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Edmond Oklahoma was established on April 22, 1889. With a current population of 94,428, you can only imagine how many houses there are.

There are around 1,762,129 houses in Edmond Oklahoma. Out of all of those houses a lot of them have an irrigation Edmond system installed in their yard. If they do not have one, it is something that a lot of homeowners are thinking about installing during the time that they live in their home.

Having a Edmond sprinkler system installed in their yard during the time that they live in Edmond Oklahoma, it will increase the valve of their home. Sprinkler Repair Edmond 331909

With over 20 plus irrigation companies in Edmond Oklahoma, Living Water Irrigation is one of the best sprinkler repair Edmond companies out there. Living Water Irrigation started to serve the Edmond Oklahoma area in 2020.

It was very helpful for Living Water Irrigation because they were able to expand their sprinkler repair Edmond business to another part of Oklahoma. At the time, LIving Water Irrigation was only serving the Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, and Claremore areas.

Since then Living Water has branched out and started serving more areas. They have been successful serving the Edmond Oklahoma area the past few years because of the many houses in Edmond. Living Water offers Edmond irrigation installs and also irrigation service.

An irrigation install that is done in Edmond Oklahoma can be completed in just one day depending on how many zones are done. If there is a house that needs a lot of sprinkler zones, meaning more than eight zones, it might take more than one day.

If it does take more than one day to do a sprinkler system install, it would just take two days for the work to be completed. It is very rare for a sprinkler system install to take longer than two days. Most of the Edmond sprinkler system repairs that need to be done in Edmond can be done in just one day.

The sprinkler repair Edmond tech that would work in the area would complete multiple service calls a day. The tech would have at least two hours for each job and they will have around 5 or 6 jobs assigned to them to complete that day.

The tech always keeps all the parts and tools they needed to complete the service call so customers did not have to wait all day for the tech to go buy more parts.

If a Edmond sprinkler repair tech did come across a service call where they did need another part that they did not carry or if they did happen to run out of the parts they would go to a sprinkler part supply store and buy what they needed and come back to finish the job.

While some other sprinkler repair Edmond companies might not keep everything they need on their van, the other companies would go to a home and end up missing a part and they would have to go to buy the part and they might not come back for the rest of the day.

That is how Living Water Irrigation is different from other companies.

We are reliable and the tech will make sure they can get the service call done in just one day if they have enough time. If they did not they would talk to the homeowner and tell them that they needed more time.

The tech would ask the homeowner if they could call the office to schedule a new appointment where they could spend a whole afternoon or a whole morning at their home. A whole morning appointment would be between 8am and noon. Whereas, a whole afternoon appointment would be between noon and 5pm. While there are many irrigation companies in the Edmond Oklahoma area,

Living Water Irrigation is the highest rated irrigation and sprinkler repair Edmond company.

After someone does a quick Google search to find an irrigation company in Edmond Oklahoma they will find many different irrigation companies with their information.

But Living Water Irrigation is always the first company to come up because it is rated at 4.9 stars with 373 reviews. That is more reviews than the next company that comes up, they only have 78 reviews. Living Water Irrigation started in Tulsa OKlahoma. O

n the Tulsa Oklahoma Google page, they have a 5 star review with over 1,000 reviews. Living Water is a very high rated irrigation company in the Tulsa and the Edmond Oklahoma area. Many people on the reviews will say that Living Water irrigation employees are trustworthy and they are efficient. Other words that have been used to describe the techs that work in the Edmond area are said to be kind and knowledgeable.

Also, there are many of the reviews on Google for Living Water irrigation in Edmond that says that the techs are punctual and on time. When an appointment is scheduled the customer is offered a window of an appointment either between 8am- noon or noon-5pm. The tech would call when they are on the way to the customers house so they can let them know what time they would be there.

Sprinkler Repair Edmond 1185545If for some reason the tech is running behind that day and they would not be able to make it in the window they were assigned, the office would call the customer to let them know. It is uncommon for the tech to be running behind for the day but it can happen depending on what has happened to the tech at the call before.

All of these things listed above and more are what makes Living Water Irrigation different from the other irrigation companies in Edmond Oklahoma. After reading the Google reviews for the other irrigation companies and then reading them for Living Water Irritation it would be easy for a customer to decide which company they wanted to use.

Living Water Irrigation has done a lot of irrigation and sprinkler repair Edmond work in the area. They have also done a lot of sprinkler system installs in the Edmond Oklahoma area. That is why people choose Living Water. 

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