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Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know where you have church. So if you look at the commitment that it takes, it’s quite frankly virtually impossible to commit to having the time the effort, the energy to put enough water down on your yard, to keep it happy and healthy. You know. If you look at a standard sprinkler, it is a meeting somewhere between 8 to 10 gallons per minute. So excuse me, if you look at a standard sprinkler, it is going to admit that you purchase from your local hardware store is going to be admitting around a gallon or two gallons per minute, and you want that number actually to 8 to 10 gallons per minute on a specified area, so you’re fractionally, looking at you, no one, sixth of the water. You actually need to be putting out any given minute. We design our tulsa sprinkler systems to admit anywhere from 13 to 15 gallons per minute. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So if you look at the amount of time, the little oscillating sprinkler that you have purchased is putting out one to two gallons per minute, or you can get some that they’re little higher than that we’re actually putting out 6 times out of my water, so where you have to leave that in any given area that 20-foot circle that we went back to talking about you have to leave it there for 20 to 30 minutes will now a properly designed tulsa sprinkler system you’re only looking at letting that area water for 7 minutes. So you look at the amount of savings of your time. He’s booked the convenience of it because now you’re not sitting there. Oh I’ve got to move this again. Another thing that really often happens and I hear this from wives all the time if they woke up the next morning to a lake in their yard, I don’t have a whole lot of experience with my residential sprinkler system, but I had a rural system. Did we had a leak we had. We had a leak and I didn’t realize it until my monthly billing that it was know that I had 30,000 gallons of water did that it is gone sprinkler system with are some things that you know. We talked about the obvious problem with the system with a broken head that when it when it runs or cycles you’ll, see it bubbling up, or are there some innovations and stuff with the systems these days, it will alert you or something. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa If there’s that there is an unusual water usage or if you do have a line broke and I mean this particular when you’re dealing with an acre of irrigated property on every corner of it all the time. So there’s everything could get saturated, broken line whatever that I’m, not aware of so absolutely the most obvious answer. There would be that there is flow meters now, there’s some really neat technology. That’s currently available that you can actually monitor it from your phone. They have these wi-fi controller that you can now install the you could operate your sprinkler system from your phone, but also it will send you alerts. If there is an issue of it, it’s not watering because it rained outside or it’s not watering because of the current temperature outside. We can get those things as we go with sensors in the future, but it’ll also send you an alert to say you have an abnormal amount of water usage system like mine and add to an existing unit. Also sprinkler system, where is it, is in a complete new. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa No, we can absolutely come in and update where you currently have and add the new technology, so that going forward you’ll be able to take full advantage of what is now available on the market versus what was available 20 years ago and we’re back. So in our last conversation, we would talking about the things that you can install on the antiquated tulsa sprinkler system to bring it up to the current technology. As far as measuring you know, you had mentioned chad that you had a problem where you lost 30,000 gallons of water, which, if you look at the math on that the average cost in this area for water in the tulsa metro area, is around $3.50 per thousand gallons. So you’re looking at you just around $3.50 per thousand gallons give or take. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So you look at you just with that huge lie to you. Had you just basically threw over $100 in the trash. So if you did have something like a flow meter, if you did have the ability to monitor your sprinkler system remotely, then that never would have occurred. You got an alert immediately and whether you were able to leave you no work at that, given point or whatever you’re able to do or call the the wife, the daughter, the sun or the neighbor hey. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Can you go turn this off? It is a flood, my yard, so you know it’s also. If you look at the recommended watering time of a tulsa sprinkler system, we encourage our homeowners to water early in the morning. So one of two things either occurs. Their people are getting up and and leaving and not having the time to see what happened when they watered or two they’re asleep, whenever it was watering so a lot of times, you won’t realize unless you are going out and playing catch with it. You know your kid after work or are running out to to cook a steak out on the grill. You could go days weeks months without ever, even realizing that you have a problem with it with your tulsa sprinkler system, because it wasn’t it’s not the forefront of your mind. People can tell when the grass is dead, but people rarely can tell when their grass is getting too much water. Since we’re on the topic, we can talk about that really quickly. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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