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Good afternoon, welcome back to another exciting addition of the living water irrigation podcast I am joined by the one, the only the amazing outstanding, prolific pontificator. We don’t have enough time for all of it. Okay, lady I love, it love it. You did obviously chad wasn’t able to join us, but that’s okay, but in our last sprinkler repair tulsa edition of our podcast. We did. We discussed sprinkler heads so today we’re on to the final the final countdown. We are going to discuss controllers and sensors, so your gation controllers and different types of sensors that you can utilize to make your system a smarter system. Okay, you noticed, thequotes quotes smarter that you have for a controllers and sensors is a geez i. Just thought about the time that you think you walk the aisle and get the diploma from tsr you. We got to go back and recap:okay, can we just? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Can we do it one last time and be done? I was fortunate enough to speak about egging today with a homeowner at a call that I had for a frozen backflow. Preventer use the word hammer by chance did not talk about water hammer. Okay, just checking. Are you aching me on here to say or to give you the answer to egg? What aging is it said? No, let’s get two controllers and sensors, or do you want to tell if that’s too much pressure for right now would rather just absorb today’s lesson and yeah. Let’s move forward here at home, bored plates move or move controllers, okay, so obviouslytalk about the more traditional controllers. First and then we will go on to the new high-tech evolution of the wi-fi and bluetooth enabled controllers okay. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So, let’s start with the good old-fashioned mechanical controller, so years and years ago, before the dawn of man. That’s not true! That’s not true! At all! So years ago, in the sprinkler repair in tulsa industry, there was water called mechanical controllers. You may have seen some chad, they have just dial’s on them and you just click. Add i, look more like a little dog years. If you took the time to and cisely got a little push pins in them, so those are old. Mechanical controllers. There’s a lot of irrigators honestly that swear by those cuz. They say they never felt. The problem is there:they were a very reliable controller, but the parts to repair them and rebuild them are becoming obsolete. So that is the limit. Now. Is it’s really difficult to get one rebuilt if one of the gears goes out or if you have an issue with one of her sisters or something like that, it’s just getting them rebuilt. You know 5-10 years ago you can still find a parts and you still had guys who would go. Take those apart and rebuild them will now your cost to rebuild a mechanical controller is going to double the cost of putting in a brand new digital controller. Even if you went as far as to do the wi-fi bluetooth in an hourly wage for service charge, whatever else to rebuild it is you have to so you just so you do that you would have a lot of money, invested., you, so I’m mechanical controllers. When we do get that call it’s a very common call. The we get for a sprinkler repair in tulsa when we do get that call i, do encourage homeowners to go ahead and update that it’s just an antiquated technology i. Do that encourage them to go ahead and update? That was a new digital controller. Speaking of antiquated. Yes, please, before I call anybody for a tulsa sprinkler repair. Anybody being you I mean with your organization i. Think mine is pretty antiquated. Why? When is mine? Mechanical I opened it up, and this is been a few years back now, but when I go back to the 90s yeah, it was probably was last time that I opened it. There was literally like a gerbil wheel inside of there with a tray, headed rat, but I think that’s it before mechanical, or is that so that’s the gerbil wheel with the rat that was common in the 60s? Okay might be a service call in the world or about resuscitation later. That would be another another issue. Another another episode, agging hammering resocialization to take me out the hamster wheel, bike, carrots and all right. Let’s go so! Should we talk about what type of refrigerator you have? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa If you still have a gerbil out, you got a big ice block and I told you I’ve, never I’ve. It’s been that I’m not concerned about your gation until I started this and now you’ve got me motivated to go, get it all fixed so, but who you going to call to fix it? You know who I’m going to call not ghostbusters it’s living, water irrigation, awesome, josh wilson your choice for sprinkler repair in tulsa in tulsa, so we get to the digital controllers, number mean thatcher’s out there you got irritrol you got or you got orbit. You have rain bird, hunter, k rain, there’s a number of manufacturers out there, all of them a comparative product that the thing is is when you get into choosing a manufacturer, choosing a type of product that you want to use. You really want to go on the reputation of the manufacture, their ability to stand behind their product in what warranty they’re, providing I could go, we’ll go through. All of them really quickly won’t spend a bunch of time on each one of them, but we will spend some time on each one of them, so I can explain basically what they offer as far as digital controllers, so k rain a little newer to the market. There’s a long story there between at hunter and mr. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

K is they left toro. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We could go into that if you’d, like chad i, give you a little sprinkler history. I, really don’t think we soak a ring that company they’re their controllers, as of now haven’t caught up to everybody else. They do have a good controller. Does function works well but as far as the troubleshooting aspects of it, as far as the ease of used to it and the from there, the professional side of it I’ve actually mounting the controller and how it looks karen’s not quite caught up yet okay, so that’s all I will say about karen from there you would have so these would be kind of my steps up the ladder to the superior controller. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa In my opinion, so then, from there going to have orbit orbit, has a very inexpensive controller, they’re actually sold will say cheap, so they do work. If you ever got so frog is one can change control yourself? You can find one at lowe’s, home depot for 40 bucks, sprinkler repair, what what’s the most common controller or manufacture products that you see out there, it’s almost, to go to be hunter and rainbird they’re, the big dogs so we’ll get it so they’re, they’re kind of like the equivalent of a chevy and ford. So, while we’re talking about controllers and we’re talk about the different manufacturers, when you go to the replace a head or right, okay and you notice that that’s a rain bird-that’s a hunter cuz aren’t most of those very you know is right there. On top most of the time of the manufacturer doesn’t necessarily mean that your controller will only control a rainbird. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You can no sleep yeah, so that that is funny that you bring that up, and it’s a great point, so they everybody that’s listing what that, what that he admitted that I had a great point and a good question, but we’ve yet to get him to admit. He keeps running over the sprinkler head at his house so on to that everybody marked out that he’s still yet into our 25th session, yet to admit his fault. The running of the sprinkler head, so I get a lot of homeowners. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Who will tell me when they be our initial conversation with them? You know very fortunate to at a new customers, require new customers all the time and don’t say:hey I have a hunter system or I have a rain bird system or I have an orbit system, so you very rarely get a sprinkler system. That is all the same manufacturers components. You know you may have rainbird heads and you may have hunter valves and you may have a orbit controller made a we like to use. Will you lose all k rain? Heads and valves I will explain that in our last conversation we were talking about heads just our belief that we believe it’s a superior product and how they manufacture their standing behind it and their representation, and we use all hunter controllers so when you say the back to that. So we can address that cuz. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We didn’t talk about that in tulsa, sprinkler repair. When we were going through replacing sprinkler heads greg brought that up. We want to match what is currently existing in your yard. If you have a rain, bird, rotors i, don’t want to replace one of those with a hunter rotor or a k. Rain. Rotary reason being is match precipitation rate, the rate at which the rain bird rotors, for instance, oscillate, is much faster than a hunter hit. A hunter head is slightly faster than a k, rain head, it’s just how they set their gearing and how they set their oscillation orbit actually being the fastest on the market. So it’s going to lay back and forth faster than anything else, so you do want to match on a spray body. You know if you dig up and when the fix spray, like we discussed in our last session. If one of those are broken you want to have, if you got a rainbird head, you want to replace it with another rain bird head. The reason being is:what’s called mash precipitation the amount of water that’s coming out of. Let’s say you have five whiteheads on his own and if you have Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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