The Best Tulsa Sprinkler Repair

In Tulsa, Oklahoma it is common for homes to have a sprinkler system.

Living Water Irrigation is a company in Tulsa, Oklahoma that can service any sprinkler system in Tulsa Oklahoma that may need a repair. If you are looking for a trustworthy Tulsa sprinkler repair team, we are it.

Or as a home does not currently have a sprinkler system Living Water Irrigation can install a Tulsa sprinkler system in that yard. sprinkler-repair-tulsa-4243455

When a homeowner calls Living Water Irrigation, they may be asked a few simple questions at first such as their first and last name, their address, phone number, and a good email address.

After all of the information has been taken, a Tulsa sprinkler repair appointment will be made. The appointments are set for our windows. There are two options for appointment times: one in the morning between eight and noon or one in the afternoon between noon and five. Sometimes Living Water Irrigation will offer a 6 AM appointment.

Whenever that appointment is set the technician will call the homeowner when they are on their way to their house so they know when to expect them. That way the homeowner is not sitting around all day waiting for the technician from Living Water Irrigation to show up.

When the technician from Living Water Irrigation gets to the homeowner’s house in Tulsa, Oklahoma to do a Tulsa sprinkler repair, the technician will first run through the homeowners sprinkler system to see if they can identify the repair that needs to be done.

The homeowner will most likely point out the issue that they see and ask them how it needs to be repaired. after the technician from Living Water Irrigation has run through the whole system and found any issues that need to be repaired. They will give the homeowner an estimate so they will know how much it will cost to get the sprinkler repair done in Tulsa Oklahoma.

What is the Repair Process?

If the homeowner agrees to the estimate, the technician will start working. The technician will have everything they need in their van so they can repair anything they need to. If the technician from Living Water Irrigation looks at the repair and decides it will take longer than two hours they will suggest to the homeowner that their time is rescheduled for another day when they can block out more time.

Or instead of blocking out more time they will see if they can have another technician from Living Water Irrigation come and help to make the time go by faster.  Some repairs are very large and require two technicians to get them done. They also require more than two hours to get them done.

Once the technician has started on the repair they will make sure that it is completed to the best of their ability. The technician from Living Water Irrigation will then run through the system again with the homeowner to show them that they fix the repair. If for some reason the technician comes across anything else that needs to really be repaired while doing the initial repair they will let the homeowner know.

After they have repaired everything they will let the homeowner see that everything is fixed and then they will show the homeowner how to work their controller if needed. The technician from Living Water Irrigation will show the homeowner in Tulsa Oklahoma, where their controller for the sprinkler system is located.

Tulsa-Sprinkler-Repair-1853545If the homeowner would like the technician to program the controller to run at different times the technician will get that done while they’re there. Some homeowners only like their sprinkler system to run at certain times and certain days they can let the technician from Living Water Irrigation know what times and days they would like the sprinkler system to run in Tulsa Oklahoma.

If the controller needs to be repaired the technician from Living Water Irrigation can replace the whole controller or they can provide a Tulsa Sprinkler Repair to the part that is needed. It depends on what the homeowner from Tulsa Oklahoma would like to have done. Some common repairs to sprinkler systems that Living Water Irrigation gets called out on include but are not limited to; backflow, repairs leaks, broken heads, and reprogramming issues.

A technician from Living Water Irrigation can fix any of these issues in the two hour time spot that they have open for the appointment for the homeowner in Tulsa Oklahoma. The technicians carry all of the tools that they need and their van, so they do not have to go somewhere else to get more tools to come back and fix the issue which means the homeowner is not waiting for the technician all day to fix the repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The technician will first turn on the system and watch all of the zones run which all take about 10 minutes per each zone while the zones are running. The technician from Living Water Irrigation will identify any repairs that need to be done. At Living Water Irrigation we require a payment whenever the technician first arrives, which is the arrival fee and then we also have a payment for labor per hour. the other fees a homeowner might come across are for parts.

Something that living water irrigation offers that not a lot of other irrigation companies offer is our worry free watering membership. With a Worry Free Watering membership it can help you save money whenever you need a repair on your sprinkler system in Tulsa Oklahoma. Be getting the worry free watering membership a homeowner can call to have a service repair done at their house. But if they have a membership, they will not have to pay the arrival feet and they will also get priority scheduling, which means they will be scheduled within the next two business days which is helpful during the summer times when we are booked out 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Most homeowners do not want to wait that long for a repair to be done in Tulsa Oklahoma on their sprinkler system.

That is why we have been suggesting to homeowners who start signing up for our worry. Free watering program now so in the summer when it is very hot and grass starts dying they do not have to wait a long time for a sprinkler repair to be done.

