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So we were discussing the water hammer factor and whether or not that that is you know can be mitigated by proper design and layout, and that is absolutely true. So the easy way to understand that is, if you are making sure that and I don’t want to complicate this. You know albert einstein said if you can’t explain it well enough:it’s because you don’t understand it well enough. So when we’re talkin sprinkler repairs in tulsa the term that comes to mind when you talk water hammer, the reason why that occurs is because you’re asking the valves in the sprinkler heads to produce more water than what the pressure of the system can provide at any given time so, for instance, to simplify a greatly. If you have a 5/8 water meter, you can design a sprinkler system to put out 20 to 22 gallons per minute off of that system at 70 pounds per square inch of pressure. Okay, if you were to put out 20 gallons per minute out of that system, two things are going to happen. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Number one is going to struggle to turn your sprinkler heads on. So maybe at your home or friends, houses you’ve seen when their sprinklers are running, did they’re not working very well, there’s just a little bit of water barely coming out. Then you see the people across the street and their sprinkler, heads or just water coming out 25 feet and it looks beautiful. Like ray what happens? Is you can’t demand that meter to produce more than 20 or 22 gallons for rent? It said that’s all it will produce. So when you try to max that out, it has to rush all that water to all those sprinkler, heads and slams into every single fitting between the water meter to that given sprinkler head and also that 70 psi, the true detriment is now when you turn the system on its when you turn it off. So if you’ve ever heard banging pipes in your house-or you know where mom or dad or grandma and grandpa’s house in those pipes always rattling it always your pipes. What that is, is water hammer. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So that’s because you’re turning the water on and it’s slamming through those pipes to get to an outlet and I’m going to turn that off. It’s slamming that into gravity of the the lowest point possible got you I’m going to digress here for just a minute, because there was something that you said earlier about pressure and jets. It shoot. You know over shoot, no zone or whatever else. So one of my biggest beefs is going down the road in the neighborhood and somebody sprinklers not facing the right direction or shooting further than they should i. Think that there would be a lot more tulsa sprinkler repairs done. If there was an ordinance that says hey, you know what you, as an owner of a business in as a professional, to get to just stop and fix them automatically and put a bill on their door. So if you could get busy doing something like that, that would be great and if you need a number to a state representative, I’ve got it. The other thing is is is what actually had a serious question? I was going to ask about that. Did that spawn any anything they’re on there are municipalities. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Maybe this is going to be spur your question for the sprinkler repairs in tulsa there, specifically in our area, broken arrow. They do fine individuals. If there is water on the sidewalk or on the street, they absolutely have an ordinance in place that has a irrigation company. You cannot shoot sprinklers over the sidewalk. The only miss valley around here owasso does not jinx. Does not tulsa bixby broken in glenpool anywhere else in our in our tulsa metro area. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa When we talked about sprinkler repairs in tulsa, they do not have any laws or ordinances or anything to mandate a broken arrow., broken arrow, broken arrow. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You cannot shoot water across the sidewalk or across the driveway or across anything like that. It must be on the grass in the plant material. So it is a wonderful ordinates. It’s exactly how sprinkler system should be designed. You know most common. You know we talked about in our last session about how we see most of our customers twice a year. You know a lot of this. They had shooting out in the street or or spraying the the the sidewalk and things like that could be prevented by a simple spring tune-up diagnostic, which of living water irrigation. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We offer that we talked about the last time. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It’s $75, so that’s a very common sprinkler repair. We do in tulsa. Is it just those sprinkler heads where they’re not shooting the street, not shooting the sidewalk? Not hitting you I know how often you run so i. Do you can tell this in fact, I ran into this podcast? Is it better to get your morning jog in you don’t know, sprinklers are hitting you in the face, but hope it’ll cool off a little bit, but I wasn’t necessary talk about the sidewalks as much as like the streets as you’re driving along i. Think so. Okay, well I just want to spend a couple more minutes on pipe just want to wrap up there that the final problems that could happen, the type of sprinkler repairs in tulsa. We do on pvc pipe and the commonality of it. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So we talked we talked about water hammer. We talked about fittings things like that. The most common call in the most common reason we get for a pipe being broken is excavation. So you decided to put a new fence and you decided that you wanted to go put a pergal in you decided. You were going to put the post in for for addie and josie’s new swing, set either side of the creed need a sandbox, but you want to wait that down so I didn’t blow off barry the family pet.

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa There you go pretty nicely hope that doesn’t happen to you with the love it so to the sprinkler system. You know so they just go dig wherever they feel like they want to dig and they’ll hit a piece of pvc. Okay. What often we see as well, not only homeowners but friends, 18, tea and cox, and when they’re running their new lines through neighborhoods and they run through your backyard through everybody has utility easement somewhere in their yard, that is owned by the city county state, whatever, which gives permission to utility contractors to use a part of your yard. So what commonly happens in especially newer neighborhoods is as they’re coming in and running. All the lines in a pipe and the things for these new at&t services and things like that, they will trench through or dig through your pvc pipe for your sprinkler system. So what will do is will dig that up and we will use it. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Take some photos of that, so that your sprinkler repair in tulsa you’ll have an opportunity to get some retribution or some charge back to at&t or cox, or the company runner call code red underground. Who does a lot of the subcontracting for those companies and that they’re really good about paying for it? So it’s in my tit, the tulsa sprinkler repairs would be greatly reduced. If you didn’t have to worry, if you had a tracer wire or is there a way of detecting these lines ahead of time, I know there’s certain utilities that are underground that do have tracer wires. Is that not a common practice? Is it not that cost prohibitive to put that in with the system? So it is becoming more prevalent in the irrigation industry? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa They do currently make pvc pipe with a tracer wire. The problem with it is it so expensive? You know, just like you lies in pex for a sprinkler system. It would be awesome if every sprinkler system did we did, we did with pex. You know, you’d have so few or repairs in so fewer problems, and things like that. But to do a system with pex I do know an individual who did one I wasn’t involved and it wasn’t my company that did it, but the gentleman who did accomplish that job he charged three times as much as what a standard sprinkler system in tulsa would cost just simply because of the cost of the pipe at the fittings and the labor involved in installing it. That way, so there is poly pipe. There is pvc pipe that does have a tracer wire with it made. It is not being used in irrigation. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa As of this point and got you so, but now that we’ve got through all of that on pipe our next session, we are going to discuss backflow preventers, which believe you me is maybe one of the most exciting subject in the sprinkler repair. Tulsa industry. Stop the bus alright, and we’re going to be talking about that right. Now. I just got back flow preventers and what they do and what they are and why you have to have one and it’s mandated by international plumbing code got you so before we get into our next session. Do we have any more funny anecdotes, anything that might have happened since we last spoke? No, your not cuz, I’m, really goofy. Looking hat I’m sure that everybody listing from home can see this, but Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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