.

Instead of spending your valuable time watering your lawn or moving around a yard sprinkler you will be able to use that time doing the things you really want to do, all while having one of the best lawns on the street once you use our Sprinkler Repair McKinney services.

Here at Living Water Irrigation we want you to be able to enjoy that lush, beautiful green lawn that you’ve always wanted and still have time for your family, dreams and hobbies. With a professionally installed sprinkler system, from Living Water Irrigation you can take pride in your lawn without ever having to touch a garden house again.

Whether you have flowerbeds, potted plants, shrubs, big trees or little trees, we will install a system that will water them all, with just the right amount of water that will get the flowers blooming and trees flourishing. Going out of town and worried about your plants not getting watered?

No problem!

Our professional installed systems are programmed to the exact watering schedule you want. With being able to set the days you want to water and the specific time to start watering it couldn’t be simpler.

We even have controllers that connect to your home WiFi and can adjust the watering schedule according to the weather in your area. Live in an area with spotty internet?

Or don’t trust the weather forecast? Not a problem, we have equipment we can add to your new system or already existing system that physical senses if it’s raining and will work with the system controller to adjust the watering schedule accordingly.

This means you won’t be watering your yard on a day when it’s already raining. Trust Living Water Irrigation with watering your lawn, garden, flower beds and more.

Our Sprinkler Repair McKinney team will plan out a sprinkler system that will efficiently and evenly water your entire yard, to save not only your time but also your money. With full coverage and with the right amount of water output you will be rewarded with a beautiful green lawn.

You will also gain the peace of mind of knowing that you’re not wasting water by over saturating your lawn.

Imagine inviting your friends and family over for birthday parties, Super Bowl watch party’s, cookouts, and get-togethers and showing off your beautiful green lawn. Here at Living Water Irrigation we love making your yard look it’s very best.

You can sit back and relax while we install a professional sprinkler system that will take dry, yellowed grass to its full potential, of being a lush green landscape that you can be proud of.   

If you were to ask someone what color is grass? Anyone you ask would most assuredly say “green”. Even if you were to ask a preschool class they would answer “green”.

However, if you live in the Midwest, you know that this unfortunately is not usually the case. With the arid dry summer seasons it’s an uphill battle to get your lawn green, let alone keep it green.

It’s practically a full time job with the amount of watering and time spent lugging bulky garden hoses around, and it only gets worse the bigger your yard is. Buying hundred foot garden hoses and connecting them together in some jumbled mess.

Moving the same, water wasting, yard sprinklers around your property like people have been doing since the 1870’s.

While all of these methods do in fact water the lawn and plants you have at your home, they are not designed with any kind of efficiency. Whether that be water saving efficiency, time saving efficiency, or money saving efficiency, they all are severely lacking. Living Water Irrigation has the solution to your problem.

The Modern Sprinkler Repair McKinney Process

Our team of professionals will install a modern, industry leading sprinkler system that checks all the boxes for efficiency. Saving you time and money, all while improving the way in which you water your lawn.

Living Water Irrigation is constantly staying up to date with the latest advancements in the irrigation and sprinkler world. We have the latest technology that can regulate exactly how much water is needed to have the right coverage of your yard and the right amount of water.

Now days there are all sorts of “smart home” gadgets on the market, that let you essentially control your home’s environment right in the palm of your hand. Here at Living Water Irrigation we have the ability to employ some smart home equipment for your sprinkler system as well.

We can install a rain sensor in your sprinkler system to keep your system from watering when it’s raining. We can also install sprinkler system controllers that will connect to your home WiFi network and access the internet to get the weather forecast to adjust your systems water schedule for days that have rain in the forecast.

If that’s not enough smart control for you, Living Water Irrigation also has sprinkler system controllers that are you control from and app on your phone or tablet. This means that you can start and stop your sprinkler system anywhere and anytime and have full control of your Sprinkler Repair McKinney system with an easy to use app.

It even can allow our service department to troubleshoot your system, if you’re having any issues, before sending a service technician. For these and many more modern and efficient solutions to your irrigation needs, trust Living Water Irrigation to solve your watering problems so you don’t have to.

With the peace of mind of having a knowledgeable team of professionals installing, servicing, and maintaining your system you will be happy you chose Living Water Irrigation. The best Sprinkler Repair McKinney company in the business. 

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