Irrigation, Tulsa irrigation, Tulsa, the process component, finding your way. Okay. When Jim Wikert, the founder of Weichert realtors, one of the largest real estate companies in the world with over 19,000 salespeople and over 500 offices was asked the secret of his success. He gave a one word answer, consistency. That means consistency works. Consistency allows him to scale his business. As a result, he has built a solid organization that has endured for almost four decades of Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

Nothing can be fine tuned until it’s first consistent. The process component is strengthened through your understanding of the handful of core processes on average about seven that make up your unique business model. You then have to make sure that everyone in your organization understands them, values them, and follows them. This component is the most neglected one, often taken for granted and undervalued by entrepreneurs and leaders. Yet the successful ones see what process can do for them by not giving this component your full attention. It’s costing you money, time efficiency, and control. Irrigation, Tulsa irrigation, Tulsa. Imagine once again that you could rise above and look down on your organization. How would it look? What are all of the moving parts. You should take this high level Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

double view from time to time and appreciate what you have. Sometimes you can take what’s been built for granted. To paraphrase philosopher and logician Kurt Godel, you can’t [inaudible] be in a system while at the same time understanding the system you’re in. In other words, you need to raise your head from time to time and see the system for what it is, whether it’s good or bad. We are normally so buried in the day to day scramble that we never take the time to do this yet. You’ll see something new every time you do.

A typical organization operates through a handful of core processes. How these processes work together is its unique system to break through the ceiling and build a well oiled machine. You need to possess the ability to systemize. That is what this chapter is all about. Helping you systemize what you’ve built. You’ll discover different ways to improve upon your processes, simplify them, apply technology to them, and most important of all, make them consistent throughout your organization for great Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

Michael Gerber, author of the E myth, and the E myth revisited. It calls this your franchise prototype to the degree you can clarify your systems and hone them. You will run your business as opposed to having your business run you. The culmination of identifying, documenting, and having everyone follow the core processes of your business is your way. When you have a clear way, you immediately increased the value of your business, strengthen your control over it and give yourself options. From there, you may grow the business. Let someone else run it, sell it, or simply take more time off. Countless business owners complain about their lack of control or freedom and yet in the same breath discount the value of process. It’s like the story of the dog sitting on a nail.

A gentleman walks up to a farmhouse on the porch is an old man sitting in his rocking chair and next to him is his old dog. The old dog is moaning. So the gentleman asks the old man, why? It’s because he’s sitting on a nail. The old man replies, why doesn’t he move? Asks the gentleman because it’s not hurting enough for him to move irrigation. Tulsa irrigation, Tulsa, those business owners complaining about lack of control and freedom need to get off the nail and work on systemizing their businesses that use Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

In many organizations, people do their jobs however they want, resulting in tremendous inefficiencies and inconsistencies being embedded in the system. If they really saw all the variations, most business owners would be shocked. Many of them are just plain afraid to uncover what’s really going on. They cross their fingers and hope that the company will keep chugging along. Irrigation. Tulsa, a good example of a company that gained the power of the process component is Franklin communities to get great Tulsa Irrigation Systems.

It owns and manages eight manufactured home communities. Despite being in a stereotyped business owners, Ron and Andy blank have broken the mold. They run a tight ship. They implement every EOS tool to the letter with the help of an amazing and tenacious operations person. Shelly Taylor, they created their way and ran with it with the help of a strong sales team led by Larry Lawson. Each of the eight managers runs his or her communities by the book. The result is an occupancy rate that has the competition scratching their heads while the industry’s occupancies are dropping. Franklins have steadily increased over the last four years. To systemize your organization through your core processes, you must take two major steps. First, you have to document the core. Second, you have to ensure that they are followed by all. Let’s start with documenting irrigation, irrigation, Tulsa.

I said, I says, there are three stages in documenting your way. First, identify your core processes, then break down what happens in each one and document it. Finally, compile the information into a single package. For everyone in your company, identify your core processes to start off. Schedule an hour with your leadership team. This is not an assignment to delegate to one person. Take this initial step together so that you’re calling your core processes. The same thing. Entrepreneurs tend to claim they already know what the processes are. I frequently get resistance on the need to call this meeting at all. Every time I suggest it. The reaction is, Oh, we can do that in five minutes. I’ve yet to see a team do it in less than an hour. Here’s why Tulsa Irrigation Systems is just the best.

our leadership team needs to identify and agree on what to call your core processes. Once you start the discussion, you’re going to find you have different names for them and lack consensus on how many there are. Your core processes typically include the following, irrigation, Tulsa irrigation, Tulsa, give us a call today. We’d love to help with any and all of your sprinkler needs, sprinkler repair, drainage installs, outdoor lighting, Christmas lightings. Give us a call today. Irrigation Tulsa.

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