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Good afternoon and welcome back to the living water irrigation podcast, it’s josh wilson, again joined once again by the illustrious the amazing, the prolific, chad love it and there’s more of me now than there was last time we talked so thank you. That would really be back. Maybe the keto diet may be a good idea. Well, no, my more of a cheeto diet:okay, it’s so I’m on doritos for 5 weeks and then I go to cheetos, and so anyway, and I did need to bring that up, because this is just a listening audience, they would have had no way at all, knowing what my girth change has been since the last time that we were on the show some fritos fit in in the diets. Yeah right here right in here is where they fit okay. So today we are going to discuss sprinkler repair in tulsa and we’re going to begin our conversation today with controllers. We did talk about them last week. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa One thing we didn’t get to order the wi-fi in the bluetooth versions, so weirdice castles little bit and I understand you do have a question chad to get us kicked off today. Well, i, just you know, somebody brought this up in conversation. I had no idea how to answer it. He was asking about a commercial controller being different than like a residential and I guess. The only difference in a commercial irrigation versus residential might just be the size, and maybe some of the codes or whatever that might be there. But so is there a difference between can I mean? Are there commercial controllers and residential controllers as his get the sizes of the simple answer, their kind of long, but the lines you were going there chad is it’s more size than anything else, but you do have and we won’t get super complicated. We can talk about two wire systems you do have. Controllers are specifically designed for to wire two wires, a means by which to design a sprinkler system doesn’t occur in sprinkler repairalso. Very often in the residential aspect of things, it is completely commercially based, not a 2wire work to a system of decoders and it’s some new technology stuff. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We could spend days talking about to wire and the benefits of it over a conventional wiring system in a commercial application. But I was here, we haven’t moved on the commercial, we’re still going through components and then our next step will be our repair. Then, from there we’ll talk, outdoor lighting and then from there we’ll talk commercial, so we’re still on sprinkler repair, tulsa, still talking about the components in the fundamentals of a sprinkler system. So to answer your question:yes, there are commercial controllers, you can use them in a residential setting. You would just have a very large, very expensive controller hanging in your garagethat is the short answer. The longer answer of that, the commercial controllers are designed for more diagnostic aspects when you get into using sensors like flow click, centers and soil click, sensors, so moisture, sensors and and flow sensors, and things like that they are set up to better register those and then from registering those send a signal to your phone or an email to let you know about them. Okay, so is that a very long-winded way to make a very short answer? No! No! No! You always have purpose to your talk, so yeah, that’s good good stuff, so base, great, ramblin man. We were talking about sprinkler, repair tulsa, you are that way. Cuz we were. I want you to know. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa I was born a ramblin man I’m, just glad to know that what type of irrigation systems, because when I heard control I thought we’re going to be about wives today-and you know if, if the only difference in controllers are the size of what it is they’re controlling my wife would definitely be a commercial controller. I, don’t know about yours, but she’d be commercialdrake controller, but I’m. Glad we’re talking irrigation, yeah and not spousal unit today send mine mine would come equipped with a number of sensors most definitely, but you seem to be pretty well savage in that. I might just call you for marital issues to I’ll just call tulsa, sprinkler, repairs or I’m. Sorry, living, water, irrigation! Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Yes, yes, okay, the end in that you could just press 2 for are psychiatric department, yes, absolutely up marital counseling for i. Think people are changing the channel right now, let’s get back to irrigation and we’re back in two and twoso. So as we going to controllers lets, you know we went through. If you remember chad and tsr you. Last week we discuss rain bird controllers, we discussed hunter controllers. Weathermatic makes a call before 6 and then orbit orbit, weathermatic hunter, rain, bird irritrol. So now it’s touch on commercial controllers, let’s not get into into the larger and then let’s once we touch on those will jump into wi-fi and bluetooth controllers. Since we have all kinds of time. One word that I did not hear mention last week when did not hear mentioned last week that I had when we lived in baton rouge and maybe just something was more popular in certain regions. Check i, didn’t hear the wordporo and is that something that tulsa sprinkler repair does not hear much of a row toro is was:was the originator of automatic sprinklers? They toro was the lead dog in the game years and years ago. Toro is still in business. They do much more things in the golf course and a large commercial commercial side of things like a large commercial side effects golf courses, you know where talk about road, or so we discuss this back when we were in rotors. So you know quite a few sessions to go, but a standard residential rotor is going to shoot from no 20 to 25 ft. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You can come up to 32, putting on pressure and flow whatever, but let’s call it. Okay, golf course, road hurst can shoot 200 feet get out of here, no way it’s kind of hard to meet a guy wearing a little room, not buying it. So so these are, these are some monster things they have some of their valve in headreally, neat stuff, so toro is really the leader in like the golf course out of things. You know:softball fields, baseball fields, you know stuff where you’re you’re talking about covering a huge area, football fields. You know where you have a 100 yard field that you’re you know try to discuss, speak about that was fox. Super bowl go ahead. You know what it. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa What are you thinking you thinking? Tom brings in number 6 and y & rides off in the sunset and retires man, I used to think that I didn’t like tom brady back, but my maya discussed or die trying to say it has only been lesson because my hate for gone or whatever his name is, is grown immensely I do not like that man, so you’re, not like rob gronkowski, i, don’t i, don’t think you stayed over much of anything out of this nonsensical actions know what i. Actually, there was high fives in my den when he underwent the concussion protocol last week and I guess it was determined that he did have one. He has a brain inside the head that could get concussions and I just got all notes that I just wrote that can not too little walnuts bassinger on today. So I’m sure he has two little walnuts. After all, the steroids he’s done, but anyway, that’s a whole subject so back to sprinkler repair tulsa. So you have to make our pics okay, Mind:i’m, picking the patriots I’m, picking the patriots I think they’re going to win it close game like they always play these big games, i, don’t i, don’t think it’ll be more in the touchdown I’m going to go I’m going to go a lot further out than that. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Okay, my prediction is:do the patriots and just a safe bet, I’m going to go with something that nobody else is probably going to bed i? Will buddy I’m going to be at that on saturday night before the super bowl, the irrigation system goes off and they have to delay the game until like february 11th or something like that, that’s only cuz. He whole entire field is muddy and flooded are listening audience right. Now it’s going it’s inside of a dome, you idiot, which makes it even such a much greater vegas odds and I cuz. If this comes through your thinking it cast it. Okay, like will hire people to do these for us at our house, yeah I will share doing house. I will build a 20000 square foot house like you’ll, have half an hour and we won’t talk about tulsa sprinkler repair anymore. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We will be talking about whatever daily news. We want to talk about:okay, donald, trump’s, antics i, like it yeah to sprinkler repair tulsa. Now you ready you like drunk, you do like the drunk, then right, I think it’s funny yeah! Please don’t walk out on me funny like a case of hemorrhoids. Okay, let’s go so back to commercial controllers, so the great benefit of a commercial control rca, the hunter I core, the acc rain bird makes an esp me. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Weathermatic has an sl 1600 and a 32, so you got a lot of options there. What they really provide when you get in the commercial setting is the ability so I can you were saying jokingly, obviously, with that dome stadium run the sprinklers, but so you have a lot more options for control of the system through sensors. One of the most obvious sensor that is installed commercially is what’s called a flow clik sensor. So what that does, if any given point on a non scheduled program Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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