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Adding an irrigation system to your home is certainly worth the time and energy.

Having an automatic watering system for your property will save you money and raise the property value of your house or business.

Over the years, there has been a significant rise in the number of homeowners choosing to go to the automatic route of installing a sprinkler system to water their landscapes and flowers.

There’s never been a better time to Install an automated sprinkler irrigation system than today and to know who to call when you need the best sprinkler repair Tulsa team. sprinkler-repair-tulsa-424

With the way the economy is going, there are several benefits to installing a sprinkler system.

Watering your landscapes can be such a time-consuming project.

I feel like most people, it is hard to find time to water at the correct times of the day as well as water the specific landscapes the correct number of times.

Another challenge to manually watering is maintaining the appropriate amount in each of the different areas of your property.

There are many other variables to consider.

Something to think about when watering manually are things like the type of grass, the kind of dirt you have, the number of flower beds as well as the types of flowers, the amount of sun each area of your property receives, if there are hills or not… the list can go on and get very technical. Instead of knowing all the technical data, have the best sprinkler repair Tulsa team on your side!

If you choose to water manually, you need to ask yourself how you will be able to get it done.

Consider if you have access to water in all the areas you need.

Do you have a water hose or a soak hose Long enough to cover all your flowerbeds or reach across your whole property?

Are you going to have hoses lying around for people to trip on or for the landscape crew to catch their equipment on?

Do you know if you are going to over water or underwater in an area that leaves you feeling like time and water were wasted or kills plants that you or the wife cherished?

These are all questions and problems that an automatic irrigation system and a sprinkler repair Tulsa team can answer and solve for you.

Having an automatic irrigation system, you will never have to spend time watering again.

sprinkler-repair-tulsa-4243455An automated system water your lawn and flowerbeds so you never have to as well as it can be programmed to water the correct amount of water at the proper amount of times each day to prevent damage.

Study shows that when watering manually that over 50% of the water is actually wasted through runoff and evaporation.

Also, overwatering can wash away all of the essential nutrients that the soil needs in order to be healthy.

Reach out to a local professional to speak with somebody about the automatic irrigation system you’ve always wanted and how you can raise the property value of your home!

You save time, never having to worry about you needing to water again as well as you will save money because the system can be programmed specifically to each area to apply the correct amount of water and allow the system to run only a certain amount of time to prevent runoff and ensure penetration to the soil.

Irrigation systems save you money irrigation systems add value to your home.

How is an irrigation system installed?

First, the mainline to the home must be tapped into a separate line, and must be ran to the side of the house, where the backflow preventer is installed.

A backflow preventer keeps the water from the sprinkler system from going back into your drinking water.

It is a very crucial component of an irrigation system.

The next line must be ran from the backflow to all the valves in the ground.

The valves have wires coming from the controller that sends a signal to a valve that lets it know to open and close to allow the water to come out of the sprinklers. Sometimes these break and all you have to do is call the sprinkler repair Tulsa team!

The controller is set on a program to water at certain times of certain days that you prefer; we recommend watering 3 to 4 times a week in the early mornings to allow the water to set in before it evaporates.

Every house has a different sprinkler system layout.

Still, they will always have yard zones and flowerbeds.

Yard zones typically consist of MP rotators or rotors. Yard zones should be ran from anywhere from 15 minutes to 20 minutes, and flowerbeds should run anywhere between seven minutes and 12 minutes.

A flower bed zone typically consists of 4-inch, 6-inch, or 12 inch spray heads.

The best part about an irrigation system is you won’t have to drag a hose around anymore.

A well-maintained, properly laid out irrigation system will save you money and time on your water bill.

We also have Wi-Fi controllers. This controller can be operated anywhere at any time, and rain sensors pay for themselves in the first year of water savings.

A rain sensor will not let your system run if the sensor is wet.

It is also a freeze sensor that will not allow the system to run if it is below 41°.

To maintain a proper irrigation system, it is best recommended to have it serviced no less than four times a year, including winterization, and a spring check-up. It is always recommended to winterize an irrigation system to prevent any freeze damage from occurring to your system.

The best part about today’s irrigation systems is the amount of control you have with them especially with the help of our sprinkler repair Tulsa technicians. You can run multiple programs on your controller to have the yard watered daily, and flowerbeds go twice a day to be sure your flowers are getting the proper amount of water.

With today’s sprinkler head technology, we can ensure very little wasted water, and no overspray onto cars, driveways, houses, or streets.

The new MP rotator is the best head you can install for your grass.

They are much smaller and more reliable than a traditional rotor head; they have five streams of water that evenly distribute with each rotation and heavier water droplets to prevent being swept away by the wind.

The heavier water droplets also provide excellent route watering that penetrates the ground much better than a traditional rotor.

If you already have an irrigation system, we are more than happy to come to take a look if we can provide any upgrades to your current system, possibly redesigning zones Changing leaking heads, adding heads for better coverage, replacing an old controller, programming a controller for the proper watering times switching heads out for more water, efficient, sprinkler heads.

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