The Simple Tulsa Sprinkler Repair Option

Irrigation system repairs can be very simple fixes as long as you have a well-seasoned irrigation technician. A good Irrigation technician is able to work and communicate amazingly  with their customers to get to the solution for their irrigation system needs. However great technicians are able to execute a great irrigation repair solution that not only repairs your system but further assists in the prevention of future issues. Great sprinkler technicians are able to repair any and all repairs on your sprinkler system.

Some examples of common repairs are irrigation line leaks, water being wasted, missing or removed nozzles or heads, clogged sprinkler heads, broken sprinkler pipes, wiring damages,  damaged or missing backflows,  no isolation valves, or stuck open valves allowing zones to run continuously. Sprinkler technicians run into all kinds of different irrigation systems. Sometimes the Tulsa Irrigation system that was installed was not installed correctly , large irrigation systems like commercial properties , residential irrigation systems and even systems that are located on playing fields. There are important things to pay attention to when you own a home with an irrigation system.

They do require continuous maintenance to make sure they are running to their full potential . Tulsa Sprinkler Repair Q Hưng Phạm 3351909

Things to pay attention to would be when you   notice that your landscaping has become dry, pooling water in any area of your lawn, when your system has a loss of water pressure, your water bill looks higher than on average, or there are noticeable damages to the common eye. 

When you notice any of these issues it is important to call your trusted irrigation company and have them evaluate your sprinkler system. There are many important parts to your irrigation system that may need repairs. Rain/Freeze sensors are an important part that help save you time and money on watering your lawn. Rain/Freeze sensors monitor the temperature and rain to make sure your system does not run with dropping temperatures and precipitation. Another important part of your sprinkler system is called the backflow preventer.

The backflow preventer is specifically designed to help prevent back-siphonage and back-pressure from returning or entering the potable water supply. This is a main operating piece to your irrigation system so it is very important that this product is kept protected and monitored and is winterized in the winter time to prevent any freeze damage to it and connecting parts to your irrigation system.

Lateral lines are irrigation lines that run from your control valve all the way out to your Tulsa Sprinklers . If these lines become damaged it can cause water pressure issues to your heads that they lead to and can cause pooling water in your lawn. These lines tend to have multiple heads that it runs to. These lines also have wire that run alongside it so when there is digging in your lawn or a pipe is cut by machinery there is always the chance the wiring could be damaged that runs along with it that could cause a defected response in your irrigation system.

Your irrigation lines are usually buried between 6-12 inches if installed correctly. This means even with simple yard work yourself you have to proceed with caution and care as a yard shovel is capable of damaging your wiring and irrigation lines.

Another important part to your Tulsa irrigation system is your isolation valve.

Your isolation valve is important because it allows you to be able to turn off the water to your irrigation system without having to turn the water off to your home. If you do not have an isolation valve on your irrigation system it is advised to have one installed. This is valuable when you are out of town and a neighbor notices there is a leak or a Tulsa Sprinkler Repair  needed for your system or you have a Wifi controller and it notifies you of constant run times on your irrigation system.

A technician is able to arrive on property without a homeowner needing to be home and get the irrigation system shut off so you are not being charged for the lost water. There are five main components to a sprinkler system. The first one is your controller. Having the right controller for your irrigation system is important. There are many controllers to choose from that best fit your needs. The most common is a WIFI compatible controller that allows you to control your system from your pocket no matter where you are. Your controller houses the schedule and timers for your irrigation system so making sure it is in perfect working order is important.

The second important part is your piping and/or your tubing  for your irrigation system . There are many different materials that the piping is made of but the most common is PVC. Your main lines will most commonly be schedule 40 that will run water from your water meter and all the way through your backflow and to all your valves.

Tulsa Sprinkler Repair Daria 8791454They also commonly use Class 200 that run through your lateral lines that lead to your heads , or run after your valves in your irrigation system. With this being said there are always many ways to set up your sprinkler system and different material options for your system. If you ever see any pooling water or pipe above ground make sure to call your trusted irrigation company for a quick repair. Another important irrigation system part is your valves. Your valves protect wiring and are usually secured in a box below ground for easy access and repairs.

If your valve box is full of water it is a good indicator you may have a leaking valve that your service technician should come and repair.

A leaking valve can have different causes the most common is age of the product or blockage  could be caught causing an issue. The last most common part of your irrigation system that is a common Tulsa Sprinkler Repair for everyone who owns an irrigation system.

Your heads are installed throughout your lawn which means there are more of them to possibly break . Most common repairs are from being stepped on , ran over, hit by a lawn mower, or even a dog digging them up. If you notice one isn’t working or one appears to be missing do not hesitate to contact our irrigation company and get some Tulsa Sprinkler Repair to prevent any further damages from your missing or damaged part. 

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