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Each and every individual house, each sprinkler repair we do in tulsa. We were talking about the the difference in programming that needs to occur for each and every single house, so in that you’re not going to run a spray zone as long as you’re going to run a rotors. You remember that, back from when we talked about sprinkler heads we’re talking about two different types of had the different types of novels different types of zones, so we want to make sure that your specific home, if we ever do replace that gerbil in the wheel, if we ever do get the headaches that you keep run over by the driveway we ever do that. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We want to look at your specific home. We want to look at slope. We want to look at elevation. We want to look at plant material. We want to look at landscaping versus grass. We want to look at the north side versus the east side, the north and the west side of the houses are always going to get the least amount of sunlight. Okay, I’ve got a question. I’ve got an answer for you. Taking we talked about tulsa sprinkler repair and that’s not all that you do cuz. Let me tell you situation I’ve had before you leftground running so long and everything else I could be great with my you know, very sensitive to my neighbors and sensitive to my lawn and everything program right, but my guy next to me he’s got an issue that he don’t even know about. Heaven:guy. He’s got a busted head out here and you’re not going to go knock on his door or anything else, but but let’s say that the others, multiple homes that are creating runoff, do you guys address some of that via drainage lines or catch basins, and things can I call you for for drainage issues as well as absolutely as we go along and in our podcast for outdoor lighting. We do drainage, obviously do sprinkler, install and repair in tulsa, and then we also, we also give high-fives and probably the best man of any company on the planetword. So as we get down the road I ever say that again, would you just kick me:please I’m, sorry, I just got that was not the right. You ever say word word that wasn’t right terminology see I wasn’t going to say it again on do we have you made it to sensors, yet we’re still discussing controllers. That’s how I end up. We are here at t s are you in fact, at t s are you we’ve talked about making this the complete semester right? You have to go through on controllers in mind out and have some take a trivia quiz about the very least, the three credit hour class. If you need to talk over an hour on sensors and you’re, just overly sensitive hypersensitive I bet, you could probably try that into tulsa sprinkler repair terminology. Somehow someway. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Probably there probably is a pretty easy format. There are you going to come up with a glossary after workdone with this so far you want an index of turnips stuff like armin, arm no egg and hammer and hammer it, but then also some., of baking soda, but then also I really believe that we come up with some viable. You know terms non volatile and non-volatile hypersensitive write the word right. Maybe it’s application to be within your ologist or something but I just think we could take it into the irrigation sprinkler world so like we could start taking this class or turns into the sprinkler repair in tulsa. That sounds like a perfect place to start tsru glossary I would like to be the person that does the illustrations. If you would have you ever seen the bonnets that I draw, are they explicit egg and hammer and bonnets and diaphragms, and back immediately talking like picasso van gogh? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Are we talking like happy trees now, i, don’t know you still want the peoplewhat’s on the content. Bob ross yes I mean happy happy, trees happy trees, her back to controller programming like i, said each individual home each individual properties, either visual house. We want to set up there specific controller for the start times the run times that is going to optimize their efficiency of their sprinkler system. It’s super simple:to go plug in a controller and just have it set to some random start time and some random programming hey run. That zone run every zone for 20 minutes I run into those a lot in the sprinkler repair in tulsa I run. Intowhere was only except for 20 minutes. So they’ve got the front flower bed running for 20 minutes, and then they also have their half acre backyard. That has 5 letters in it running for 20 minutes that front flower bed needs to run for 7 that backyard. That’s huge zonies run 4:30, so we we run into that a lot and then we’ll get a lot of homeowners. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Who will call us back? You know a couple months later and say:i can’t believe my yard looks so much better when we do our tune-up diagnostic in the spring, which is something we’ll get into when we get into our services. We do I took knox diagnostic in the spring. We can drastically improve your sprinkler system for just a few hundred dollars. You know different head tides, different nozzle types, making sure it’s programmed correctly will get into sensors, but providing you a rain or rain. Freeze sensor that way, your system is not running when it’s raining. We don’t want to be hypersensitive, but we are going to discuss sensors in our next session. We’re going to devote an entire semester. Two sensorsare you excited I am I’m just controlling it right now, cuz we’re just gassing controller to see see what I did there any amazing play on words in the skill you have of the english language is remark. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It’s mesmerizing I know I mean it is absolutely stunning. Thank you for noticing. That’s what tsr you would do for you baby for your scholarship, who got a few left come on. What are prerequisites for the scholarship? Really not much of anything you need to shovel willingness to learn some some hard terms that we’ve discussed and I don’t want to go into again. Cuz I don’t want her listeners mines to be blown just yet, but the entry exam is really pretty simple. How many questions are on the intrigue name, but it depends upon what we actually think that the person can handle I mean we like to physically lay eyes on the person, and you know it’s really not. Have it’s not really a financial. We have should never be a concern. We do have financial aid available. Fafsa was that free american that was a financial aid federal, something something something the student loans you can never pay off, yeah! No! No! We going to do that was people we work with lending tree cuz. We did the irrigation for us. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Thank you for working with this I mean it’s. So we didn’t really good sprinkler repair in tulsa for lending tree. That’s right! So are we getting endorsement back from lending tree? On this conversation? It’s got a sweet one for my. Hopefully, we will get the same kind that they were return, the favor from so let’s wrap up controllers. I just got a couple minutes left in the session and in this day, so let’s wrap up what we talked about controlling numerous different types:six different manufacturers on the market, you know top to bottom k ring or the irritrol rain bird hunter, and you got weathermatic for your more commercial applications. V thing for a irrigation professional becomes the diversity of programming the ability to troubleshoot to the controller. I. Don’t want to really talk too much in depth about that cuz. It could get really complicated but there’s what’s called hidden features in the rain bird and its own, the rain bird esp and in the hunter pro c. There are series of hidden features that are actually not even listed in the owner’s manual for those things. This isn’t like cia nonsense. This is my covert ops, but there are some functions to a series of how you set the dial and how you configure the buttons in a specific order that will allow you to look at some factors that the homeowners can’t see. You’re, a troll k, ray norbut. They don’t provide those things, weather man who actually doesn’t the best of any of them, but we won’t get into that. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa But the hunter has the ability to the hidden features like I said earlier, to lock the controller so without towing of the series of buttons you can’t go in and screw up the programming, so I do have some homeowners who, like me to do that for them. So that way, they’re controllers is locked and they don’t even want to know how to get in and out of there. Just like you lock it if I need to unplug it, which actually is a pretty good idea, and then you look at the other options that would keep that would keep contractors in your lawn mowing guys from getting into a right absolutely so you want to keep them out of it as easy as much as possible. Cuz quite often. They going to go vote. You know the most common thing we see with woodlawn. Guys is no going internet controller off because they’re about to mow the yard, you know and it that they came and load it on a tuesday instead of a monday and it’s scheduled to run tuesday thursday saturday cuz, the yard guy comes on monday. Well, they got there and they just turned it on finish up a controller off. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Will it ever turn it back on after they left? So we get a phone call. Three weeks later, hey i, don’t think my sprinkler systems working the right way, everything’s looking really dead, whatever I get there and I simply have to turn it to on, because the lawn maintenance guy turned. It also wouldn’t spray him when he was mowing so you know or will get the landscaper who come out there be like all my plans, aren’t looking too good. You know. I want to watch them for 30 minutes will buy watering I’m 30 minutes you actually hurt no more than you helping him cuz, then you’re putting way too much water on so they actually needed instead of run tuesday thursday saturday. Would they needed to run everyday for that same 7 minutes? So that’s the kind of knowledge and education you get here. Tsr you take state Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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