Good morning and welcome back to the living water irrigation podcast.sprinklers tulsa It’s Josh Wilson. So Avenue, you’re not going to microphone the day with yet talking about sprinkler systems. Tulsa, they were going to discuss, uh, the differentiating factors between irrigation here in the Oklahoma area versus some other parts of the country. You know, what do we do a little bit different? What’s different in the design process? What’s different in the installation process and the things you need to factor. Um, if you’re going to install a sprinkler system in the Tulsa area versus California and New Mexico, New York, Minnesota, you can look all over the country. And where are you go geographically is gonna dictate how exactly your sprinkler system is installed. So first and foremost, we’ll discuss a California for instance. So in California they have very strict and very tight watering restrictions. So there’s only a certain amount of water that can be used. Ewing

There’s only a certain schedule in which you can, uh, choose to irrigate your yard and your plants. There is only a specific type of irrigation they permit. A lot of times in California they will not allow above ground sprinklers. They require that everything be below ground, also known as drip irrigation. So it’s really neat products on the market now for a super efficient and super productive way to irrigate without losing any water to evaporation or overspray or any kind of wind diffusion. So that major, major, uh, design aspect is the underground drip irrigation. So there is a dispersion Matthew install and then drip irrigation. If y’all aren’t familiar with drip irrigation, essentially what it is is kind of like a soaker hose that you’ve seen well in sprinkler systems, Tulsa, our installations residentially, we actually recommend soaker hose in this application where you’re going to do underground sprinklers, it is going to be drip irrigation. sprinklers tulsa Ewing

It is a brown tubing now, so make a black tubing depending on brain and it has spacing in between it with outlets. So those may be space six 12 or 18 inches. And they’re good to water from 0.3 gallons per hour to 1.2 gallons per hour. So it’s the type of drip tubing, the size of the nozzles and the length of the total hose, the big factor to consider and drip to Mingus, how much initial pressure you have. So you want to make sure you have a pressure regulated zones to 30 PSI so you can get equal and consistent flow through out the entire station throughout the entire run of the drip hose. The second thing you want to make sure is that you are utilizing the proper hydraulic calculations. So drip irrigation, you want to put about a maximum of 500 feet per station based on having the proper flow available so they can water the right way. sprinklers tulsa Ewing

So for instance, out there in California, like we were talking about, you’re going to put down that dispersion mat, so it’s final grade before your grass goes in, before the yards in, before the plants are in, in the yard specifically, you’re going to put a dispersion Matt. It’s a little black mat that allows the water to Leech, oh, or excuse me to glean over it so that it spreads out. Probably. Obviously drip to me is just little half inch tubing. So if you did not have some kind of mat, that water would just displace in the area exactly where it’s at. So you’d have a bunch of green lines in your yard because one area in between your 12 inch spacing, that area would not be getting any water. So when we’re talking sprinkler system, Tulsa, what we do as opposed to that for a turf area is a lot of times in a larger turf area we’re going to use roaders. sprinklers tulsa Ewing

Those are the large heads that oscillate back and forth cover a much larger square footage area. Uh, the reason why we can do that is obviously we don’t have the water restrictions. And also the underground sprinklers are much, much, much more cost prohibitive and much, much, much more expensive than a standard rotor or sprays him. So when we’re talking to sprinkler systems, Tulsa, we are going to use rotors or spray sprays being the static heads that pop up in one fixed location that are going to just water in the direction that you would like for them to, they’re just fixed. They don’t move back and forth. So the other part of that in California is factoring for your flow rates. So ensuring that how much water you’re putting out in gallons per minute drip is obviously factored in gallons per hour, but California heavily were six. The amount of water you’re allowed to use an irrigation, so you have to do and ensure that your hydraulic calculations and ensure that your factors are correct. sprinklers tulsa Ewing

So when you lay the system out, your homeowners aren’t going to face potential trouble for over watering outside the restrictions. Very fortunate. In Oklahoma we don’t have that. We are allowed to water as much as we want. But obviously the other part of that as being responsible, being a good member of society and taking care of the environment, we don’t want to just put a bunch of wasteful water out there. So on our next podcast we’ll talk about how to design efficiently and to water efficiently. So we’re not just wasting a bunch of water and sprinkler system salsa. I’m so thankful for the time we got to spend together today. Join us next time on the living water irrigation podcast. And once again, when you’re thinking sprinkler system, Tulsa, the only choices, living water irrigation. sprinklers tulsa Ewing

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