Irrigation. Tulsa. What does the future hold for irrigation management climate variability come competition for water from other users, including urban and environmental and underground deployments. Nation threatened the substantial of irrigated agriculture, irrigation Tulsa. To face these challenges, the irrigation industry must develop and adapt innovative technologies and management practices that optimize econic economic outcomes while also minimizing environmental impact irrigation. Tulsa, lately there is no storage of irrigation technologies hitting the market to get a glimpse of what it is out there with top Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

I recommend visiting the annual irrigation show, irrigation Tulsa changes since the 80s. Since the late 1980s there has been high adoption of irrigation application technologies, SIG, specifically force shift from flood irrigation to pressurize systems. Two examples are the use of micro irrigation in California and center pivot irrigation systems in the regions irrigation Tulsa. The high adoption of these irrigation systems can be attributed to the government and entities, but more importantly to this proven ability to enhance productivity and ease management with great Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

We are seeing increasing it in just in mechanicalized sprinkler irrigation systems, some crops in California due to their proven ability to improve management irrigation. Tulsa. For example, growers can economatic automatically controls several sitters. Pivots using mobile apps, control drip irrigation blocks using web apps, irrigation, Tulsa. However, when it comes to irrigation scheduling, the story is very different. According to the data from the U S department of value, I’ll chair the adoption rates of advanced irrigation scheduling techniques are less than 21% irrigation. Tulsa, I use the term advanced irrigation scheduling to refer to irrigation scheduling based on soil moisture sensors, evaporation programs, plant-based sensors and crops stimulation models, sensors, irrigation, Tulsa, invite VAP for transition programs, plant-based sensors and crop stimulating models. Over 70% still use traditional methods. Irrigation, Tulsa of irrigation scheduling such as OB serving crops, conditions, soil feels, water delivery schedules or watching neighbors.

The next survey will be released like this year or early 2020 and it will be interesting to see what has changed. More technologies get developed or redefined irrigation. Tulsa convincing growers. I recently attended the California irrigation Institute conference and one of the presenters who is also an irrigation Steeler irrigation. Tulsa said the growers will not widely adopt the latest irrigation scheduling techniques unless they are mandated to do so through regulation or convinced that the technology will improve pro profitably irrigation. Tulsa, I will focus on the letter latter reason noted for the lack of adoption from Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

A golden opportunity exists for an irrigation scheduling technique that is some simple and aid trades easily with existing SIM systems on the farm, irrigation Tulsa and can demonstrate return of investment. There’s also needs to be shifted in the business bottle from [inaudible], which focuses on selling hardware or equipment to be focused on selling solutions that address clearly identified needs.

There are many existing technologies with a lot of potential and many land grant universities have also developed irrigation schedulers that are free and RO pursed irrigation. Tulsa, the latest innovation and artificial intelligence and cloud computing combined with the ability to collect large volumes of data from low cost soil, water sensors, plants, water stats, sensors, drones, airplanes and satellites present opportunities for optimize irrigation, water management, or an individual farm by farm basis irrigation that uses Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

Tulsa precise irrigation is a very interesting concept that is implemented properly. Could transfer irrigation management and improve it. Iconic and environmental outcome irrigation. Tell say you could think of precise irrigation as a system approach. Irrigation management in which the irrigation system knows what to do, knows how to do it, knows what it has done and how it affects an overall production goals and then learns from what it has done before performing the next year.

Irrigation, you can imagine such systems as having a brain and capable of not just automatic, but anonymous operations, the entire irrigation system, similar to self driving car irrigation, Tulsa, while they confess that this is more of a version for the future, we need to distribute irrigation management technology that will meet growers, various goals including prediction, regularity, compliance, labor shortage, water and energy, use of efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, et cetera.

In the same way that we all have smart phones because they have proven to be very useful gadgets for doing more than making calls. I envision precise irrigation technology being widely adopted because it meets a grower’s real world needs Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

Uh, do you need your system motorized? Well, it’s not too late here in Oklahoma, the weather has been up and down as usual, as always. All right. Now it is so pretty outside and it’s the middle of December. That’s right. How does that work? Irrigation. Tulsa irrigation. Tulsa. Give us a call today if you’re in need of a sprinkler system, if you’re in need of a sprinkler system or a sprinkler system repair, you’ve called the right place. Irrigation, Tulsa living water, irrigation. We also, we also do drainage. That’s right. Outdoor drainage, so if you’re in need of some water being drained away, give us a call. We also do repairs for drainage. That’s right. And outdoor lighting. That’s right. Even Christmas lighting, irrigation. Tulsa, you won’t regret it. Give us a call today for solid Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

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