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Living Water Irrigation is an amazing sprinkler company that started in Tulsa Oklahoma.

They have now reached out to the Edmond and Oklahoma city communities. Branching out to the Edmond area Living Water is able to provide five star irrigation services to Edmond. Not only do they do irrigation repairs they also install them. Unlike other Edmond Sprinkler Repair companies Living water works not not only their personal installation projects, but they also work on existing systems. You can call and schedule a service call with their office where they provide appointments from 8-12pm or 12-5pm.

They will schedule you with one of their experienced technicians and even send a confirmation text with all your appointment information. The day before your appointment you will receive a courteous reminder text with all of your appointment information.  The day of your appointment you will receive a call from your technician letting you know your technician is heading your way and even receive a text message with a picture of your technician and a little information about your technician.

Living Water’s technicians arrive on time and ready to help you with all your Edmond Sprinkler Repair irrigation needs. They can fix any irrigation issue here is Edmond Oklahoma from a head repair to installing a whole brand new irrigation system. They are friendly and very informative.

If you have any questions from the repairs to the operation of your irrigation system they can take you through a step by step process to educate you in your irrigation system. Not only does lIving Water Irrigation also install drainage.

If you need to reroute your water or keep water from puddling in your yard, Living Water can take care of that too. They offer free BIDs in Edmond Oklahoma . Living Water will send their tech out to evaluate your property and present different options for your irrigation and drainage to best fit your needs. Living Water Irrigation works on a wide variety of irrigation systems. They can manage your yard no matter how big or small. From yards with a couple of zones to commercial properties. Living Water in Edmond also offers Worry Free Watering.

Worry Free watering is an annual membership that means exactly what it says.

When you sign up it comes with many great offers. Living Water will come to your home in Edmond and winterize your system in the winter to help prevent freeze damage in the dropping temperatures of Oklahoma.

Living Water will turn your irrigation system on in the Spring from the winterization and run a diagnostic check to make sure no damage was done to your system over the winter. If any damage has occurred to your irrigation system over the winter Living Waters can fix it that day they come and turn your irrigation system on.

During the seasons between spring and winter they offer the two mid season check ups with the Worry Free Watering membership. This means they will contact you through the season to come and run through your system to make sure everything is working perfectly and there have been no damages made through the season with all the use you will get out of your Edmond Sprinkler Repair irrigation system.

When Living Water comes out they will run through every station and make sure every zone/station is working in tip top shape. They are there if you have any questions and concerns and can address them on the spot right there for you. If you get a brand new install from them they will give you a booklet of all the information you need in regards to taking care of your system.

They will come out and BID your yard in Edmond Oklahoma for the irrigation system that will give you the best coverage for your growing landscaping.

They are usually one day projects if your system that they put in is between 1-8 zones. If it is a bigger system it could take two days. At the end of your install and it is all complete their office will call you and set up an appointment with your salesman that came and did your BID with you.

Your sales rep will do a Demo where he will run through the whole system with you and show you where all the stations are located and the coverage they have accomplished in your brand new irrigation system. Your sales rep will also show you how to run your controller to your new irrigation system. If you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your new irrigation system your sales rep will have a booklet with all that information and more.

If you would like to receive their Worry Free watering membership he has all that information as well and can walk through all the great amenities it comes with. Living Water in Edmond also offers financing. Which means if there is work you are really needing done to enhance your home you are able to get a payment plan.

Living Water will work alongside you to make sure you get the amazing landscaping and curb appeal that every homeowner wants. Living Water Irrigation in Edmond Oklahoma also services the Oklahoma city area.

If your neighbor is having irrigation , drainage , or needs a landscaping revamp do not hesitate to give them a call . They have Edmond Sprinkler Repair team members available 24/7 to help answer any of your irrigation system questions or concerns. Living Water Irrigation in Edmond Oklahoma will provide the best customer service and offer the best knowledge that they can hand over to you for your irrigation system.

If you are a traveler or not in a position anymore to be able to work on your own system give them a call regarding their worry free watering so they can take care of you and your system so you don’t have to. If you have a unique system in Edmond Oklahoma Living Water Irrigation has the skill set to take care of that for you.

Call Living Water Irrigation for all your irrigation needs. 

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