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Hammer back so let me finish my thought:real, quick on matching manufacturer types in your yard. Chad, wonderful question:do you ask so when you’re doing the sprinkler repair in tulsa, you want to match the manufacturer type of heads when you get into a fix spray body? It’s because the caps in all of the different manufacturers heads are made a little different. So there’s going to be a little bit different friction loss. We get to those terms again. So if you were to replace a rainbird head with a hunter head, you’re actually not going to put in the exact same amount of water out as you would to the head, you know next to it. You. So we want to match to expect. You will have 3 more awesome questions by the end of our day today. Well, I would imagine it kind of goes into your other deal with landscape lighting and all you don’t just go in and you got all these fixtures and they’re all the same wattage and everything else. You’ve got to make sure that you put the exact sameequipped fixture back in there or one’s going to be brighter or whatever so I’m. Okay, yeah I really thought about it with water, but that makes perfect sense. Perfect sense, fused makes perfect sense. It makes perfect sense. We’re making great strides here. I know:i know we talkin about the sprinkler repair in tulsa university. You know, chad may be our first doctor candidate, bom bom papa, so we are on. We got the catering got to orbit, told you that it’s, a very cheap controller that you can purchase doesn’t have a lot of different functions, doesn’t have a lot of programming options. I, don’t want to complicate you or bore you with all the different options till we get to hunter and rainbird, which are the most prevalent controllers on the market. At that point, we’re going to talk, scheduling, programming and all the different things that they can do, and then you go to irritrol. Irritrol is actually or let me rephrase that orbit back to orbit is a service technicians. Nightmare do not have easy functionality as far as manually starting the system. Now you can program them to the water. Monday was in friday at 7 in the morning. Just like you can the rain bird in the in the hunter and everything in the k rain. But the problem with the orbits controllers is they have a very silly manual control function, so is orbit just took a manufacturer of controllers. Are they have heads they make heads as well? They make all the irrigation products yesterday, but as long as all of the heads are matched, let’s say that you come out and I’m. This is a hypothetical scenario. I got a one, i, don’t know one way or the other guy, so I call call you out for and also sprinkler repair, water irrigation, that’s right and you come in and say:dude you’ve got an orbit. The old and we’ve seen this a hundred times. This is just going to nickel-and-dime you. You really can be money ahead. If you just go ahead and replace this with, let’s say a hunter or a rain bird that doesn’t matter, you can keep all the orbit heads in the yard. Probably right is that correct, yes or okay? That’s! Okay, have a low voltage function. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa The controller is all of them are operating on the same 24 volt principle that have a transformer in them and they’re all sending out a current out to the valves. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending them a orbit controller to a hunter valve on a rainbird valve to a hunter controller, they’re all going to send the same amount of current to open the solenoids to let the valve to run. It just comes down to the professional aspect of it of what we can see in the troubleshooting aspect of it and then also the ease of use for the homeowner and then the variety of programming and scheduling options, so weathermatic as well I do want to briefly touch him weathermatic. It’s a much is much more frequently used in commercials. That’s why I didn’t mention it in the controller family, but it we will get to it once we get past hundred member, so on troll makes a controller that is super duper homeowner, friendly, really simple, to use very few buttons and very few options as far as programming problem. In that there’s very few options in program so to isolate your flower beds at isolate your front yard works in your backyard or to water for multiple times in a day or water. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa The front yard in the morning in the backyard in the evening, it just doesn’t provide as many options for programming a say. A hunter rain, bird, rain bird lee to prevalent manufacturers in the market are hunter and rainbird. It is really comes down to professional choice me personally. I prefer hunter products i, like the weather laid out I like the simplicity of it I like the way they look and respond, but more so I like the way hunter stands behind their product. As far as warranty, hunter is the more expensive of the two. Therefore, that’s why a lot of irrigation contractors in a lot of guys who do sprinkler repair in tulsa, will use rain bird products there a little bit more inexpensive rain bird makes a good product. I just haven’t had as much success with it is I have with hunter, so the rain bird controllers and a hundred controllers are equivalent and disrespect. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa They give you a bunch of programming options so now we’re going to get into the more complicated things. The first I want to go to anything you’re going to get in controllers in general, a very common sprinkler repair we get in tulsa’s I will get a phone call from a homeowner that my sprinkler system will not shut off.

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Just won’t shut up, they came, you know they left for work and it was running in the front yard. Was water and came home from work front yard, stillwater just continuously cycles, it’s not stuck on ones own it just continually so I can change. So what I asked them to do? First and foremost, is unplug the controller. You know, I’ll, ask him hey. If you go to the garage and plug the controller for me, let’s see what happens there, you know and then what will happen is they’ll say:hey. It turned off fantastic and then i. Let them know what you have some programming issues in your controller. This is where the hunter and rain bird can be a little bit more confusing for homeowners because of the myriad of options that occur. The great thing about the hunter controller, the pros see, which is their most prevalent digital controller. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It has an option there, where you can lock out the programming so where I can set it where they will only water once a day at this. Given time and I can lock that program, so your kids are you or the teenager or the lawn guy. We get a lot of situations where the lawn guy will come in and reprogram the controller cuz he feels like he needs less water or more water or whatever and a lot of times. They really don’t know what they’re doing so. They went in and just completely messed up the programming, and it’s just cycling over and over and over again. That’s where we’ll talk about start times versus run times and the big difference in those so very, called we get the other one that we get the most commonly for a sprinkler repair in tulsa on controllers is just reprogramming the controller. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Someone went out there and started fussing with it,. You remember I’m busy hours, morel would always flash 12 at that little village, you open the front and there’s a there’s, a hamster wheel in there’s a hamster to a living. Yes yeah, it’s chinchillas in there, though, yes i, do remember some of the same way that everybody always left their vcr to blaine to blink noon or midnight, whichever you prefer to buy stuff for yeah yeah. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So it was always flashing 12, because no one could ever figure out how to set the time on the vcr. So what happens a lot of times as well? Get home owners who will be very ambitious will be very motivated and they want to reprogram their controller super simple to do if you’ve done it a few times, but also you can very simply go in there and get it all messed up where it’s doing all kinds of things are the most common things we see with a controller is and when I was telling you about unplugging it is someone has went in and they’ve adjusted the start times so the time that the controller is telling the scheduled program to begin. They have adjusted that works going off multiple times a day. They got confused by the process because all of them say start time:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, okay. So a lot of homeowners get that confused on their six zone system, they’re, thinking that the zones 1 2 3 4, 5 6, so they will say, hey I want someone to come on at 6 and I wanted them to be on at 6:30 until 3 at 7 and john ford 7:30 and zone 5 at 8 and zone 6 at 8:30. Well, you’ve actually done by doing that. Under start times as you’ve now cause your sprinkler system to run 6 times in a row:wow, okay. So what you’re? Actually wanting to do is adjust your run times run times would be how long each individual’s own is going to run for once the controller tells it to begin so, for instance, on a rotors, and we have that set for 20 minutes. So the controller is going to tell zone 1 the front yard rotors to begin and is going to run for 20 minutes at the end of that 20 minutes. It’s going to send a stop signal back to that solenoid to seal again and send a signal to zone two to begin, so we get a lot of times where homeowners will get in there and mess with that and cause multiple start times so multiple start times all that’s doing is cycling the system over and over and over and over again so obviously doing so you’re putting a whole bunch of water on your yard, which is not healthy for your yard. Cuz you’re, simply over-watering. It Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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