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Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Good afternoon and welcome to the living water irrigation podcast I’m here today with chad love, it we’re going to discuss today how you doing the shed well today we want to discuss the top reasons to have a tulsa sprinkler system, why you should get a sprinkler system installed in tulsa, so what I want to go with the three with chad is:is the reason why so you know there’s a few different facets to have whenever you look at the reasons to have a sprinkler system installed, the three major factors are time money and then water conservation for like 7 years now and my biggest thing about fixing it was you know, I can drive those hoses around I can do this. I can water it on my own. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Without going to that expensive and fix the main every single year, it seems like I’m, a little less dedicated to going out there and doing it, and and I lose more landscape and stuff and I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that have operating or non-operable systems. It did, though, kind of the same boat as me, I mean. Is it really that expensive or what’s the process for going out and getting a broken system back to fully you know, will you look at the tulsa sprinkler system repair and when you’re talking about that, there’s a few different facets, so you can look at within the antiquated system or older systems. It’s inoperable at this point we can go out and take a. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa What we do is what’s called a diagnostic and go out and take a look at what you currently have see. If we have anything functioning at all, see the the guts of the system, the bones of the system, you know you have a few major factors in an irrigation which will talk about later at another topic when we get into design and things, but typically when you’re going out for repair-and you quantify the time that you were spending the money that you’re spending the money that you’ve invested already in your landscaping, it is much more economical to have it repaired. Then it is on what you’re currently spending of your time and effort and energy in order to drag hoses around. So you don’t have it. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know a brown yard, you know 365 days a year irritated and let me know where to even start, then just thinking of mind-blowing that I never think about it. From a professional standpoint, you off got all the tools and everything necessary to find the leaks and broken heads are mean what what what am I looking at will be a good place to start with getting something repaired like that, or so the first place to start is to see what we currently have. So when we talk about the bones of the system, when you’re talking about a tulsa sprinkler system, the important thing to start with is the water. Do you have water to your sprinkler system? That starts at a point of connection:that’s where you’re you’re, borrowing, the water or tapping off of the water. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa That’s currently coming into your home off of water meter off the city, feed or the world feed, depending on exactly where you live. So the first and foremost thing is to see if you have water, so it has that broken down as your valve broke down. Have you had an issue where it’s colluded now or it’s just not functioning, so you don’t have water to the system so that step first number one right there to see. If you have water and then from there you would locate the valves without getting super complicated in this application. Is each area of your yard is controlled by a valve, an electric zone valve which controls each part and communicates back with a controller which will go into further on down the road if you’d like? But do you want to locate the house and see if, when you manually, operate those valves if you’re getting water to the sprinkler heads and then the next step from there on the tulsa sprinkler system is to check the controller? So you have an irrigation controller which is typically located in your garage. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Sometimes they are outside or maybe in an outdoor shed or something but most commonly located in your garage you going to see if it’s functioning properly does it have power? Is it sending out current? You can do that they would call danira meter of voltmeter, where you can test to see if your getting power there and if it’s sending out signal-and so that’s a that’s, a real, quick and short overview on the repair process. You know from there once you divine define those couple of things, then you can begin the process of eliminating what is working. So then you can fix what is not working. It’s actually a backwards process. A lot of people believe that okay, you fix what’s broken, absolutely positively. You do, but you have to eliminate first and foremost, what is working now on a more current system on side in the city of tulsa sprinkler system that was installed more recently, you’ll have a lot less likelihood of a number of things going wrong. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know, typically, at that point, it’s a broken head or it’s a it’s a valve. It’s not functioning properly as we get on further down the road on. This will discuss each of the three parts of a sprinkler system and how they function collectively at the hole in the design it and then once you can eliminate that you know friends if you have water, so you know that you have water going to the sprinkler head. You add water to the valley of water, the point of connection. Well now you know you have an electrical current problem, so either the controller is bad or the cabling that is running from the controller to the valves is not communicating properly. