These are some of the steps you can take to troubleshoot your Tulsa irrigation system

We will go through some of the common issues we at Living water Tulsa sprinklers get called out for.


– controller adjustments if your controller is not programmed correctly we can get that taken care of for you so most controllers are set on one program normally on program A we normally set the controller to run at 5 am once a day 10-12 minutes for sprays/beds and 15-25 minutes for grass/rotors

If you want us to come out and add a program so that you can run things twice a day we can get that done for you.

At Living Water irrigation when it is very hot outside we would recommend you run your flower beds twice a day instead of once a day so we add a time on program B to run the beds at sunset for a small amount of time to make sure your flowers are getting all the water they need to be healthy.

Controller replacement

– if your controller is having issues like shutting off randomly, starting the system at unscheduled times or your screen going out we can definitely get you a new controller installed by one of our trained technicians a technician can come out explain your options on a replacement we offer hunter controllers one of the best Tulsa irrigation manufacturers. We also have Hunter WiFi, and compatible controllers.

Are you having trouble with a zone not working at all? We can help usually a zone not working is caused by four things one a dead wire which is usually caused by accidentally cutting the wire somewhere two a lightning strike three an animal chewed through the wire four a bad solenoid. We can get all of these issues fixed for you at living water irrigation.

Do you have a zone that is working but not like it used to? Usually, this is caused by a leak somewhere in that one zone leaks could be a broken line or fittings in the pipe or as simple as a broken head or a broken nipple. If you are having any of these issues call us today at Living Water irrigation and we can get you taken care of.

The Best Irrigation Systems in Tulsa

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If you have a zone that is up and age and could use an upgrade to get it running back to its full potential we can replace all your heads on that zone to increase your coverage some older heads leak at the seal and pour out water causing the zone not to work correctly and wast water we also have MP rotators that can increase coverage and water savings.

Is your backflow leaking? We can get that taken care of for you.

If you have a leaking backflow call us today and we will send an experienced and trained technician out to get that taken care of for you a backflow can burst from freeze damage or old adage usually it’s easy to know when your backflow burst but sometimes a backflow can just barely leak we would recommend replacing your backflow if it has a leak big or small and most people have no idea until they get a high water bill so it’s a good habit to check your backflow often to prevent high water bills.

How can you prevent your backflow from freezing? Well first off we would recommend winterizing your system we winterize systems by closing off the isolation valve and draining the backflow if you don’t have an isolation valve we highly recommend getting one installed a isolation valve is a key component to a sprinkler system it allows you to shut off the system separately from your home in case of an emergency it also is the only way to winterize your sprinkler system.

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