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Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Well, a little did I know that it was going to be exposed. So you’re surprised you can only imagine mine, but anyway can we get back to tulsa sprinkler systems? Please absolutely you’re the one who started the completely off tangent conversation, sir, so has come out how much time would say. Obviously this is an emergency because it’s been going on I’ve been living with this for years, but let’s say that in this cold spell that we’ve got, we have a homeowner that does have an issue with the busted line and it’s running down the driveway or whatever else I mean it’s ridiculous to ask. If, if you guys do 24/7 repair on tulsa sprinkler systems or is it is you know, so we absolutely do we have a situation literally that’s going on today right now, as we speak, we had an individual call me this morning we move some things around. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We got to got out there first thing this morning got to take a look at assess the problem, and then we currently have guys were out there fixing the problem. Our response time is I believe industry-wide is the fastest that there is. We can typically respond within. So, as we were talking about when we ended there, we were discussing some of the funny things that I had seen in the tulsa sprinkler system industry. So one of the the most common things I see is a landscaper or a a guy who mows yards will fix the sprinkler system. The funniest one to this day is a guy went out who who mows yards does lawn maintenance and i? Guess it’s been in that career field for quite some time, I had a homeowner call me and tell me that their sprinkler system completely stopped working after they had this guy come out to work on it, but it was leaking before then. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Now it just completely stopped working well, what I realize is we kind of went through things and I had seen some areas. It was guard in his yard, where he at doug and i, dug it up and I found out that he wasn’t sure how to fix a leak. So we kept it. He kept it off, so he charge them for repairing their sprinkler system, but in actuality-and it’s not funny ha-ha, obviously-and we maybe get some more funny stuff, but he just bought a pvc cap and your leak is fixed and put it back together. So it is, you know, back to what we had talked about before about calling a professional. You know:i love, landscapers, i, love, guys that did mow yards. You know I’m. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Anybody is that working for a living is fantastic. In my opinion, you don’t we do a lot of work for actually six different landscaping companies here in the tulsa sprinkler system industry is, we do all of their repairs for him and all their installs for him, because they know that they know grass and they know landscaping and they no trees, but they don’t know irrigation. Well that just like hell yeah, you have to put it in the industry that I’m a little bit more related to. Is it’s like a pool builders, not necessarily a service or maintenance. Guy I mean they’re, really good at putting the stuff in, but as far as maintaining it and yeah. So so, let’s say like on mine you’re. My driveway has settled in quite a bit and I need to keep going back to my tulsa sprinkler system, but it’s the most important one to me. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So we can talk about mine, it’s what I know. It would not surprise me at all that I can have a broken line underneath the driveway is a foolish for me to think that there’s no way that I’m ever going to be able to irrigate that patch of grass between my house on the other side of the driveway between my house and my neighbor’s house. Is there ways to I mean let’s say that it is christ? Are there ways that you can cost-effectively get another sleeve or what what’s the terminology I’m just sure? So we have a on our church that we use. We, we have what’s called a boar attachment, use a ditch, witch, 2 x, 24 trencher, and we have what’s called a for attachment on there. So what it’s simply is a little roto, which system that we can attach more polls are stemple’s to with a dirt and rock bit to go underneath your driveway. So if you did have something that was broken and whatever, but what I would encourage you for it? If you’re not replacing the driveway I mean obviously because that’s can be a heck of an expense is there may be a way to access that side of the driveway through the backyard. There may be a way over from that side to be able to come put something in. It is very common in the tulsa sprinkler system industry to go under a driveway to go under a sidewalk under a basketball court. You know whatever the case may be, and you know those pipes can degrade over time. You can have an issue where you have a hairline fracture. You can have an issue where a couple of game lose her a dime to your a, fitting failed, and there there’s just another prime example of I’d like to consider myself a pretty creative guy in again pretty handy guy not to keep toot my own horn here, but i. Never even thought about that, and you know you just mentioned something about accessing it from another part of the driveway, and you know when we’re not familiar with something we tend to over-complicate it in and so just another reason to to call a professional. Like yourself out to look at the tulsa sprinkler system and end it all and you’re, not usually surprised or others, I mean there’s a lot. