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So, back to what you were saying, chad about to do, we specifically target questions or or first wrinkle repair in tulsa. Do we have what we have is a script? We have a a specific group of questions that were trained to ask on a sprinkler repair in tulsa to define as close as possible with the problem. It’s so prince to go back and wrap up, i, really funny story. This young man was able to go stay with his in-laws or whatever. So we went back a two days later to attack this lake that we had and when I say, like I literally mean this guy had 3 to 4 inches of water standing in his front yard. Wow I mean it wit. It been leaking for quite some timeso. We get back over there. It’s it’s kind of dried up a little bit and we’re able to take the water back on and kind of, find where it’s starting from well. This gentleman had 375000 year old oak tree was literally had to be 6 or 8 ft answer in diameter. It was just a monster, I agree, and so we start to kind of trace down the water and wave. You don’t have a couple pumps. We can use and stuff too kind of bailed water out. We start a tray, sit down and and it it’s starting on the you know over on to the house side of this big tree and I’m like well. Okay, so we start to try to dig. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa There is no dig, there’s roots the size of the you know of them810 in the ramp, there’s roots the size of a telephone pole, and so we’re sitting here, pounding away and trying to dig and trying to dig, and we finally get to a point realizing that the only choice we have here is to try to dig up by the meter and hope that the the leak is in his isolation valve for his irrigation system. It just hope that we can somehow cap that off and stop a leak, and then we can look at it. You know reattaching his sprinkler. We can do something well that ain’t working, so we dig up the main line and we dug as far as we could tell we ran into the tree now. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa This is day 2 of being on his job. As far as we could tell, we ran into the roots where we literally, we were either chainsaw to cut through the roots or in a walk away from the job, and so we have a huge hole dug and he’s he’s able to come by and take a look at it and we he ends up getting the company out there to locate the leak now mind you, this wrinkle repair toilet in tulsa at taking us two days, that’s far just digging and digging and digging well, they find out when they come out there to get the leak detection, that his main line of water ran right under that tree. Oh no so! What had happened at his home was a root had grown into the line and just snapped it so not only and he’s was complaining of having problems with his water pressure. You know that the water just wasn’t coming out very good. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Whatever the reason being, he was getting no water to his house. So what ended up happening is we ended up, trenching and and running all brand new main line, and then we fix the irrigation and it was a 3-day project and it’s one of those near you never want to present somebody with, but his only other choice was to get rid of the tree and I obviously wasn’t an option. You know his bride, two beautiful tree, and you know the idea of taking that out and grow I’m. Not stopping eliminating all the routes to get down to the line was just so that’s one of our funny stories on on repairing a point of connection of repairing that isolation valve, but it is a very common call that we get for a sprinkler repair in tulsa. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Is it there is issues out there at the initial point of connection couple different types of scenarios they can be there is, you can have pvc pipe? You can have pex pipe and some of the newer homes, which is much much better product, obviously of technology and things have improved. You can have steel pipe and you have copper pipe and all those obviously all require a different type of fitting a different type of fixture, different type of thing to put them together. So that’s why it’s very important to us at living, water irrigation, to make sure our vans are fully stocked you, with the majority of products in parts of material that we’re going to need to do a sprinkler repair in tulsa. Now I’m not going to sit here and guarantee that we have absolutely positively everything we could ever need, because it’s always specialty parts, there’s always things that come up, but for the most part, we’re prepared awesome. So on! Do you guys have him? And if we discuss this in the last segment, forgive me just out of curiosity, though I’m in the general question to a from a homeowner is how long can I expect you guys to if you don’t know what time, how much you charge by the hour and how does that part of that look like this year? So we’re like i, said earlier when you had asked in our last segment when we go do a sprinkler repair in tulsa, we are going to have a pretty good idea prior to our arrival, what it is we’re going to do when we get there through a series of questions and through kind of feeling out, you know how old your system is. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa How long is it been broken? How what are you experiencing? What part of your yard? You know things like that very loaded and very directed questions. We can kind of get a really good idea to say hey, you know, miss will have it. This should take somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour. This should take about 2 hours or work. We’re also able to just be honest and say to you have no idea how long it’s take, but to answer the question. As far as the rates are rates are $75, that’s the service called, which includes our arrival and the first half hour. Labor most issues are resolved within the first half-hour lead. The majority of our sprinkler repairs in tulsa don’t take more than a half an hour and we can get as we get the further down into each of the components. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We can talk about all the other things that go wrong and how long you can take. You know the the point of connection. One is probably the second most difficult one to do just cuz the amount of time it takes to dig everything up and to clean everything out and get it get it repaired and make sure you don’t get any debris or dirt or rocks, or things like that in your main water line, feeding your house. Obviously you know you don’t want all that stuff in there and then you know the second most difficult is valves, but we can get the valves in cabling as we get a little bit further down the road and explain what can go wrong there. But that’s a do. You have any questions about the point of connection. Do you understand? You know what it is and isolation valve and ball valve and yeah? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Is there a place on the house that you’re typically not that’s? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Typically found for me I’m, assuming that there’s times that, if there’s a big leak and it’s in the middle of the night or on a weekend or a holiday or something, and you can’t get there just immediately or something to you ever, let me know take a look over here or at home owners and let him know most often it’s within 3 feet of the water meter that closes all the time. It is going to be real, tivoli close to the water meter. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Now there are certain other companies that will install it in different locations or or things like that, but the most logical and in most often way that is installed, is if you have a sidewalk directly on the side of the sidewalk closest to your house. If you don’t have a sidewalk than typically it’s going to be within a couple feet of the meter, the easiest way to track that down as a homeowner is, if you lift the meter lid off whichever direction the meter is facing, if you will walk in a straight line from that, whatever direction it is facing, just walk in a straight line toward your house and somewhere between that point and your house is the isolation valve or the bulb out, because they’re going to your line is running directly in a straight line with that. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa That’s why the meter was placed in that direction. So. Does that help you at all is well the way you identify the isolation valve is there is going to be up what we call it? Nds makes a lot of them and there’s other companies out there that make them, but we’re going to put a can over that. That’s what we call him. It’s just a a green lid and a black box. Typically, either a 6 in diameter or a 10 inch in diameter, water irrigation on our sprinkler repairs in tulsa. We always use a 10-inch. Can just cuz it’s a little bit larger, so a little bit easier to find, but quite common they do get covered up over years and years and years. You know we encourage all of our homeowners to weed eat around that try to have a lawn service to weed eat around those to leave them exposed. So if you ever do need it, you know exactly where it’s at, but typically they are covered up there, just a couple inches below ground and you can poke around with a a probe or shovel or whatever and you’ll typically just hit on top of it, and then you can take that off and shut it down. So obviously, right now with the temperatures outside, this is the most common thing that we hear I’m sure it is freeze, damage or something outside of freeze damage and like what I talked about is commonly occurring at my household, which is running over what is another another common repair or most common tulsa sprinkler repair that you get. Is it I’m sure the maintenance companies like long maintenance companies and all can be heck on them? But what’s what’s a common? So the most common that we come across would be remember. We talked about amber back Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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