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Good afternoon welcome back again to the living water irrigation podcast talk and sprinkler repair in tulsa. Today, our last session we had so now we have made it through all the components of a basic sprinkler installation project. So now, let’s get into some other factors, some other things that we can discuss, namely we’re going to discuss some outdoor lighting, so outdoor lighting here in tulsathe great benefit of it is you can illuminate your investment. You can do a lot of things to change how things look out. Things flow, how they feel as far as aura and effect, it’s very common thing. We do for sprinkler repair tool says we are happy to do. Outdoor lighting just brings a whole different change to the property brings a whole different look to your home and it can absolutely positively just spike up your curb appeal and then, on top of that, obviously giving you better resale value and just simply better looks you know we have a number of different packages. You can look at obviously they’re they’re, completely different, very home. Every homes going to eunos it different and hand, looks different and there’s different types of highlighting there’s a myriad of different types of fixtures. But you know we will discuss just a few of them and the basic types and then you know, depending on a specific applications pending on a specific location and exactly the effect you’re wanting to go for noon, dozens upon dozens, we can get into mobile start with a simple ones. So, basically, there is uplighting this down lighting in their path, lighting, we’re going to make it that simple. So we can just discuss those three types of opposed to going into a long, drawn-out conversation to discuss every single type of fixture. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It’s out there never see my application so uplighting exactly that. You’re going to use uplighting, like i, said a bunch of different types of pictures via going to use uplighting. Whenever you get into I’m a situation where you want to bring some to wash a wall, so given entire effective of light and across an entire wall, you want to uplight specific plant material or you want to cause a shadowing effect on a wall through. You know japanese maple or nice blue, atlas cedar, that you have or or other trees from crape myrtles. You can provide a really nice shadow effect across the wall by doing some up lighting from there. He know you can use up lighting his insecurities as well. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So you know if you have a dark area of your yard. You know it said the pathway from the gate into the backyard on the side of your house. He know you can provide some lighting throughout their just for sure security purposes, more common you’re going to use down lighting, but there is certain situations where you can use up like, depending on where your landscaping is and how the house said. First of the fence, and obviously all those factors like we were discussing earlier. What’s up are the most common application for uploading would be to wash a wall to like I said either give the shadow effect or give some illusion. Illumination was specific wall just added as an accent wall, a very common and sprinkler repair, tulsa that we come across this in order to do so, the other major type of lighting movie downloading. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So, just like it sounds it’s it’s coming down most commonly from trees or from the soffit area on your home. So the one thing, wonderful thing you can do there when you put up and down lighting on the same feature, you can give a wonderful effect. For instance, you know a really large oak tree. You know you can up like that with some well lights and then also have a couple down lights throughout the tree and just gives you a wonderful wonderful effect. You know the ability to illuminate you know the branches. Are the large tributaries of that tree coming out? The trunk really really set off the specific tree. Also downloading can be used in a situation where you want to light a walkway or a path or specific area of your. Like we talked about between the house and the fence, you know for security purposes. You may put a couple downlights there in the soffit, so that down the side of your yard, you’ll be able to see and that’s a good low voltage lighting application, as opposed using the super bright security lights. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa That a lot of you know that you’ve, seen and nephews are more subtle, just a glowing effect of a download. It can do really good sprinkler, repair, tulsa and you can from there the other most common is path lights, so a path light exactly what it sounds like you know, it’s going to be a a stemmed type fixture with a hat on it to make hundreds of different types of hats. They make multiple different sizes, I’m all the way from a small little mushroom path, light all the way up to you know the 36 inch stem to the where the really tall and obviously the taller that they are going to broadcast the light a lot further. So you know we just have to look at any given time. You know path lights, depending on the bold thing. On the hat, you know you’re going to get anywhere from 3:50 to 20 ft worth of coverage so that you can have a nice illuminated pathway into your home or or out to your pool or at your shop or or whatever the case may be there. So many different applications to sit here and begin to get into specific applications are specific areas, would be an extreme lengthy process, so we’re just going to wrap it up simply in those three major types. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So, like i, said uplighting down lighting and 1/2 lights, us a living, water, irrigation, doing sprinkler repair in tulsa. We also do outdoor lighting, we need drainage and we, how do sprinkler installation as well. So if you are interested outdoor lighting, if you have some need desire for it, you know the one thing that we realized in the industry is that a lot of contractors out there, a lot of companies out there have exorbitant prices on outdoor lighting. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It is and can be a very expensive undertaking. But if you get a good quality and contractor like us that acts in the tegrity, you can also get a high-quality lifetime warranty on a fixture and a long-term five year, warranty on the bulb and still get a very high-quality system. For you know, half the price. We obviously were very fortunate to have the overhead and and all the nonsense of a lot of other companies. So therefore, weekend price things out-and you know, i-go by the adage of make a dollar off 10,000 people and said 10,000 off of one. So you know that’s the the outdoor lighting in a simple inspecting of some of the cool things you can do. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa is you know they have underwater lighting? Some friends if you have a koi pond or a little pond in your yard, I’m. Obviously, low voltage lighting plays a lot of facts in pools and spas, and we can run one neat thing we can do in jobs. We’ve done in the past is his using the same, automated controller to work, the lights that are in the pool, as well as the lights that are in the landscaping around the home or along the pathway. You know we can. Why are all of that, so that it can all collectively work together, man, you know they do have options now, with wi-fi controllers and bluetooth controllers for landscape lighting as well, so that you know you can set it in different zones or areas or. However, you want to term that where your pool lights could be on one area, then your landscape lights can be on another area. In your path, lights can be on another area and you’re up and down lights off of your trees. Being on. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Another officer gives you a bunch of options as far as how exactly you would like your outdoor lighting controlled the number of transformers out there on the market. We’re talking about outdoor lighting is innumerable. You know in our experience in sprinkler repair in tulsa, there’s dozens and dozens and dozens of different types of transformers. They can obviously function in a myriad of different ways, depending on the exact application into precisely how you would like your specific home to to work. As you look at to eliminate your investment, you know we encourage a a very lengthy and very detailed consultation, so that that way we can understand effectually what each homeowner is trying to accomplish and making sure that we’re giving the absolute best we can to that specific property so that it can absolutely positively look it’s best. You know there’s when we talk packages, you know you can start all the way from a simple for five light package. You know and then go from there. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We have a4 light package, it was essentially, you know, really highlight and accentuate a supposed to area of your homes. You know, if you have a small, you know:40 50 square foot, flower bed put a couple up lights in there and then a couple path lights leading up to it and it really sets off an ice affect you know. Then you go from there too. You know a nate light and then the 12 light package and it just gets exponentially greater from there and I’m. Like I said the other day. We did a job the other day that 32 fixtures and so that actually we did the entire front landscape the front walkway, the back walkway around the pool and the landscaping in the backyard Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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