Sprinklers Tulsa Good morning and welcome to the living water irrigation podcast. On today’s podcast, we are going to discuss sprinklers in Tulsa. So the first and foremost thing that you need to understand about sprinklers in Tulsa is there’s only one choice. There’s living water, irrigation. So let’s think about and discuss and ponder what goes into a sprinkler system and what makes that choice. So symbol that you only called living water. Irrigation. First and foremost thing would be that living water irrigation is the highest and most reviewed irrigation company in the country, in the United States of America, in the freedom that is the from the empire state building to the Golden Gate Bridge. Nobody’s better than living water irrigation. So let’s sprinkler system. Sprinklers Tulsa What are the components? What are the things? What are the things I need to know before I go find somebody to put in his sprinklers?  Sprinklers Tulsa In Tulsa, the first and most important thing is called living water irrigation. Ewing

The second thing is a process of the installation. So we’re going to locate the water meter at your house. We’re going to dig up the main water, it’s feeding your home. We’re going to tie into that water line. We’re going to tee off and put what’s called isolation valve. So that is the master shutoff for the sprinkler system. From there we’re going to use schedule 40 pipe. It’s a high pressure pipe, so that way has the minimum amount of friction loss to start your system. Sprinklers Tulsa We can go into proper design and the hydraulics later, but we’re going to use schedule 45 all the way to the back flow preventer. From the backflow preventer. We’re going to use class 205 which is a 200 PSI rated five. Sprinklers Tulsa So let’s talk about the back foot from it or what is the backflow preventer? It is a genius marketing idea. Hunter

That is exactly what it sounds like. It prevents water from back flowing into the main drinking water, so that way all your sprinkler, water, all the bacteria, debris, fertilizers, weed treatments, all that stuff. That way that doesn’t go back into the main drinking water and hurt little fellers like Radley Chapman. So from there we’re going to install the back flow from there and we’re going to go to your uh, electric zone valves, also known as valves control valves, a bunch of different words, but each zone station, each area of your yard is going to be controlled by electric dumbbell. So we use a hundred products. We use a hundred PGV, so fantastic, wonderful val. It’s very well designed. It’s awesome. We can talk about valves, we can talk about force, how the fourth grader is on top is greater than that is on the bottom. And Michael Reed can tell you all about that and understanding the inner workings of a valve and why they don’t seal properly. Ewing

And if the bonded is blown, are the gaskets blown to the diaphragm, is not functioning properly or the plunger on the solenoid is stuck of why the forces greater on the top of it is on the bottom. But from there, from the valance, we’ll go to the sprinkler heads in the proper design, your sprinkler heads, two major types of sprinkler heads. Our rotors, which covers large square footage areas, they’re going to shoot about 23 feet depending on your pressure. We get into pressure later on, but they’re going to shoot about 23 feet. We design those in a square format. There’s two different ways of irrigation design. There’s triangle and square for matched precipitation, so when you’re designing a sprinkler system Sprinklers Tulsa in square format, you want to ensure that all of your nozzles have matched precipitation.Sprinklers Tulsa The other major type of sprinklers are spray heads, so those are static heads. Ewing

A lot of people call him pop ups. A lot of people are more familiar with those. Those are ones that are gonna pop up. They’re going to have a little nozzle on top. It’s going to shoot and one fixed direction. So there’s hundreds of nozzle combinations. You can shoot anywhere from two feet and 20 degrees all the way up to 30 feet at 360 degrees. There’s a number of different types of pop hips, res. We use the hunter pro spray most predominantly. There’s also pressure regulated sprays. Sprinklers Tulsa Sprinklers Tulsa There’s sprays with check valves are sprays with all kinds of neat stuff, but we used the hunter pro spread. Sprinklers Tulsa From there, you’re going to have your irrigation controller technology has caught up the irrigation as well, so you could have a wifi controller really neat. You can run it from your phone. It provides a lot of uh, options and reports and things that you can do in the APP that are not available from a standard digital controller. Hunter

For those of you out there who are not into all this techie stuff, kind of like me, Sprinklers Tulsa then you can use a standard digital hunter. Proceed Super Duper user friendly, easy to program, easy to operate, does what it’s supposed to do. There’s a bunch of programming options in there and there’s also a bunch of hidden features for irrigation professionals that we can advance. Michael Rican tell you all about that. He knows how to get in the advanced features. And then if you use the plus key and the right Arrow key, and then you turn it from the run to the start times position, it’ll let you lock that controller to one runtime in one’s own time. You knew that, right? Michael Reed. So I’m glad that we can sit here and we can all learn stuff today. Uh, but the most important thing is when you’re thinking about sprinklers, Tulsa, there’s only one choice. Hunter

There’s living water, irrigation. So as we continue onto our podcast today, we’re going to talk about sensors. So it is very important on your sprinklers Tulsa system to make sure that you have some type of sensor to prevent the sprinkler system from running. When it’s raining, you can use a rain priests sensor, you can use a rain click, you can use a bunch of different stuff. We use what’s called a rain freeze wireless click sensor. So when the temperature drops below 40 degrees or when it is raining or has reigned, it will not allow your sprinkler system to water. Sprinklers Tulsa Therefore saving you time, money, and energy. Obviously we don’t want your sprinkler system. One of them was raining because you’re just wasting water and we don’t want to run them whenever it’s freezing outside because then you can have freezing damage to your heads, to your valves, to piping, all that stuff. So, um, those are the major components Sprinklers Tulsa of your sprinkler system. Those are the major things you need to know. From there, we will go on in the future to talk about a billion other things. But that is it for today. Thank you so much. Sprinklers Tulsa Have a wonderful day. And remember when it’s sprinklers, Tulsa, it’s living water. Irrigation.Hunter

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