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa I mean obviously just like any industry, there’s always more to learn and i. Never never stop! Learning or you know you haven’t arrived at. You know, but I have seen quite a bit. You know, and you can take a problem, is so small I’m as a homeowner, sometimes like a problem as a broken nozzle and at all it takes is, is 2 minutes and in the proper knowledge to replace that broke. Well now you turned your complete sprinkler system off all summer, and now everything is dead and your wife’s harping on you because everything’s did and you keep saying that you’re going to get it fixed and you watch some youtube videos. Are you called your body or your buddy? Who was a plumber or the landscaper or the guy? Who mows your yard? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa He said he was going to do. It went out everything’s dead, your yard over just a simple phone call to living water irrigation, and we could have your tulsa sprinkler system up and running typically same day. Now we do have situations where you know on yours. It may be a little bit more involved in may. Take us a couple days. We may have to schedule it out if it’s a little bit more involved in simply something like that of a nozzle, but our response time. The majority of the time is either same day or the day after we take a lot of pride in our service. We take a lot of pride in and customer service. We believe, is what truly separates us and the tulsa sprinkler system. Industry is because we truly appreciate our homeowners and we truly appreciate the fact that people are going to work for their money and they’ve invested in this home and they’ve invested in this property, and we want to make sure that we take care of the help them the best we can, with their investment awesome well mine, the annoying a lot of other facets of the industry and all that there’s been local and and city codes, and things like that, that might change and with my hot water heater I had to the plumber had to do something different with that, and is there sis or stuff like that? It applies to the irrigation system that you’ve seen in the last 10 or 15 years. Is it on a system that I’ve told you is as old as mine? Is it safe to say that there might be something that I that I have to do in order for it to comply to local city order? So there’s a lot of things, unlike electrical or plumbing, there’s a lot of things in the irrigation installation and in code enforcement that are allowed to be overlooked by passed by your father and grandfather, doing it because they’re currently, the new international plumbing codes dictate. So you must have an above-ground backflow preventer. There is no other way about. You must have apps vacuum breaker reduce pressure vessel. You must in any in irrigation installation. You also must pull a permit for an irrigation installation and it also must be installed. Your backflow preventer must be installed by licensed plumber, so on your backflow, preventer sprinkler system, where it’s located and if it’s above or below grade or ground. Yes, or is that not the case, so they the issue, why it is not in the new international plumbing code to permit for an underground backflow, preventer sprinkler system or on any irrigation system at all, is because of the fact of an underground backflow. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Preventer does not have the same testing ability as an above-ground backflow preventer the simple answer:there is an above-ground backflow preventers going to leak, if not working. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So it’s going to dump water out of below-ground backflow preventer, it’s what’s called a double check or a single check and get some triple checks and some more complicated stuff depending on commercial applications. But you cannot physically see if there is a problem if it is not functioning properly. The whole purpose of a backflow preventer is exactly what it sounds like. It prevents water from back flowing into the main water or back into the drinking water. So obviously that you can imagine if your water, that sitting in that pvc pipe and the water that’s shooting out of those heads and some does come back into the heads or some hydraulic arms there whatever, but that water that sitting in those pipes you I was going to drink that water right. You know all the bacteria and mold and algae and all that stuff it could be potentially growing in that. So that’s the whole purpose of a backflow preventer with the underground backflows. You can’t see if it’s not working so obviously, eventually any and all homeowners are neighbors or friends or kids or whatever the case maybe is going to see. If you were above-ground, backflow preventer is leaking on the side of your house, because you like Sprinkler Repair Tulsa hey what is leaking for what that tells you, when it’s leaking for specifically out a pvb, a pressure vacuum breaker backflow preventer. If it is leaking it’s because it is not creating a vacuum and it creates a vacuum to not allow the water to travel back down into the main drinking water. So it is its default system is that it will leak to tell you that it’s not creating a vacuum, so it makes it really simple to identify that hey, there’s, there’s something broke in here and needs to be replaced, needs to be fixed, I’m sure, there’s a lot of people listening to that have tulsa sprinkler systems at that are a simple-minded as i. Am they simply look out the window and they gauge is to the weather? Not there. Their sprinkler system is work properly by if their flowers are blooming or they’re wilting kind of a deal, and so like we were discussing we were finishing up there on the backflow preventer. