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When it comes to Tulsa sprinkler repair, Living Water Irrigation is always the best choice.

We strive to take care of our customers’ watering needs and make the job a lot easier on them.

We have been installing rachio controllers lately which make it really easy to water even away from home. These irrigation controllers run off Wi-Fi and have an app that the customer can install on their phones so that the controller can be operated manually.

Wherever the controller location is, typically in the garage sometimes outdoors. The cool thing about these controllers is that they can be run straight from their app.Tulsa Sprinkler Repair Q Hưng Phạm 3351909

You can be away from home and still turn your irrigation system on from the click of a button.

This makes it really easy to water your lawn or shrubs even when you may be on vacation or even out of the country. This is the entire point of installing an irrigation system so that you can water your lawn and shrubs from the touch of a button.

This beats having to drag large hoses around and manually water which takes up a lot of time but also waste a lot more water and causes runoff and can give the customer a pretty hefty water bill. Let Living Water Irrigation come out and take a look at your current irrigation system.

If you do not have an irrigation system we can give you a bid on what it’s going to take and the cost to install one for you. Everything we do at Living Water Irrigation is to make life easier on the customer and that starts with superior Tulsa sprinkler repair.

We understand people put a lot of time and money into having a pristine yard which is why we have the products and experience which can make keeping your yard pristine and a lot easier on the customer.

Leave it to us to make sure you are getting that yard of the Year award every year. We can even make recommendations on things you should plant with the shading and different variables that come with each and every yard.

Living Water Irrigation would love to take care of your irrigation needs. We do the best job when it comes to taking a look at customers’ irrigation needs and make watering easy.

Our ways of doing things saves the customer money in the long run. Choose no one else when it comes to picking a group of people to take care of your irrigation needs.

We can make a lot of improvements to your current system without having to scrap the entire system and the customer install a new one. Schedule a time for us to come out and take a look at your current irrigation system and or give you a bid on a completely new install. We would love to make watering easy on you and help the Landscaping that you have keep from dying.

We are the highest reviewed irrigation company in the state of Oklahoma. This high rating does not come by doing Tulsa sprinkler repair work that isn’t very good. We really strive to take care of our customers and make sure they are always completely taken care of.

Efficient Tulsa Sprinkler Repair Processes

If you’re looking for a good team of efficient people to work on your irrigation system look no further.

Living Water Irrigation does a great job when it comes to fixing irrigation systems.

Whether you have a broken head, a broken pipe, or even a stuck open valve or a valve that needs to be replaced look no further. Living Water Irrigation can make those Tulsa sprinkler repairs that day.

Call us out so we can take a look at your irrigation system and see what needs to be repaired.

We can typically make repairs like broken heads or a broken pipe that day. We come with a fully-stocked van that has everything that we need to repair your sprinkler irrigation system.

Even if you have a controller that is outdated and needs to be repaired we can definitely make the repair for you that day and install a new controller for you. We even have controllers that run only off Wi-Fi. Whether it’s a Hunter or Rainbird controller with a Wi-Fi module or a raccio controller, these controllers make it super easy to water your lawn even away from home.

You can be out of the country and still make sure that your lawn has plenty of water and is not struggling midseason. We understand customers have multiple homes and maybe you do not want your lawn to die at the home that you are currently not at.

We have products and know how to install them efficiently so that you can always make sure that your lawn is watered and is not lacking water and drying up.

Sprinkler System Tulsa 1287876Customers more often than not spend a lot of money on sod and landscapes. Do not let your money go to waste and let your Landscaping die.

We will make sure your landscapes and yard have sufficient water so that it is not drying up and it is doing okay during the super hot months. Call us out today and allow us to take a look at your current irrigation system and make any Tulsa sprinkler repair improvements needed.

Customers may have irrigation systems currently in place but those systems could have coverage issues. We can run through the entire system and take a look and make sure that each head has sufficient coverage so that you have head to head coverage on your entire yard.

This is super important during the really hot months to make sure your yard is getting plenty of water where a lot of times stuff may not be getting watered enough or often enough. Even if it’s not a coverage issue from the heads, maybe your current watering schedule is not coming on often enough.

We can come out and take a look at your current watering schedule and make sure that the yard is being watered often enough. Most often recommend three to four days a week at 15 to 20 minutes.

For certain people may prefer to water 7 days a week. Regardless of your preference we can come out and take a look at your current settings and make any changes if needed.

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