Irrigation, Tulsa, how to inspect your sprinkler system though. The intent with the sprinkler system is to be able to set it and forget it. You can’t neglect your sprinkler system and expect them to work like they are supposed to. Besides calling a sprinkler system service to check your system each year, there are a few things you can do to yourself to keep an eye on your system. Living water, irrigation, irrigation, Tulsa stuff. Look at the meter. Your water meter can tell you a lot when it comes to whether or not there is a leak somewhere in the system. Start by turning off all the water sources that feed into the meter and record the meter reading. Come back 30 minutes later to see if the numbers have changed at all. If so, there’s a leak that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Irrigation, Tulsa, living water, irrigation checks, sprinkler heads with the best Tulsa Irrigation Systems today!

How does the water come out of each sprinkler head? It is a uniform throughout the system or are some parts of your lawn getting more water than others? Additionally, is all of the water making it onto the grass or is it getting onto the street and the driveway? Adjusting the heads a little bit to ensure they’re spraying evenly and only on the grass can save you tons of water each month. Irrigation, Tulsa, living water, irrigation review lawn health. Finally, how is your grass looking overall? Are some parts Brown that from not enough water?

Are they puddling in the lawn because there’s too much water? Either scenario is a problem. Adjust your sprinkler heads or call a sprinkler system. Service like living water, irrigation, irrigation, Tulsa to address the issue. Reasons to call the pro to inspect. Following these tips mentioned above. Can do wonders for my issues with your sprinkler system with top Tulsa Irrigation Systems now!

However, your system also needs a regularly inspected from a professional. Here are the key reasons to set up the annual service. Irrigation, Tulsa prevent leaks. Leaking water lines are a problem for your lawn and your wallet. Leaks are a huge waste of money and can prevent water from getting to places on your lawn that need it the most. Though you can expect your water meter. Only a professional knows for sure if there’s a leak and how to find it. Irrigation, Tulsa, living water, irrigation, avoid repairs. The last thing you want to have is to hire a pro to perform a major repair to your screen. Players look good. These situations are generally generally avoided. An annual checkup can prevent your system from breaking and meeting. Repair through a maintenance call isn’t free. It’s significantly cheaper than paying for repairs. Irrigation, Tulsa, living water, irrigation, prolonging systems, lifespan with Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

The only thing more expensive than fixing your sprinkler system is installing a new one. Ensure that your system lasts for as long as possible by having a professional inspected each year. Don’t choose anyone but living water. Irrigation. The next time you need a sprinkler system, install regardless of the service you need. Where are the team for the job? Call us today for a free installation estimate to learn more about all of our services, irrigation, Tulsa, living, water, irrigation.

We strive to be nothing but the absolute best all the time. We strive to meet everybody’s expectations and so much more here at living water. Irrigation. You won’t regret giving us a call today. Tulsa Irrigation Systems need better water pressure on your automatic sprinkler system. Well, I’ve got some tips for you. Living water, irrigation, irrigation, Tulsa.

One of the most important factors when it comes to your sprinkler system is that the water pressure, if there is not enough pressure, your grass won’t get water. It needs and a lack of water often equals and [inaudible] dying lawn sprinkler pump minis want your system to perform to the best of its ability. With this in mind, continue to read to learn how to increase your water pressure to get the most out of your sprinkler system Tulsa Irrigation Systems installed properly, ensuring that you have quality water pressure starts on day one with the installation. The main waterline should be at the higher elevation than the rest of the system. As water loses its pressure as elevation increases for every one foot increase in elevation, water pressure decreases by 0.433 PSI. Knowledgeable sprinkler companies know this and we’ll factor the physics when installing your systems. Irrigation, Tulsa


living water, irrigation, adjusting the heads. Even if your automatic sprinkler installation goes off without a hitch, you may still run into some issues with water pressure. The good news is that you may be able to fix the problem yourself. Go around to the sprinkler heads that are suffering from the poor water pressure. In turn, the adjustment screws clockwise. This will increase the amount of water flowing to that particular sprinkler head. Keep in mind with ingesting the screws while only benefit this specific sprinkler head and not the whole system.

Irrigation, Tulsa living water irrigation. Remove a few heads to improve the pressure for your whole system. You may want to remove and cap some of the sprinkler heads in your Ilan taking away a few heads will increase pressure for the heads that remain, but be diligent when choosing which heads to remove as taking away these heads means that some parts of your yard might not get as much water

irrigation. Tulsa install a boost pump. Don’t want to pride your lawn or of water. Then put a boost bump on your main line at boost pump provides an extra month that your system needs to deliver the right amount of water throughout your lawn. Though you can install this pump by yourself with the right toes. You should consider hiring a professional sprinkler system contractor to do it for you. Tulsa Irrigation Systems hiring a pro guarantees that the boost pump will be installed correctly and then it will be as energy efficient as possible. Irrigation, Tulsa, living water, irrigation, hire professional. Sometimes it takes help of a professional sprinkler contractor to get your water pressure just right. If you’re tired of all the steps above and still aren’t seeing results, you should pick up the phone and call a pro. The issue your water pressure could STEM from a leak which can only be fixed by a professional technician.

Irrigation, Tulsa living water irrigation. Give us a call today at (918) 237-6181 you won’t regret giving us a call. Trusting us with your system. We offer free installs, bids, free drainage beds, lighting beds, service beds. Those are all free. We do offer service for sprinkler systems, drainage and the lights. So just give us a call. We’re glad to help. However we may. Living water, irrigation, irrigation, Tulsa.

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