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You said the most of us just wouldn’t spend the time to take a look to see if things are working right, it’s kind of the out-of-sight out-of-mind. You know a lot of individuals, you, your car, if you’re not paying attention to the maintenance and stuff and whatever you may not know that your transmission fluid needs to be changed or hey it’s time to flush your radiator, hey unit. You need to do this that or whatever or new brake pads. What we do often notice is. We ran out of gas cuz. Obviously, it ain’t working right, the big leaks, the big breaks, the big problems are really easy to see. Cuz you’re, like heck, why do I have a lake in my yard, wallet that holds true in anything that we talked about, whether it’s a tulsa sprinkler system or you know your boat at the lake? It’s always easier to do preventive maintenance and have it looked at that’s what I was saying earlier. Was it you know the novice myself I look out the window and my sprinkler system functioning fine, because my flowers aren’t I and then that sit high or we have to have a major leak. And you see you no evidence of water running down the driver, something but which is is a great way. I would imagine for 4 or or what am I trying to say here. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So you can go in a company like living. Water can go in and an offer these maintenance to come in and winterize it, and then your spring check up and all that stuff and it keeps those things from happening in or greatly reduces, and then, if it does happen, it’s probably a less-expensive call to have your tulsa sprinkler system checked out because you’re familiar with it and you were just there yeah. So absolutely! Obviously, if we can come out and do our spring tune-up diagnostic for you, it is obviously going to reduce the opportunity to have any grand scale problems going forward in that counter here. So if you look at your tulsa sprinkler system, if we’re seeing you twice a year, chances are you’re not going to have to see us a third time now. If you do pull into the driveway again and run over that sprinkler head, I would appreciate it. If you would refrain from accusing me of that, okay I’ve told you once I’ve, actually I think I told you twice. It is clearly my wife’s doing. Okay, anyway, would damage your sprinkler system in that facet, but as we continue on, if we come out for the spring tune up and diagnostic and we’re seeing you for winterization we’re guaranteeing then, and you would have a full warranty with our winterization kind of back to the war, we are guaranteeing it against any freeze damage. So if I come out and winterize your sprinkler system, like i, was saying, we typically do that. Prior to thanksgiving, we get the weird oklahoma winners like we’ve had up until a couple weeks ago, where it was 70 every day in december. Obviously you do want to put a little water on your yard, then, but we want to make sure that we’re being proactive enough to have your system winterize prior to any hard freeze. Are you talking about my tulsa sprinkler system or my one at the lake which one the tulsa spring? So if you look at what we can do for you there we can minimize, but it’s just like maintenance on anything else. You got to have your oil changed every you know that I have this world that’s 5,000 miles as opposed to you know every 3000 miles, but you need to have your oil changed and it’s the same way. You’ve invested all this money in your tulsa sprinkler system, so you might as well take advantage of it and use it and make sure it’s productive and efficient and working the way that it should, as opposed to not functioning properly at all, there’s so many homeowners in so many situations that we get to see of a tulsa sprinkler system that was just terribly designed and terribly installed. Now granted the builder told him when they bought the house, and the seller of the house said:hey I have a working, tulsa sprinkler system, but in actuality what they had was just some pipe and some sprinkler heads in a controller in the garage. It didn’t actually function the right way and it wasn’t actually do anything. It was just dumped its water out the same way that you would chat if you want to go to lowe’s and bought you one of the little trains that drives around on your screen on your hoes got you okay, so I’m going to ask you this and don’t do not get upset at this question. Okay, I really do love it when I see people passion and they get charged about their respective industries in the services they offer and everything. Okay, but like I said earlier. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Quite frankly, most people are just like me:there, a homeowner that only looks at their tulsa sprinkler system when it’s not working and that’s it. So what are some things that you’ve seen in your industry? I’m sure you attend-or you know, converse with guys in other markets and think about what is a professional in your industry, really get you charge like? Is there something coming on in the industry or some things that are going to change so the biggest thing? For me as a irrigation professional? You know, we’ve always said:there’s four levels of guys who deal with sprinklers. There’s the there’s, the the guy who just billy bob he just comes in and out yeah I know how to fix that and then there’s landscapers there’s guys who do sprinkler systems and then there’s irrigators. