Here at living water irrigation in Tulsa. We do sprinkler systems. We also do sprinkler system installations, sprinkler system replacements, and drainage for some homeowners. The fundamentals of one maintenance, which also means the watering and mowing, they pose a threat. While most people would rather do neither during the former. Now we’ll usually give someone a better one. In the long run. It is easy to have an automatic sprinkler system installed at your house according to some. Okay.

And this is up to whoever would like to use a water sprinkler system in Tulsa to give living water irrigation a call. We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we service residential new build and commercial projects for sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems are becoming a more popular throughout the United States and we even do our first a service call for $1 they ever, the other services that we provide, our outdoor widing, sprinkler repair, sprinkler installation and sprinkler drainage here at whipping water. Our story begins just a couple of years ago whenever our owner had the left, his job went and bought a van and began the business and had jobs the same day.


Our company was started to give everybody a true and revolutionary customer service experience. Also putting together or relationships that last a long time and that are also very meaningful. More often than not, these relationships are mutually beneficial relationships between customers and our team here at living water irrigation in Tulsa. Here we strive and often choose to accomplish something completely new in the industry of construction for sprinkler systems. We invest time and energy in our customers to evaluate each one of them in each of their properties in the most efficient way possible. All being productive along the way, whether it’s to install a sprinkler system or repairs pink system. Every job is taken seriously and we look to provide the highest quality and best product that we can infer the customers we want it to look like. We didn’t even come to the house whenever we ready done.

We try not to trench up yards and leave it a mess for the homeowners like other sprinkler companies and Tulsa would do. The process starts out by calling the office here at living water irrigation in Tulsa, scheduling a bid. At that point, Josh or Jacob will come out and visit with you and they will give you a bid on the sprinkler system installation or repair. On top of that, they can even give you a bid, a drain at repair. Also, once the bid has been completed and then the homeowner is that time for us to come back out and complete the project. This can normally be done within two to three weeks of scheduling the pro project. After the project is scheduled and in his time to complete, our people will show up and they will begin to mark and then after they mark the yard for the sprinkler system in Tulsa, they will trench the yard and begin weighing the PVC pipe. After they way the PVC pipe, they cut it and installed a sprinkler heads and then after the all of the sprinkler heads are installed, they then begin to cover the sprinkler system back up and in most cases put new sod down on top of that to make sure it looks like we were never even there in the first place.

Here at living water irrigation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There is nobody who can do sprinkler systems better than we can. We have a years and years of experience and we are constantly changing the way the market works. We are not afraid to try new avenues to make sure the job is completed properly and within the time constraints, but we are also never going to sacrifice integrity for a subpar job just because time is of the essence you can do on our systems always come with a rain check device that will stop them, the device from running if rain has been forecasted in the area. There are also some systems and controllers that will allow you to remotely monitor your system from anywhere in the world. With an APP, we typically use hunter products, which we find to be the best and most reliable products on the market. On top of that, we use the brand in d s for our drainage because we also consider them to be the most reliable products on the market.

All you have to do is call the office of living water irrigation here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we will come out and give you a bid for your sprinkler system. Typically bids can be scheduled same day or next day or a couple of days later at the latest. All it takes is a phone call and then we can schedule that bid and here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For your new sprinkler system, each system should always have a rain detection device so it doesn’t turn on in any kind of rainstorm. Typically a sprinkler system we’ll have anywhere from one to as many zones as needed, but it’s roughly around five or six zones, depending on the size of the yard. Large yards often require more than five or six, while small yards often require anywhere between two and five in most cases, a sprinkler company who puts the install underground without causing any damage to the one they will have a tool that cuts through and put the wine in at the same time. The installation causes minimal disruption of one.

We come in with a pipe puller to do this and edit is at that point that we can go under driveways under sidewalks and under small distances of concrete up to 25 foot in length.

Depending on what has to be watered, we can get coverage practically anywhere in the yard. We have sprinkler systems that can cover up to roughly 30 feet and some longer. We have some that can cover as little as one foot and we also have soaker lines.

Depending on Sprinkler head placement that that decides how many heads will be in each zone of the sprinkler. They are placed around the perimeter of the yard and that is at that point that they are put into the proper positions by the crew who is installing them after they have all been tested and have the correct heads put on them. For the sprinkler system in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are the leading sprinkler company, living water irrigation in Tulsa is the highest rated and most reviewed and irrigation company in the nation at living water irrigation in Tulsa. We often strive to put the customer first and make sure that we build lasting relationships with each client that we see. It is because of these relationships that we have built. We had been so successful with the success that we have had. We like to donate to charities and give back to the Kingdom of God that are owner Josh is a big part of.


Please visit our and you can call our office and ask about our free bids and our $1 service call for the first visit. We can fix relatively anything you need. If you give us a chance to come by your house and take a look at it. Sometimes it is as simple as replacing ahead and sometimes it could be a complete redesign of the sprinkler system. This give us a call at living water irrigation in Tulsa for your sprinkler system and we will get you taken care of. The cost of the sprinkler system depends on the size of the yard and also the quality of the company installing. Yeah, the system. Each company has their own range, but not every company has the quality that living water irrigation in Tulsa, Oklahoma has for their sprinkler systems. We tend to be in the highest and most reviewed company and the United States here at living water. Irrigation in Tulsa.


Sprung grid system. Just make sense to have in this state, because of our unpredictable weather. We have droughts, we have rainstorms, we have a little bit of everything. But with this, how does it get to know to dry as it tends to get every summer and spring and even fall? A sprinkler system is always a good asset to have. It also adds some value to your home and makes it easier and more time efficient to water your yard rather than carrying around a hose and putting it out there and moving it every so often. So please give us a call here at living water irrigation in Tulsa, (918) 237-6181 and we can get you taken care of for your sprinkler system here in Tulsa, Oklahoma at living water irrigation. Thank you.

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