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Did you just buy a new home, and you are looking to upgrade it? Are you looking to make sure that your yard is going to be the best on the block? 

If you want somebody that will provide an irrigation system at a great price, and at a great professional service, the only way is through Living Water Irrigation. We will be there for you with any and all sprinkler repair Tulsa needs you may have. 

You might wonder how much is this going to cost, how long will this take, or you might wonder what’s the benefit for me having this system put into place. We will be able to answer all that for you because Living Water irrigation is the most professional one on the block.

Whenever it comes down to cost we will show you and prove to you that our sprinkler repair Tulsa prices are simply the best. 

A lot of competitors might try to undercut us on price, but that really goes to show you that they don’t provide the quality service that we do. Whenever it comes to actually install and then we do proper head to head to coverage. 

This means that each sprinkler is going to actually spray onto another sprinkler head. This may seem like a bit overkill, but whenever the wind blows, and the water is being pushed around some areas might not get watered if it was just sprinkler edge to sprinkler edge not head-to-head coverage. 

You don’t want to have patchy areas in your front or backyard, and you simply don’t want your precious flowers or vegetable garden to die because you don’t have the proper coverage.

Another question People have is how long is this going to take? It really depends on the schedule that we have, but generally we are able to knock out a whole install in just one day. Now, whenever it comes down to actually replacing a sprinkler head because you ran over it on a lawnmower, you drove over it, or the neighborhood dog decided to take it up, we will have you covered. 

Our sprinkler repair Tulsa team is quick and efficient air coming out there, diagnosing the problems, and making sure that you are taken care of. 

Whether we are laying down new PVC pipe, attaching it to a new valve box, and turning on a zone because you had accidentally buried one underneath the driveway, no worries because we will take care of you.

With Living Water irrigation he will know that you were getting the best deal because we always make sure that you were taken care of. We believe each one of our customers are like family, as we are able to install sprinklers, empty rotators, razors, we are able to properly seat each pipe using the primer and glue, and we will make sure that all of our joints are never going to leak. 

You are going to be taken care of because of our system. Well many other companies simply don’t have the warranty, we have a two-year warranty and all of our sprinkler heads, you will know that Living Water irrigation will make you our top sprinkler repair Tulsa priority as we were able to carefully replace zones, valve boxes, or anything of that nature.

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You might ask yourself what is the difference between an MP rotator, a rotor, and a riser spray. You are going to absolutely enjoy getting to know the difference between each one of these systems, what they are used for, and why you should go with each one. 

Here with Living Water irrigation we use a variety of different kind of sprain techniques and a proper head to have coverage to make sure that your yard is going to be absolutely lush green even in the dead of summer. 

Because of this all your neighbors will be highly jealous and want to get one of their own because of our great work.

To start things off we will talk about the sprays in risers. Risers are just what are sticking up out of the ground to raise them above the grass, most the time they are anywhere from 8 to 12 inches. 

You see them in a lot of flowerbeds, in a lot of bush areas, and places like that. They are going to be having different nozzles on them whether it’s going to be a quarter, half, or even a full 360 nozzle on them. 

This is going to adjust the direction and the spray that will be coming out.

Now, the next one are going to be the MP rotators. MP rotators are going to be in one of the new lines that we love to install.

 They are actually going to be nicknamed the five fingers. Because they are going to be shooting out jets of water that are going to actually provide better sprinkler repair Tulsa coverage. 

They are going to behave like droplets which means during those windy times it is not going to be blown away as easily and still penetrate the ground. 

This will be fantastic news if you have a big front yard and a big backyard that you need properly covered. We have MP 3000, 2000, 1000 and 500s. The MP3 thousands are actually going to be perfect for those huger lawns, and those MP 501,000‘s are going to be actually for smaller areas. You will know that the empty rotators are ready for you after talking to one of our amazing texts.

The last one we will talk about are going to be at the rotors. Rotors are going to be perfect for those wide huge lines like you see in front of the White House, on golf courses, or really whenever there is just a lot of grass to cover. 

They are going to be the lighter droplets which means that if it blows wind it is going to mist everywhere and not necessarily get on the ground where it needs to be. 

However the rotors are perfect for those bigger yards and whenever you are needing to shoot water very far away. You are going to love these rotors if you have this type of set up.

As you can see there are many different kinds of rotors, MP rotators, and spray nozzles that you are going to enjoy. You will know that our dedicated sprinkler repair Tulsa team will be able to make the right recommendations for what you needed, what your grass needs and more specifically what your whole entire system needs in order to make itself look beautiful.


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