Irrigation, Tulsa, why sprinkler systems need to be winterized every year before the first freaks comes winterizing or blow out of your sprinkler system should be the number one priority. Um, in States especially that have really cold winters irrigation, Tulsa, the frost levels can extend below the depth of the installed piping. Not taking proper maintenance steps can make your entire Irrigation Systems Tulsahighly susceptible to the weather damage. If there is any water left in the sprinkler pipes, it can freeze, expand and crack your PVC piping through.

Sprinkler pipes are often though sprinkler pipes are often flexible and will generally expand under pressure. Any remaining water could potentially freeze and rupture these pipes. In addition to the PVC pipes, water left in the backflow assembly can damage the internal components as well as a potential crack. The brass body irrigation, Tulsa during long stretches as sub freezing weather frost can move deeper into the soil.

How deep the frost travels generally depends on how cold it is and how long it says it stays cold. Of course, after the temperature begins to rise, the soil would gradually begin to thought. So how deep can the frost go? Unfortunately, there’s no standard answer. While most sprinkler systems are buried between eight and 12 inches below the surface Irrigation Systems Tulsa, it’s difficult to estimate how deep the frost works in each winter. There are numbers of variables that can affect this. The obvious one is longer.

This, the cold is constant irrigation. Tulsa. Uh, the deeper the frost will go. Other weather factors. However, can you have an impact such as when the cods, when the wind constantly blows on one spot, this could cause frost to get deeper in the area. Irrigation Systems Tulsa, the minimum, the minimize to minimize the risk of damage to your irrigation system, you will need to winterize your sprinklers.

There are a few different methods you use, but the most common and efficient one is the blob method. As the name implies, the ascent. This institutionally involves blowing out any remaining water from your system. Um, here’s some major steps in the process. Irrigation Tulsa using the right equipment, specifically a large compressor with an air accurate pressure valve. If renting, be sure to test a few before using on your system. Irrigation Tulsa. Remove the backflow preventer or anti Stefan valve. Connect the air compressor to the backflow preventer riser to the downstream side of the system. Turn on the valves one by one using the automatic controller. Begin the last valve or the one at the hive.

Oh, elevation irrigation, Tulsa. Turn on the air compressor. Warning. Wear protective eyewear. Too much air pressure or too high air temperature can have serious consequences. Blow the water out as soon as the water has been effectively blown out. Turn off the air compressor. Don’t allow air to blow out any longer than necessary irrigation. Tulsa, move on to the next valve. Repeat the same sprinkler system. Blow out as all outlined above on each of the valve circuits and anti [inaudible] valves. Irrigation, Tulsa. Repeat the entire process. Warning, do not turn off any valves when the compressor is running as it could blow up your lawn sprinkler system. Irrigation. Tulsa.

What are, as your sprinkler system can be confusing and difficult if you need to bring in a professional irrigation. Tulsa living water irrigation is who to call. We will gladly help with any and all of your spring clear needs. Sprinkler repairs during sprinkler, installed drainage, repaired drainage, installed outdoor lighting, and even Christmas lighting. Irrigation, Tulsa, how to plan your lawnsIrrigation Systems Tulsa here. Um, you can’t really rely on mother nature to keep your along looking lush and green irrigation. Tulsa. Don’t assume that your landscaping service will know how to best irrigate your lawn or field. It’s best to contact a lawn irrigation specialists in order to ensure your lawn gets exactly the right amount of moisture. Hope your lawn irrigation.

Follow these steps. Irrigation, Tulsa, contact your County clerk. You may need a permit in order to get your lawn sprinkler system. There may be other local restrictions you need to fall, especially in an area prone to drought. If your County clerk can, can’t help try your water company. If you’ve already hired a lawn Irrigation Systems Tulsa, specialists, ask him or her about permits and if companies can get the permits for you. Irrigation Tulsa, check your water pressure irrigation system. Aeriation Tulsa. Check your water pressure your you should. The system will be hooked up to your home or business water supply. There is needs to be enough pressure if in your pipes, in order to move enough water into the irrigation system, your pipes need to have a pressure that is at least 40 pounds per square inch irrigation. Tulsa 40 pounds per square inch, 50 PSI is even better.

You can find out the water pressure by asking your water company if they know what the pipes, water pressure is buying, renting or borrowing water pressure gauge. Turn off all inside faucets. Take the water pressure gauge to an outside spigot and screw it on. Turn the water on and record the readings. Take a few readings at different times of the day in order to determine the average PSI Irrigation Systems Tulsa check gallons per minute. Now that you know the water pressure, you need to know how quickly water flows through your pipes. This rate is called gallons per minute GPM. If you do not have time to figure this out, irrigation Tulsa. Now that you know your water pressure, you need to know how quickly water flows through your pipes. This rate is called gallons per minute GPM. If you don’t have time to figure it out, your irrigation specialists will be happy to do it for you.

All you need to do is get one gallon container like an empty milk bottle. Get a watch with a second hand. Take both to an outdoors to get turn on the water time. How long it takes the water to fill the gallon container if it takes more than a minute, divide the total number of seconds by 60 to get your proper GMI irrigation. Tulsa, draw a map of your property. Make a rough map of your property. Pretend you are God looking down on your property for rebel. You can use the graph paper on the underlying paper. Irrigation Tulsa. It’s best to measure your property when making a sketch. It’s even if you don’t have time to do this for a sketch will help include in your sketch your home or office driveways and outline building like shed areas of your lawn. Locate your bushes where outside spigots are. Give the sketch to irrigation, installation, professional irrigation, Tulsa living water irrigation.

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