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We are very proud to consider yourself irrigators. We are hunter certified, we are knowledgeable. So when you look at your tulsa sprinkler system, you want to make sure that you have a guy who is educated and knowledgeable and experienced in order to install it. One of the most exciting things coming up is what’s called the oklahoma irrigation association. It was formed in 2015. There are some regulations, railroads yeah. There is some regulations and some permitting and licensing things that will be coming down. They are currently from what I understand. Obviously, I’m not involved in the political process, but they are currently putting together some some rules and guidelines, some licensing parameters, so that just like a roofer just like an electrician, just like a plumber, you have to be licensed in order to be in the irrigation industry. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa If you look currently at the pulse of sprinkler system market, there are dozens of guys out there who put them in, but there’s only a handful who actually are properly designing and installing the system. So the purpose of an organization like this is not only disturbing professionalism and and in all to your industry, but it’s also there for the protection of the homeowner I would think to the people that do on this tulsa irrigation or sprinkler systems weekend. Knowing that there’s a member or an aura governing body, if you will that a guy like yourself, a member of, is just an extra piece of mine and insurance for us to the right. Absolutely that’s why I’m so excited about it is because, just like you would at you know, an electrician has to go through an apprentice phase and then the journeyman phase, and then they get their contractors license. You know, and that takes years and years and to get to that level, and it takes education and and knowledge and testing and those things, and so when we finally get this instituted. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Whenever that may be, you know, will eliminate a lot of the fly-by-night guys will eliminate a lot of the people who are going in and just doing cheap irrigation and who are you know supposedly affordable, but they’re really just going in and doing cheap nonsense. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa And so, if we can eliminate those guys, we can protect the homeowners and let them know hey i, understand that the average cost is $4,000 and I know that this guy over here is doing it for $2,500. But you got to understand that he’s doing it for $2,500 cuz he’s not following any of the current code, and you got to understand that he’s doing that, because he is not designing your sprinkler system. They’re digging a hole. Put some pvc in it putting a controller in there and turn it on and tell me. You got a sprinkler system home and I know that that it’s been a good eye. Opener for me, I mean i, always know i, don’t like cutting corners, but again, like i, said:i always try to tackle some things, and it always ends me and bigger, and the more of a daunting task than what I ever imagine so. I just talked to you about this today. It is served as a reminder to 2 to call the professional and those respective areas, and particular when it comes to the mitosis sprinkler system and also just to remind her to kind of beat the rush. I mean you’ve got to start getting busy I’m sure the first sign of spring that we get her even before absolutely just as soon as we get some decent weather again everybody’s chomping at the bit waiting on it as soon as we get those days or 60 and 70 degrees. You know everybody wants to get back out there and enjoy the yard again for somebody to go ahead and call. Maybe they don’t have an emergency, maybe they don’t need you to come out and fix a leak tomorrow or tonight.  Sprinkler Repair Tulsa They just want to say, look we know. Historically, this is when we open our system and my guy is gone by the wayside and we’re looking for a professional and not a fly-by-night. Her I want to get to know you are going to call them. We do have some jobs at this point that are scheduled all the way into summer of next year. We have some projects that are coming up, that individuals wanted to wait on on timing, things and budget things, and you know so. We have jobs that are scheduled. I have a job scheduled in july right now, so it’s 7 months from now so yeah, it’s not too early at all. To give us a call and say hey, you know, can you put me at the top of your list? And you know when you come out mid march is when we come back out and start turning the sprinkler systems on and doing our are diagnostic check on the tulsa sprinkler systems. For the I appreciate your time today, chad you know this is been a wonderful experience that I appreciate all your. You know the questions. Hopefully we can answer some of those for you, and hopefully you understand after this-that we are the experts in the tulsa area. Gation, industry I never knew I could have so much fun talking about irrigation and I and i. Look at tulsa sprinkler systems in a whole new light and I hope that you’ll feel free to you. No call me anytime so Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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