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So now, you’ve eliminated one part of the process that it is currently getting water. It’s just not getting signal for it to turn on and I’m sure that the irrigation industry is no different in that there’s all kinds of new innovative in more energy, efficient, I guess for lack of a better term system. So with my current tulsa sprinkler system that I’ve had I think it was in the 80s or something there’s, certainly some updates and things that can be done or suggestions, if you guys can make for making it more but mean for divorce in their heads that use less water. Now then used to think that they’re not sure, obviously, just like with everything else in the market in the industry in the world things always advanced things always grow. Technology always gets better. We always learn from our past things. You know we started out with a stone wheel a long long time ago, and then now we have things you know when they have cars that drive themselves so not much different in the irrigation industry. You know years and years ago, whenever the market got started with toro and and mr. Ed hunter, starting in the industry, to to figure out a way where he could get water on his yard without standing where the hoes. Since those days things have come along to address specifically the efficiency and to address specifically what areas of opportunity there are now for improving your tulsa sprinkler system to make it more efficient, more cost-effective. You know the big buzz that’s going around now in the big thing is we, as a society need to do is conservation. You know we need to ensure that we are looking out for our grandkids, that we can leave this world in a better place than what they have. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Obviously, there are some parts of the country that have water restrictions and drought, problems, and things like that. We don’t currently face that in the tulsa area, but we do have means by which to do so-called green types of designs, sew-in that you can have things such as called his pressure, regulated heads. So what it is doing is-and we can get more into that when we go into design as well, and it’s specifics-those items, but you have a you-want to add a spray body like I said:i, don’t want to get super complicated here. We will talk about each facet of a sprinkler system. More in-depth as we go along, but if you can get the optimized pressure out of a sprinkler head, you can get the exact amount of water. You want out it and we get into a term called matched precipitation rate. Where were ensuring that every level of the sprinkler system and every part of the sprinkler system in every square inch of your yard is putting out an equal amount of water, the most efficient way possible got to be. You need to living, water, irrigation and then y’all’s services and stuff out i, wouldn’t think that there’s a lot of people that go to that could be wrong. But you know that’s a lot of guys just go out and just as got pressure and it’s covering this and its water in the street, and that’s fine, but anyway, so the tulsa sprinkler system market. What truly sets us apart is our ability to design a system to put in a proper irrigation system. You have a lot of individuals who, simply like you were saying, go, dig a ditch and put some pvc in there and put some sprinkler heads and turn it on and there you go well. The problem in that is now you’ve invested all this money. We can get into price and average price as we go along further, but you know give or take the average price of a sprinkler systems $4,000. So now you’ve invested $4,000 into something that should have been initially done so much better, there’s a lot of mom and pop, and we call him billy bob ever operations out there. They will simply just go out and put something in for you. Will you get to the end of it? You realize? Well, why does my neighbors look like that in mine? Looks like this. So when average around $4,000 and that’s that’s just the easy number there’s a lot of factors. You said your personal house being acre, that’s obviously going to be much more substantial than what it would be for someone who’s living in a you know, 80 by 120 standard standard lot. You know when a car, obviously much more substantially large than that until you have to look at what you know and then the level of coverage for then we’re back still here with chad lovett, discussing tulsa sprinkler systems, and we were in our last conversation too tired of discussing the efficiency and things of things. But what I want to get to is if we could talk a little bit about why you need a tulsa sprinkler system. So the first and foremost thing. How much time do you spend dragon those hoses around your yard and stuff, like you were saying, with your system not working well, not as much as I should. Obviously, because you always start out with good intentions. We all get out there and want to beautify your lawns with spring and then going spend all kinds of money on new plant material and for those of us who do not have a tulsa sprinkler system which, where they were going to water this year, and inevitably we look out there about june and we see the wheel thing than the dying and and as the days get longer and hotter, the the desire to go out there and water adequately, wayne’s and so i. Don’t I don’t need a gate or sprinkle. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa


