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Sprinkler Repair Tulsa And we’re back is josh wilson game of living water irrigation talk and sprinkler repair in tulsa, and we are going to continue our discussion on today. The topic wearing a cover in this session would be. We want to discuss rates. We want to discuss warranties, want to get into the what differentiates us from those others in our market as far as sprinkler repair in tulsa, the biggest differentiation for us being that we do have fixed rates but, more importantly, we have efficient and productive and highly skilled and highly trained technicians. There’s a lot of companies out there that do sprinkler repairs in tulsa, and we just happened to be the best and the reason being. Is our service technicians go through rigorous training? They go through rigorous qc checks. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa They have the knowledge in the ability that is very rare in this industry. Just due to experience and appliqueyou know what is very common for a homeowner to call a contractor, they come out beginner job, you know, spend 2-3 hours, they’re fixing something that we should hook up and can fix literally in 10 or 15 minutes. The majority of our calls are accomplished in less than half an hour that goes in line with our service call are standard. Service call is $75 that covers the arrival and the first 30 minutes for the certified service technician to take care of any and all sprinkler problems that you may have so then, from there are hourly rates are $85 an hour, but obviously, like I was saying the majority of our jobs are accomplished within the first half-hour. We don’t stretch things out. We don’t try to milk, the clock, we don’t sit there and you know bill you three four five six hours on something that can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes. A lot of that comes from integrity and the other huge part of that coming from being certified technicians. So when you’re considering sprinkler repair in tulsa, you know we always see all want to manage our finances. Well, we all is well one of them watch how much money we’re spending on things and, more importantly, than all that is having the warranty having the backing, having the knowledge having the security of knowing that, if you give living water irrigation a call and we send a technician out, we’re going to provide you with a full 6 month. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Warranty on that repair, that’s double what the industry average is because we believe-and we know that we can stand behind our work for 6 months with no problems. We also provide it to pull two year warranty on our installations. So you know it is across the board in our competition they’re providing a 1-year well, we believe, in with the manufacturers that we use were very confident to give a 2 year, warranty that what we did and what we continue to do. We are very, very confident that we’re not going to have problems with it cuz. We did the right way to begin. You know when you, you look and you search wrinkle repair in tulsa there, so many companies in so many people that are doing it, because, essentially it’s a really easy process. You’re talking about digging up a sprinkler head and fixing it or reprogram a controller, install a new controller valve issues-and you know what it really comes down to. Is the value that you’re getting the attention to detail the quality of the customer care. The price match, guarantee that we offer and the warranty afterwards, knowing that we’re going to show back up and we’re going to fix a problem if there is indeed something wrong with what we’ve done or if there’s something that we’ve missed. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know it is very important to me as an owner, and it is extremely important to our staff that we take care of any and all issues whenever we arrive at someone’s home. So we don’t just fix the one broken sprinkler head. Do you have we actually use our 7.2 and up diagnostic checklist to make sure that, while we’re there we’re going to check out everything on your sprinkler system to make sure that you don’t have to give us a call the following week and say:hey your guy did a great job, but when he was out to do is repair in tulsa, we missed another had in the backyard that was hitting the fence or you know, while he was here I’m, so sorry I should have had him check the controller I’m confused on reprogramming this thing. So you know we want to make sure that we spend the time and the effort in the energy to really go through your entire system, to give it a full check over and let you know of any potential problems or any other current problems that simply may not be aware of. It is so common that irrigation systems water early in the morning well most of us typically aren’t out of bed or out there watching it and not paying attention to it. So you know you could have an ongoing recurring problem and not even be aware of it simply because nobody is paying attention to it. You know, and unfortunately it only becomes and young become aware of it whenever you’re going out and running around with the dog and you step in a big old puddle or there’s a hole in you tripping and unfortunately, because it’s a wrote it out all of the dirt underneath there and it’s just something down. So you know we. We really encourage all of our homeowners to allow us to complete the full diagnostic. Why were there doesn’t take any more necessarily more time or more money? It just takes a few minutes of our time to check out each one of those owns check out the point of connection to backflow the valves, all the heads in the controller and make sure it’s all in shape. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Just like we were talking about all the components of a sprinkler system. He know when we’d go out for call of duty sprinkler repair here in tulsa. We make sure that we check each and every single one of those components so that it is all in great shape whenever we get done, and so that’s what we really really focusing on is to make sure that it is in great shape when we get done-and you know if you are looking at your dollars and how you spend them and you obviously the biggest thing you want his value, and so we have very very competitive rates, some of the lowest in the industry, but we have the most efficient and most skilled, highly trained technicians. There are because of the amount of time we spend because of the demands we have upon them because of the quality control and because of the follow-up that we have with our customers to ensure that we are doing everything the right way. Whenever we need to complete a service call your house, we will send over a small survey that we encourage all of our homeowners to finish just a little bit about us and how we did what we can improve upon we’re always looking to grow, we’re always looking to learn. We always want to get better and we do that. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa They’re communicating with our homeowners to give me to getting with our client base to make sure that they are getting the absolute best that can be done in the irrigation industry started the company to provide true and revolutionary customer service. That’s our mantra, so we stand upon a time mission statement. It’s not just about fixing sprinklers to us it’s about building relationships, it’s about doing something that no one else is doing and doing a better, and we really believe that we stand on that and we hope that whenever we come out to your home, you feel the same way about us that we do about you. We know that you work hard for your money. I fully believe that I know. None of us have won the lottery. So therefore, we’re going to treat your dollar just as much as I would treat my dollar I want to take the same care and attention and and attention to detail a you were home that I wouldn’t mind. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know, I want to treat your home the same way that I would treat you know my grandmother’s house I want to make sure that the things that we’re doing as a company fall dead in line with what are belief system is in and how we fall in what our culture is. So you can be positively assured that if you choose to have living water irrigation come out to your home, you will never be disappointed and that’s not to say we don’t make mistakes cuz, we absolutely positively. Do we are human beings after all, but it’s not. The mistake that you make in my opinion is how you follow up with that and how you correct it after it’s done so you know I can’t say the one of our guys won’t come out and repair sprinkler head, and you know a week later it might break again or he may have done something wrong or we’ve got a bad part for the manufacturer or something like that. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa But I can guarantee you that we’re going to get back out we’re going to fix it where to make it right. That’s ultra important to us when we do a sprinkler repair in tulsa, and you know we’re so grateful for the clients we have the customers. We have the people, we’ve been fortunate enough and blessed with to be involved in our company in the team we surround yourself with and all that being said that you know we are the number one choice for sprinkler repair in tulsa. We are the one to call for value for price match guarantee. We also offer an amazing service where I give out a free rain sensor with all of our service calls in all. You simply have to do is pay the labor and we want to improve your sprinkler system everywhere, that we go and every job we come to. We want to improve your sprinkler system. You know we want to make sure that it’s working better than it was whenever we got there and it’s it’s optimum and and peak performance. So all that being said, you know we’re so grateful that it’s been the time to listen to us talk about sprinkler repair in tulsa, and you know we are so thankful for the ability to do what we do and you know feel free anytime. You have any questions about what we’re doing or the process or you know what the warranty exactly is:are the specifications behind it and you know why we, you still 6 month, warranty on all of our repairs, while the competition chooses do 90 days and then, once again we do that because we are confident the anything and everything we do is done right. We are confident that if we come out and do a job, it will be correct when we leave. We are absolutely positive that we are committed to excellence and everything is done right. The absolute positive first time. Thank you so much for your time today. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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