Irrigation, Tulsa living water, irrigation. We offer all of your sprinkler, repair, drainage, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, Christmas lighting needs, irrigation, Tulsa. Give us a call today. Living water irrigation that is faction problems and payable and client project or production status to name a few. As a rule of thumb, you should end up with five to 15 numbers, hopefully closer to five. There is such a thing as too much information, so keep it simple. Once you’ve identified all the categories, you then plug them into your scorecard template. You list the categories under the category heading. Step two in the left hand Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

column list, who is accountable for each of the numbers? Only one person is ultimately accountable for each and it’s usually the person heading up that major function. This is the person who must deliver that weekly number to the organization, not the person who simply enters the number. For example, the head of sales and marketing is accountable for hitting the sales activity numbers, not the finance person who fills out the scorecard each week. Step three, decide and fill in what the expected goal is for the week in each category. Irrigation, Tulsa, living water, irrigation, irrigation, Tulsa. Now that your VTO and vision are clear, the goal numbers in your scorecard should be tied directly to your one year plan. Step four, put next week’s date in the first date column in preparation for filling in your scorecard next week for Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

Step five, decide who is accountable for collecting the numbers and fill in the scorecard every week for the leadership to review. Decide how that person will receive the numbers from each member. You’re a [inaudible] Tulsa.Use it. You must review your scorecard every week to ensure that you’re on track for your vision. The real magic of using a scorecard is not limited to managing it on a weekly basis. You will soon see 13 weeks, three months at a glance, which enables you to see patterns and trends from there. The numbers roll, irrigation, Tulsa living water irrigation. Give us a call today. We’d love to help with any and all of your sprinkler repair, drainage, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting needs, living water, irrigation, irrigation, tolls that give us a call today, nine one eight give us a call living water Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

Now for the most amazing Tulsa Irrigation Systems call us for the meaning that the first week we’ll drop off the scorecard as the 14th week is added. Make sure you keep the numbers that drop off for future reference and historical data. Three scorecard rules of one. The numbers in the scorecard should be weekly activity based numbers, not the type of high level numbers you see in a profit and loss statement. P. and L. remember this scorecard is not a P. and. L. it’s based on numbers showing activity and telling you whether you’re on track for a strong P. and. L. in other words, your scorecard predict your P. and. L. what are activity based numbers to help clarify, let’s look at a couple of examples. One category would be new revenue sales. If you only monitor revenue as it comes in, you’ll react to down slides too late. Look at your sales process and follow the steps as far back as you can.

Typically you’ll find that each step can be measured with a number. Take them in order. Starting with the first step, measure the number of the leads generated, the number of contacts, the number of appointments scheduled, the number of appointments attended, the number of proposals and or the number of closes. You decide how far back you want to measure because you can chase the process all the way back to the first step. Say for instance you choose number of new leads generated and track that number in the scorecard. By knowing the number of leads you have, you can see how many of the leads turn into contacts, how many contacts turn into appointments and so on. By understanding these formulas and these ratios, you’ll be able to predict the number of closes two, three, and sometimes four months down the road. This ultimately gives you the ability to predict and tells you how many leads you need to develop today with great Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

Another example of activity based numbers is client satisfaction. If you merely track customer complaints or lost customers, that’s too late as well. Instead go to the first step in the process. Finding out what factors drive both happy and unhappy customers. For instance, you might do a proactive numerical survey such as asking three questions that require a number based answer each time you close the business or deliver the product. As a result, you’ll create leading indicators that allow you to track how you’re doing. For instance, if on average you receive an 8.5 rating out of 10 in a certain area of your delivery and suddenly see an average rating of seven for a series of three weeks, you know that a problem is brewing somewhere. You then have the opportunity to solve it before you potentially lose the customer to the scorecard is much more of a irrigation. Tulsa living water, irrigation, Tulsa with sprinklers. You need to winterize your system. If you don’t want to raise your, you will not have a great chance survival during the winter on your system. Irrigation Tulsa, you need to winterize your systems so that the pipes don’t burst and crack and freeze and causing you lots of money down the road. Irrigation Tulsa, give us a call for top Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

Now truly happen, however it you still need to look at either monthly or quarterly financial statements and monitor a budget on a monthly or quarterly basis. Three, when managing a scorecard, many clients find value in red flagging categories that are off track. Red flagging occurs when one of your numbers does not hit or exceed the goal for the week. Shade that number, so it stands out in the scorecard. Usually using the color red. This can be programmed in an electronic spreadsheet done manually. This looks better. Focus and awareness on that number, which creates more urgency in the weekly meeting card will evolve over the next several months. Assuming you’ve taken a good first cut, your categories should be about 85 for cent. What that is, close enough at this point. Irrigation Tulsa, living water, irrigation, irrigation, Tulsa, give us a call today. You won’t regret it.

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