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Welcome back to living on your irrigation podcast. sprinklers tulsa It’s your host, Josh Wilson. Again on a wonderful, beautiful Friday morning here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today we’re going to talk to sprinkler system, Tulsa and we are going to continue on our conversation about the regional irrigation practices that we use. And so in that we were discussing California and with the water restrictions there in California. The great difference between irrigation design there and irrigation to sign here and Sprinkler System Tulsa. So we will continue on. Like I said, last time, a lot of underground sprinklers in California and not a lot of pop up heads as most people would traditionally call them rotors and spray heads and things of that nature. A lot of underground drip with a underground mats allowing the water dissipate at the subsurface level. A super efficient way to water super efficient means by which to get water to the root material. sprinklers tulsa Hunter

The big issue in that is it is extremely expensive in comparison to a sprinkler system in Tulsa. So from there, let’s now discuss different irrigation installation practices in the northern areas of the United States. So for instance, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, up in those areas with the drastic difference would be, so obviously in those areas they’re going to have a whole lot more opportunity for freezing temperatures for below zero freezing temperatures, super frigid temperatures. Obviously when you received temperatures of that degree, it is much more damaging and potentially damaging. Pardon me, to your sprinkler system. So with that being said, you want to ensure a few practices when you’re installing to allow the system to not be so susceptible to freeze damage. Our sprinkler systems in Tulsa are required by international plumbing code to have an above ground backflow preventer. We install those with copper as opposed to PVC, like a lot of other folks just to make a more rigid, make them a little less susceptible to freezing and make them last for a longer period of time. sprinklers tulsa

Would that being said, the above ground sprinkler, the above ground backflow preventer is required in the northern parts of the United States. Must must, must have an automatic drain system on them. So our zones in sprinkler systems, Tulsa, we do not install a low point drain. We did not install an automatic blowout system. We do not have any preventative measures to help or aid in the, um, proactive designed to prevent free damage. We do ensure that we winterize all of our sprinkler systems in Tulsa, but we are not initially installing so that those systems will drain so that those systems will not have sprinklers tulsa any standing water in the pipes are remaining water in the pipes, whatever the system is not running. So a lot of the systems in the far north, they’re going to have what’s called a master valve. So meaning there’s only water to that point in the sprinkler system prior to the sprinkler system being turned on. Hunter

So the automatic sprinkler system, when it turns on at the controller water can go past the point of the master valve onto the backflow preventer and onto the other things. So, or excuse me, it’s already past the back of a board. I misspoke. The master valve, once it is turned on, it can go onto the, each of the end of, of zone valves. The backflow preventer is further downstream then the master route. So from that, that’s a the first best practice to ensure that you don’t have charged water in the pipes constantly. The other thing you’re going to make sure you do as every low point of a station, you’re going to install what’s called a teen drain or a means by which the water to drain out after that zone has finished. Run it in sprinkler systems, Tulsa, we do not install them. We have a heavy clay content in our soil, so king drains in this area. sprinklers tulsa Hunter

The water is intended to just leach out into the ground when those zones turn off and you’d never even notice that it’s there and it just gets all the water out of the pipes of it cause no adverse effects to the yard or at the surface level. Unfortunately here in Oklahoma we have a lot of clay so therefore if you have keen drains, it constantly looks like you have a leak in your yard or you have a problem in your yard with standing water because when that system turns off, all the water is dumping to that one central point out of that drainage plug and standing there because it can’t Leech into the ground due to all the clay. So with that being said in the north that they do install a king drain and all the areas, it’s just simply a drain that allows water to flow out of it when sprinklers tulsa the system is not under pressure. sprinklers tulsa Hunter

So whenever they install each zone, each area, the main line in supply, which we’ve discussed before, the main line was travels to the backflow preventer of the supply line that travels onto the zone valves. They’re going to install king drains it all low points. So when the system is not running it does not have charged water in the pipes and want to make sure that they keep the pipes free. The other thing is the winner is aviation process up north is drastically different than the winterization process that we do here for sprinkler system. Tulsa. We’re going to discuss that on the next podcast, but for this podcast, just to recap real quick, so we do not install king drinks. We did not have an automatic draining sprinkler system, absolutely, positively as necessary to have up north, but our sprinkler system, Tulsa, we do not utilize one. And on the next podcast, we’re going to discuss the difference in winterization and Oklahoma versus north. Hunter

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