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Did you just move into a home and you’re not sure if your irrigation system works? Are you trying to find somebody that will come take a check at it and make sure you get the best Sprinkler Repair McKinney Company out there? 

Living Water irrigation will make sure that we always do a great job. 

Whenever you suspect there might be a leak, broken sprinkler head, or you’re looking for someone to winterize or turn on your system, we will provide you with the top sprinkler repair McKinney has to offer! 

With one of our really amazing membership options, the worry-free watering, you know that we take care of everything. 

First things first during the winter time our team will be able to winterize your system, we will also turn it on in the spring, it will have two midseason check ups and priority scheduling.

I know you might wonder what winterization is? Why is it so important? 

Winterization of your backflow means that we will drain out of your whole entire system of water so that way whenever the big freeze happens nothing will crack, break or bust. We turn off the water to your backflow and then we come out to do some sprinkler repair McKinney, we flush everything out with air so that way nothing is in there. 

If you have a backflow in your hot water tank inside your home then you might not need to do this, however it is still highly recommended.

Whenever comes to spring turn on so we come on out and turn the water back on to your system. 

We will then do a very thorough check to make sure that nothing was broken, damage or leaking during the winterization. We will be able to run and cycle through all of your systems to make sure that it all functions properly. 

Many people wonder why the seals might go bad over the winter.. Want to know a secret? Give it a couple of runs and it might correct itself. Because those seals require the water to lubricate it so that way they can function better. Just a little sprinkler repair McKinney tip for you!

One of the really cool things about the worry-free watering is that you get priority scheduling. This means that we will be able to get you on the schedule within two days. During the busy summer months we actually are booked 2 to 3 weeks out, which might be bad news for your system. If there was a leak, or if there’s a problem with your zone in your grass isn’t being watered you wanted to get us out as soon as possible.

As you can clearly see the worry free watering is going to be a great deal. 

You’re never going to worry about your system malfunction in, and you know that you are our top priority. Living Water irrigation has a great team, a wonderful office staff that will be able to answer your calls and get you scheduled as quickly as possible. 

With or a free router and you never have to worry about your irrigation system messing up ever again. Because you know that Living Water irrigation comes out at a moments notice, within that two days, and helps you out.

If you’re trying to get your grass to grow during those hot summer months, or if you’re trying to make sure that your yard has even coverage, and you are tired of hand watering or even moving around the sprinkler head, Living Water irrigation is the one for you. 

Our sprinkler repair McKinney team will be able to install irrigation systems brand new no matter if it’s a new build home, or even a home that’s been there for 100 years. 

Sprinkler Repair McKinney and Irrigation Installs!

Whenever we install a system we do it right, we get proper head to head coverage in all of our heads actually have a two year warranty rather than the one year that most of our competitors use. Whenever you go with head-to-head coverage, our brand new install, or really anything that we do, you know that you are getting the best.

You might wonder what is head two had coverage, and why is it so important. Head-to-head coverage insurance that each blade of grass gets water on it. 

If you have the water droplets meet in the middle and don’t actually touch the head whenever that strong wind blows it actually blows everything all off course and stuff gets missed on the watering. You know that with head to head coverage everything will properly be watered, and you will have a great and luscious lawn.

We spaced out our heads so that way you will get the full coverage. We have different zoning so that way your flowerbeds are not going to get blasted with the solid stream rather they are going to get a nice missed that the sprays produce. 

Time and time again we have come across system that the flowerbeds are on the same zone as the lawn, or they are being watered way too much. 

With a different program that we have with our Hunter controllers or our Rainbird controllers you know that we will ensure that they are properly programmed. Our really cool rain sensors that we have senses whenever it rains or even whenever it drops below a certain temperature which make sure that your lawn isn’t going to be watered whenever it’s raining, or whenever it is freezing outside.

If you were on the fence about getting a irrigation system installed, consider the following things. First thing is that you don’t want to be out in your front yard or backyard either fairly order early in the morning, which is the best time to water it, or later at night or even in the heat of the day. 

Secondly you don’t want to have to actually take the time to make sure that everything gets a proper 10 to 20 minute coverage of water in each area. You don’t want to have to remember to turn on and off the faucet if you have a sprinkler that you move around. 

As you can clearly see, installing an irrigation system is going to be one of the best things that you have ever seen. You know that Living Water irrigation will make it all better.

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