Sprinkler Repair Tulsa My plants like i, should know better, but if I was to have to do it, I mean it would literally be between our potted plants and-and you know my wife’s hobby, gardening and stuff like that-that you could literally spend an hour and a half a day depending upon the time of urine and mother nature, properly properly watering or plants and I mean i, can’t find an hour and a half a day. You know on a sunday afternoon, let alone a monday. What’s up so what we most commonly see with individuals when we go out, we spend some time with them and they are they’re. Dragging hoses around will go out and meet with the husband and the wife, and inevitably the wife will say to me. You know I’d like to have my husband back in the evenings. You know who is it’s very nice that a lot of homeowners and individual take a lot of pride in their property and they take a lot of pride in their investment and they they want green, grass and luscious plants and then beautiful flowers. Well, in order to do that, if you figure a nice summer day-and you got a hundred and ten degrees heat index outside, will you need to put water on that for a good, solid, 2 hours we can get into precipitation rates and how much water the soil actually need, but in each location on a sprinkler that you’re going to purchase it, your local hardware store, weatherby, lowe’s or home depot or whatever the water that is putting out in the rate at which it does in the style in which it does is so much drastically different than that. Would we design for a tulsa sprinkler system? You know you’re looking at each area of your yard and maybe that sprinkler that you purchased from lowe’s or home depot shoots 20ft, see now you got it in a 360 version. Going 20 ft will on an acre yard that you have. So you need to leave that in that each spot for 30 minutes. So if you were to take a draw circles in your yard of a 20 square foot area, what would be squared off I’m assuming the circle? But if you taking drawers, you know you’re looking at you need to move that ten or twelve times will 10 or 12 * * 20 minutes you and now you’re, looking at 240 minutes or 4 hours then needs to water. So we’ll get the wife will say. You know I’d love to have my husband back in the evenings. I love to be able to sit down and have dinner with him. I loved it. You know, have him come in and spend time with the kids and help with homework and do all these things, but because people have such pride in their investment no spend all this time outside of the subject of pride and alluded to in the very first session with we talked about was the fact that my sprinkler system has been you know, broken for eight or nine years. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Well, I have good intentions and I’m a prideful man. That’s like okay. How difficult can it be? It’s possibly a broken line, and you know where I’m going to head. That’s been run over by a car, so I’ll just shut it off and I’ll fix that this weekend or whatever else, but just like trying to find time to go out and irrigate honestly I’m not going to ever mess with that. Until literally from eight years, I’ve been telling myself I’ll fix that I’ll fix that, and it sounds like that that that a lot of times what we do is, even though, where we know we can watch youtube and all this stuff actually finding the time to do it, but then also you know knowing that it’s done properly because after system, this is old, as mine rob, with the the wife running over a head or or a landscaper knocked in the head off with the lawn mower might just be one problem that they might have uncovered multiple things to be wrong with the system of that age. It be an office without the right equipment and training and I’ll wouldn’t pick up on I can have other leaks in the system that I never even knew about. Just so, will you look at specific, your tulsa sprinkler system? Is you get someone as just like in your specific specific career field? If I tried to go, do what you do today, there’s no way you’ve been doing it for years and years and years you have knowledge and education and experience. So what I may be able to fix on your tulsa sprinkler system in 30 minutes or an hour? You literally could spend days and days and days of trying to track down the problem. That’s what we most often experience is the troubleshooting of eliminating what is currently working and then fixing what is broken. You know it’s it’s it’s so counter-intuitive that you want to figure out. What’s working, you know most people look at a problem and they want to fix. What’s broken but? First, you have to eliminate what is working and what is functioning. You look at the positive first look at the good side of things. First, like the half cup, you know, there’s it half empty or half full. Well, your tulsa sprinkler system specifically is half-full right now you have something there. So now what we’ve got to do is get it to the hole. So when you go and you talk about the amount of time that you’re dragging hoses around or your lack thereof, because, quite frankly, you got to a soccer game with your daughter or you got a baseball game with your son or you’ve got dinner with your wife or you’re going to meet friends. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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