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Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So we were talking about sally field, but you know in desalination which none of these things have anything to do with sprinkler repair in tulsa, but we are going to get back get back in the game when you be back in the game. Get back in the game. Put me in coach I’m in let’s go I’m ready to play I’m ready today, let’s go I can be center field center field. So now we’re going to wrap up the wi-fi controllers and talk briefly about bluetooth controllers to the wife. I can tell her the tremendous benefit of them. Is he able to control from your phone, so that makes it fun for the automation world, but it really does have some tremendous help as far as being able to schedule it scheduling itself for you and things like that. Questions about the wi-fi before we bounce on over to the bluetooth, I’m, good, I’m, sure, I’ll. Think of something on my mind, catches up with all of this tomorrow again on our future podcast tonight. So we can talk about the bluetooth controllers now. So there’s some really neat stuff. That’s coming out in the market now for some bluetooth options, there’s some in valve controllers, so you don’t have to run cable all the way to your rod. You don’t have to spend all those extra steps and I was extra buddy. You actually can you remember when we talked about was about boxes and manifolds and how many valves go in a box. Remember when we discussed all that and how many did I tell you on average valves go in a box to remember that I mean now. I know how many average don’t that we talked. Are you sure I was present for a positive? So how many? Let the ask me again the question I mean it’s just like a sprinkler repair, tulsa professional question, or is it just kind of laymans, july’s cuz I know this again. How many valves are in a box on average to I’m 3, so you were close I mean i, said I said three:it was obvious, but I appreciate the effort. It’s recorded. It said three of them in their correct. So there’s a lot of situations and sprinkler repair tulsa, where you’ll have a system that has you know it’s just a small front yard only system, or maybe you want to irrigate around the pool or just your landscaping says a lot of situations where you may only have three zones. So what you can do with that in with the technology has come out now, as you can put what’s called in in valve controller. So what it is you wire it directly to the vows it goes in the valve box. You don’t have to hang it on your wall or nothing and you can control it from your phone like bluetooth. The same way that your phone connect to your truck when you’re in your truck and stuff like that, you do have to be within range. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So it’s not like the wi-fi controllers, where you can control us from anywhere in the world, because the controller is communicating to your router in your phone to communicate your router blah blah blah through. However, that works cuz, cellphone fascinate me so bluetooth do you have to be in range of it, but you’re able to reprogram to schedule to run it does give you a tremendous benefit in a lot of labor savings and a lot of material savings from what the extra work that would require to hang a controller in the garage. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa If you just have a small system that centrally located you know the safe from we’ve done a couple times when we just done. You know a couple front yard flower bed who did a couple this year, one was two zones and the other one was three zones when we are just doing a small front yard and as opposed to going all the way around the house to the garage just provided them a little battery-powered in valve box controller that was controlled by bluetooth and then also had manual and an automatic program settings any questions about bluetooth controllers and everything that you know we have with some green army men and some lincoln logs yeah. Now our kids have remote-control drones. They can fly into space space. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Are you sure about that? This of you, yeah man, i, have one in space right now. Would you like to know okay, so this is tulsa sprinkler repair? This is virgin galactic. Is it where you were just talking about sprinkler repair in tulsa? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We are not discussing any kind of crazy things that I did change the world, except for we are changing the world. One yard of the time that I’m just making tulsa beautiful again or don’t you be on the back door. It’s building, tulsa, beautiful, okay, back to business, to bbb, dvd, yeah, i, know d i, don’t know what day he is. What does that mean beyond the backdoor? Btb got a really good friend. If you have a dvd, his head, like terrible thing, recommended going to recommend penicillin for that beat dvd and another reason forget about influenza. Another reason you should carry hand:sanitizer is the btbd. It is rampid right now is rampid folks. Go to the doctor. Tell me how to irrigation guy out for a sprinkler repair in tulsa, and he may have given you bt bt. Now that we’ve seen chad and ability to write on a post-it note with a pin, if only this was on there, if only this was life, and now the pain is done, for it is no longer what it used to be at tulsa pain, repair, just go on with your boss last time, podcasting this whole time. So, let’s discuss we done controllers. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We done sensors. We we did discuss rain sensors, correct, most common, a rain sensor we did discuss. Then let’s follow up on it, but a rain sensor simply up a wireless sensor. Do you have a module that gets wired to your controller and it communicates back to the controller to make sure if it has rained or is raining, do your sprinkler system will not run so obviously save your water and then I’ll also save your plant material cuz. You don’t obviously want to water when it’s raining, obviously, obviously. So what questions do you have for? So now, we’ve gone through all the components chad. So now I’m going to lean on you for sprinkler repair, tulsa molina on you to go back unless maybe do an overview or any questions that you missed your thoughts that he had her or things you want to follow up on way. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Well, I mean, if we’re going to we’re doing a complete overview that what you said I like from yourself, maybe maybe didn’t quite grasp I know you got a real problem with egg and hammer. So just look, it sounds like you want me to lay down in one of these flat couches and only has an arm on one end and start telling you about my preschool years and what my brother did to me in 4th grade and all this other stuff there do you like to discuss that? No I wouldn’t but I would like to go back so far either. Okay, I’m, like point a, to point b kind of guy. How do we get there? Okay, as far as recap, and goes if I had any tulsa repair sprinkler questions, I would say. In the beginning there was a valve head right. Next to my driveway, okay, I mean if we must rehashed the the horrific past that my wife continue to run over okay and that’s where this all started. Okay, talk about getting the egg before the hammer. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa This is where it happened. I thought in this time that we had spent together, I thought it’s some point. You had on tape on recording admitted that it was your responsibility for the broken had no drive. Why do we need to go back? No, no! That’s! You will not find that anywhere in the records. I mean I think we need to go back to a sprinkler, repair, tulsa podcast, and we need to take a gander and see if in actuality it was chad love it. You can do that. You can do that, but let’s save our listeners of that agony and how far are we from starting our next session? Possibly here are we, where are we’re close, we’re we’re we’re about a minute away, so I had to get too much into it. So, let’s go back to my predictions, real prediction for the super bowl. Yes, we never did get your final prediction. Do we ended our session i? Please do I’m going to say it is going in on to other things. So chad is opinion is not important. Ouch 30 to 20 for the eagles, the eagles yeah. That’s a pretty impressive picture! Yeah! You don’t think that the old belichick and patricia going to come up with something to just rattle folds. You think he was tall enough in the nba nfc championship that he’s not going to have the nerves. It’s eagles over the doobie brothers three sets to two okay. Final prediction:call the, bookie. Okay, let’s go come on;that’s it well, I mean if you’re going to come over the eagles and doobie brothers reference at least. Give me sing me out. China grove Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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