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Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So pick him back up, so, like I was saying on the flow click sensor, which is most common in commercial application. What that does is if it any given point the controller or the sensors attached controller. Excuse me, senses flow through it or an abnormal amount of flow. It will send an alarm to whomever the administrators of the account, so I was being living, water irrigation as a year at the administrator. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa If it’s 1 in the morning I’m going to get a text message in email stating you know, controller at xyz has noticed an abnormality in flow, okay, so a standard and it’s a myriad of choices across a commercial application. Blood say that the zone is supposed to use on average 40 gallons per minute. If the sensor realizes there’s more than 50 gallons per minute, cuz it provides for if it has to be 25% difference. Okay. So if there’s 50 gallons per minute going through that system, right, thereis going to send out an alarm is going to shut the system down, and it’s going to send an alarm to you to let you know that something is broken. Something is not working properly, something like that’s going on. How the other great thing you can do in a commercial applications with a soil, clik sensor or moisture sensor, I’m very familiar with the hunter winston weather rain bird makes in weathermatic, not as educated up on black francis or click center from hunter you place one of those in each is own. So let’s say you got a big commercial system. It’s 42 zones, you have 42 soil click sensors and is going to adjust the run time and the start time of each one of those specific zones based off the amount of water that it is sensing. So it’s going to, let you know:hey I’m over-watering under watering really valuable, it’s something you can absolutely positively use in a residential setting as well just a lot of times. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It’s cost-prohibitive. You know when you look at installing these things and then residentially speaking, you know you have a homeowner, that’s airconsole! You know your kids are out running aroundare deer out in the yard of the dog. Is you know it’s going to be very rare that from weeks at a time you didn’t like you get so many soccer fields? Friends are baseball fields, all winter long nobody’s out there stuff. So if you don’t have some level of sensor or some level of of monitoring, it can be number one extremely expensive for water loss, but never to can be catastrophic. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Damage to the fields are to the property or whatever the case may be so wow. Is that all you have to say for yourself, i, don’t have any questions on that at all. In fact, I want me just to run with this subject. Please do know, please I’m going to sit back now go, and that would be the chair breaking so here we go wi-fi controllers. Is it a common I mean? Is it like? Is it that you don’t get many calls at tulsa sprinkler, repair for or 4 wi-fi controllers? Yes, I’m a so it is becoming more of the norm. You know why, if I can’t order came out just a few years ago, with all the technological advances that we’re all experiencing are ipads or iphones or androids are. Are this that whatever and alexa and everything you know they say everything is going to more automated and user-friendly things? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We do quite frankly, get a sprinkler repair. Tulsa call for individuals asking about if they can upgrade their current system to wi-fi, so wi-fi controller is just like it sounds, is something you can operate from your phone. So all the major manufacturers have it hunter rain bird weathermatic. They have an app, do you download for free from android app store or whatever, and you can control your irrigation from your phone all over the world as long as you have a decent wi-fi signal at your home. So if your router strong enough and it’s working well enough, you’ll be able to communicate to your irrigation like for me, for instance, really funny you’ll get a kick out of this cuz I’m a straight comedian, so we have vivint at our home which I’m not. This is the commercial for vivint. But anyway, we have a little twice and we have a little cameras on our door. So when somebody rings my doorbell or approaches my door, then I get a notification on my phone and it brings up the camera. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So what I always do, instead of bring up the camera I go to my hydrawise app, which is my wi-fi app for my irrigation and I turn on my front yard sprinklers. That’s not a nice thing to do. It’s hilarious at the end of the broadcast, I’ll be sending out josh wilson’s personal address that you guys can go over there and thrash his irrigation system. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Then you can leave a tulsa sprinkler repair business card somewhere on his front door for him. So it is what it is. Do the wi-fi, through the app there’s, what’s called predictive watering? That’s a really neat function that they’ve come up with we’re. Basically, your local weather station is predicating. What your sprinkler system is going to run at any given moment we’re putting our sprinkler systems in the in the hands of our local weather. Forecasters in this weather. It runs or not negative. No we’re talking about real time, weather, good, real time weather and it will actively change your controller based on the current weather conditions, so not based on what are some forecast? No, not our genius meteorologist, no, no best job in the world, because you being a golfer of me being here, I can’t tell you how many times they have spoiled and I totally miss, diagnose somebody sprinkler system and go get it while you’re very nice. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Looking for a follow-up next week are going to be about jobs that you can have do poorly and still take a handsome paycheck home. Okay, so stay tuned for that stay tuned, but back to sprinkler, repair fall. So sorry will do is do the real time weather. So you can get a signal sent just it’s a subscription rate through them. I think it’s $60 I know it’s $60 a year through hunter you get to the real time adjustment. So let’s say it. You know the problem was. It was very effective here in the oklahoma market, because our weather is so completely unpredictable noir. They have it now, where it’s real time. Sprinkler Repair TulsaSatellite communication, to your controller, to say:hey, it’s 80 degrees outside you know we should water a little bit more today than we did. You know two days ago, cuz two days ago it was 60 or hey. Two days from now it’s a hundred fifteen. We need to split up and water 3 times a day as opposed to once in the morning. So am I going to get you off track. If I ask you another question, I didn’t know:i was on track at all. I thought. I got to talk in sprinkler repair in tulsa. One thing that I know that we’re blessed with here is it i, don’t think I I can’t remember a single time in the 20-plus years that I’ve lived here almost 30, actually that we’ve had ration with that we’ve had water rationing here, okay, however dallas-fort worth that I spent some time in our neighbors to the west of us. Oklahoma city bill had odd and even days, and things like that. Is this thing that you’re talkin, what is wi-fi rain, real time weather sensor thingamajig? Does it can pick that up? Is it I mean? So there water rationing, so I’m glad you brought that up as a wonderful, wonderful thanks for hears up. Let me give you my little sales pitch. First and foremost, no sales pitch answer the question correctly as possible. Please that’s why it is so important to have an efficient and properly designed sprinkler system, because if you can only water once or twice a week, you need to make sure that your maximize the amount of water that you’re getting to the plant material at even get even any given run time. So that being said from there, we did have back in 2015. We had watering recommendations in tulsa county in the surrounding areas. They they asked if everybody could cut a slow down on the watering, but there’s never actually implemented a rationing system very, very prevalent in california and florida south texas things like that. All these places are right by the ocean. We won’t talk about desalination plants right now, but anyway will go back to sprinkler repair in tulsa, but you know so we do. You do have the capabilities on the wi-fi controller, to set specific watering days for civic watering times. If they were too-and you know in act something that states, you can only need a water at this time, for this amount of time or whatever the case may be interesting, so is desalination is a new word for you to like egg and hammer and hammer was not a new word. Okay and desalination I know exactly what that is. That was when they would pull sally fields out of the thunderbird and smokey and the bandit and put her stunt double in. That was the salination I’m, not an idiot. Okay, let’s go my favorite movie, you think i, wouldn’t i, don’t know this stuff he’s bound to that we’re going to do what they say can’t be done. I think this podcast is going southbound and down. Okay, let’s go back to Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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