And we’re back on the living water irrigation podcast. On this edition of living water irrigation podcasts, we’re going to talk core values. Let’s discuss who we are, what we believe in, and how we operate. So we can begin to explain the living water irrigation difference.

So who we are. We’re living water irrigation. We use sprinklers, Tulsa. We, uh, have an acronym for what our core values are. It’s the word water. So the w Yay, the t, the e and the r.

So we’ll run through the five core values and explain each of them. So when we’re discussing sprinkler, salsa and living water irrigation, our core values are w wow. Every customer, every time. The attention to detail, the t timeliness, the enthusiasm, the our reliability. So what does that mean? What does that mean to us? What does that look like? So theW is, wow, every customer, every time. HunterEwing

So from the very first phone call when you call into us at (918) 237-6181 all the way from the first phone call to our arrival to either give you a bid, an estimate to repair your sprinkler system, to install a new sprinkler system, whatever the case may be, from the very first call to when we arrive to when the job has done to the followup.

And then also, and most importantly, which most contractors do not do, is coming back after we’ve got your money. We’re going to allow you at every single term, we’re going to allow every single customer, every single time.

We want to exceed expectations in every single thing that we do. We want to be more polite, more professional, more reliable, more enthusiastic, more knowledgeable, and have a great value in a fair price. So that’s what the W is. While every customer, every time the AA is attention to detail. Sprinklers Tulsa

So the difference between good and great is in the attention to detail. There’s a lot of good companies out there. There’s a lot of good people that do sprinklers, but we want to be great and in order to be great, we have to make sure that the small things we’re doing, the small things every single time, that there’s no shortcuts.

Then we made sure that all of our glue joints are glued properly, that we make sure our trenches are dug properly, that we make sure that we’re uh, bearing our chances properly. Then we make sure that our controller is hung on the wall straight, that our heads are straight. Then the right size nozzles are installed and we have match precipitation across the board that whenever we come out and do a service call, and we’re not only going to address the issue you’re having, so if you have a broken sprinkler head, we’re absolutely positively going to fix that broken sprinklers in Tulsa. Ewing

But we’re also going to check the rest of your system to make sure that everything is functioning the way it should. And then the t is timeliness. So we’re not that company that you’re going to call and call and call and not going to answer the phone.

So our timing, this begins at, it rings, we answered, so we want to make sure that we’re picking up the phone and we’re there for you and we can take care of you in a timely fashion.

Beyond that, we’re going to show up early every single time. Now obviously in service that becomes different because we can’t guarantee and arrival on a service call just simply because of the customers before. That may take longer or shorter than we anticipated, but we’re going to arrive early. If we say we’re going to be there at eight o’clock, we’re going to be there at 10 to late. Sprinklers Tulsa

If we say we’re going to be done on Tuesday, we’re going to be done early on Tuesday. We made sure that every single time we are on time and then from there we’re going to make sure that we have, because to us a little too late is too late. Just being a minute late is way too late. We believe in timeliness and then from their enthusiasm we want to get fired up.

We want to get you fired up. We want you to excited as we are about what we’re doing, so we’re excited to come out and provide you a great quality product at a great price. We’re excited to come out and serve as you were excited to take care of people were excited to be doing what we do. We’re passionate about it. We love it, we enjoy it. So no great thing. Ralph Waldo Emerson, no great thing in this world was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.

So we want you to be as excited about calling us as we are decided about servicing you. So we want to make sure going back to the wow that our enthusiasm, that our character, that our personality let you know how enthusiastic and passionate we are about fixing sprinklers in Tulsa and then from there the our reliability.

We’re going to do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it every single time. If we tell you we’re going to be at your house Thursday morning at eight o’clock we are going to be there. If we tell you we’re going to have your sprinkler system fixed, we are going to have your sprinkler system fixed. If we tell you that the price to install your sprinkler system is $4,500 it’s $4,500 we’re reliable.

Our word means something. We have an extremely high level of integrity. We’re not going to come back later and change those numbers on you. So I’m so thankful to listen to the, you’re listening to our living water irrigation podcast today as we’re discussing sprinklers. Tulsa, I want to just go back over the core values one more time.

So it’s w wow. Every customer, every time. Attention to detail for the AA team for timeliness, e for enthusiasm, and our for reliability. Thank you so much for taking your time to listen to us. And when you’re thinking sprinklers, Tulsa, thank living water..

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