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Back to the living water irrigation podcast, with josh wilson, talking sprinkler repair in tulsa today, a super popular topic:we’re going to talk about money today. So when you look at the options for sprinkler repair in tulsa, and you look at quantifying, how much is it going to cost you? So what are you up to? Our rates will talk about some simple project, simple jobs. How things do you get more and more involved and what living water here today gation can do to save you money and what separates us from every so I’m. Alright, we’ll just talk about the simplicity of them. We charge $75 for the most of the sprinkler repairs in tulsa with in that first half hour, I’m everything after that point is billed at $85 an hour, i, obviously plus parts and materials, and so you know for replacing the sprinkleror. You got a pipe break, or things like that, so that’s going to be in Sprinkler Repair Tulsa addition to the $75 service call or the $85 an hour, a larger jobs will have our crew come out to our crew. That does installations. I’m also does a large repairs. If we do that, it’s going to be a large enough project due just by putting three guys out there. In that case, we charge $150 an hour, but, like I said, that’s only on projects did you know it would take one service tech a day or two? They will bring out a crew and finish it in 2 to 3 hours to 4 hours on specifically the job reference. So what? How does that compare to the rest of the end repair, tulsa market in the industry around here? How do we line up with the rest of them? Wellwe are rates, are super duper, competitive or actually one of the lowest in the market as far as our hourly rate in our service call, but from there the value and the cost-benefit analysis is simply this:we’re going to get the job done better and quicker than our competition. So you say:what. That’s, a heck of a claim. How can you actually back that up. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Down by hundreds and hundreds and thousands of service calls it’s backed up by seeing what other companies are doing in the market is backed up by quickly and i? Also know that double that of everyone else in this market we have a. Where is everyone else in the market has 90 days so I am so confident and what we do, but I’m going to double the amount of warranty. Do you have of the competition? Sothat being said? They look at some few quick scenarios, so explain to you why I can confidently say that was quicker and better and more efficient and more productive than everyone else. Number one factor are guys, don’t get paid by the hour, so we’ll let that sink in for just a minute, my guys to go out on a job. Everyone who work for us. Everyone is, apart of we all get paid by the job, not by the hour. So obviously I know that my guys are going to do most efficient and best quality job. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa hey can do so. They can move on to the next job because of that job pays the specific amount of 2 hours they’re going to choose to finish it in 15 minutes. So that’s why I know and I can confidently say without a shred of doubt that our guys are going to get things done faster and better than everybody else, because I don’t pay my guys by the hour. They have no motivation to sit there and take 2 3 4 6 hours on a 30-minute project because they’re not going to make any more money. It does not be at your home and just racking up your hourly charge. It benefits them to fix your problem, make sure you’re perfectly and happily taken care of. They also get paid based on our customer satisfaction on our simple review. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Afterwards that dictates so every single one of our service text, every single one of our employees, every single one of our owners, every person has anything to do with living, water irrigation know the importance of true and revolutionary customer dedication. So when you’re looking for sprinkler repair in tulsa, the obvious choice, the simple choice, the only choice is the company possible at the absolute best price. There is no better value in the tulsa area, then living water again. So we don’t want a couple specific job. I can break it down for you. Everything is going to arrive, knock on the door. Introduce myself looking for fastenal, always dressed in uniform, always came and sells well and ask you hey, you know I’m here from living, water irrigation understand you have a broken head, we’re going to find a book at. Hopefully you can point it out. If not we’re going to go to controller rub his nose finally broke never going to fix it. That’s going to take 5 to 10 minutes at most, obviously for the $75 minimum charge. It includes a half hour labor, so we’re going to spend another 15 minutes walking through and looking at the rest of your zones of the rest of your sprinkler system to verify. If you don’t have any other unforeseen issues there. Do you weren’t aware of that we could fix it. You don’t have to pay us again to come back out next week or tomorrow or whatever else so we’re going to try to be proactive as opposed to being reacting. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So we’re going to take a look at the rest of your sprinkler system to see hey what other issues we possibly have here. Are you going to get that one sprinkler head fixed for your peace of mind, knowing that the rest of your system has been looked at skilled and certified professional so that you have ford, knowing that you sprinkle repair that you called so reprogram a controller francis situations where the homeowners just heard from miliar, with the controllers as a lot of different brands out there different types, different things, so the weather, specific, cycles, front yard the backyard is all functioning, is optimally as possible and as efficient as possible. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know, maybe we can change a couple nozzles. Why were there replace a head or improved by the functioning of your irrigation system? Will just save you time and money and water? You know everything that we do. We want to make sure that every person that we touch we have a wow moment, so every homeowner, every interaction, every everything we make sure that we’re going above and beyond the call-and let me about anything so so. If we get there for a service call in your house to make sure it works, do everything and spending time to look at every single sprinkler, head and valve is opening and closing the valve. You get a lot of situations where valve won’t close, won’t open that electrical signal. Some companies are going to send a half a day on that issue, your experience and knowledgeable enough to to be able to locate that valve quickly and repair it quickly. So you know I keep reiterating! Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Then, when you have a sprinkler repair in tulsa, you want to make sure you’re calling a professional certified skilled technician to come. Take care of the problem for you so and they only choice is living water irrigation, so, like I said that build up some of the company is going to take. You know half a day to 6 hours to fix that will replacing your controller, adding. You know we’re home of the free range sensor. You know just by paying the labor to install so much money over time, because your system is not going to run. So if you look at the cost, savings of that, there’s no one take a seat with living water irrigation, so we are displaying over and over again how we are the only choice for sprinkler repair in tulsa. How we make it so evident that we are the number one selection for sprinkler repair until you go forward as you’re thinking about as we’re getting into spring here, there’s only one choice:to call its living water irrigation 918-237-6181 your choice for sprinkler repair in tulsa and the surrounding areas we handle jenks, bixby, broken, arrow, owasso, glen, full tank. You very much Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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