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Chad levitt living water irrigation podcast pro lithic pro lifted, where we leave off at chad. We left off on you, talk about over-watering your yard and how that’s not a good thing, not a good thing at all,, like you said that time, money and water, please dim so i, just wanna, make sure, because I have a antiquated, rain bird system, maybe a gerbil bird I’m going to dinner at 8, so your preference is hunter, but I just want to make sure for our listening audience. If they understand that that, even though that’s your preference, it doesn’t mean that that’s all you’re going to work on so I’m. Looking for a tulsa sprinkler repair guy, like yourself guesser, then I mean i, can call you regardless I have rainbird the orbit, the irritrol the hunter, and there was one more that you talked about, which is traumatic, weather, k rain. It just keeps going I’m. So sorry, I’ll never do that. Again. There was a milli vanilli video on at the bowling alley over the weekend so anyway, and I’m sure that your children suffered through that same ordeal that I just faced. They did you want to back this up and let it that you absolutely not cuz I’m, hoping against hope that someone will listen to the sprinkler repair tulsa and of the solo, the chad love it just did. That is chad levitt c h, a d l, o v e t t that wasn’t lip-syncing no baby that was live was a lot of it in color. So we are to overwater just missed programming, your controller. There are manuals available when you purchase a controller. There’s manuals that come in the box. There are also available online at all the manufacturers, so we highly encourage our homeowners, but if you are going to go in and and try to make some changes to your controller, to please read the manual understand. If you have any questions, we take free phone calls all the time, I’ll never charged any paradigm for explaining to them how to do something over the phone. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa I’m very happy to consult am very happy to offer what knowledge I do have you know why you don’t, because if you did, I would have to call you in a tourney. Okay, very true, so I did not bill by the minute. So we have gone to the over-water. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We’ve gone to the problems that can happen with programming, but let’s go with the great things that can happen with programming. Okay. So the wonderful thing about the digital controllers versus the mechanical controllers is the tremendous number of options and when you get into the rain bird esp or the hunter pro c, and we’re only going to discuss those two okay, we’re not going to discuss their lower and controllers, we’re not going to discuss the battery powered ones, I mean we could spend days talking about controllers. There are hundreds of different types of and i, don’t know. If you want to talk controllers for days, chad I don’t have time. You got to control yourself and just keep it till like a 10-minute segments. So, like I said one of them, the most common is the sprinkler head by the driveway. But one of the more common cause we get is to reprogram a controller, they lost power or they you know they went out of mess with it or whatever the case. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Maybe now the hunter and rain bird controllers both have was called a non-volatile memory, did make that one up that one’s true non-volatile. So it doesn’t get angry like you. It’s not violent, like you is not my fault. I like it. So we’ll get a sprinkler repair, tulsa call for coming out to reprogram it control it. What that means is when you lose power when power comes back up again, trailer will remember what is already been programmed in there. So it’s not going to lose all of its programming. You simply just have to reset it. I have to reset it to turn it off turn back on is it will need a small reset to say:hey, I’m, back up and running okay, but it’s really as simple as off on yeah. That’s it okay click. Click, click click. It also keeps up with daylight savings time. It does not. So that’s one thing we will discuss as we get into the wi-fi bluetooth controllers. The digital controllers do not are not based off of a satellite or operating system, or things like that, like our phones or what the new wi-fi controllers, that they’re not monitored, they’re, not adjusted through airwaves, so but most of our customers will just leave the time alone. The time setting on your controller. All that affects is what time the scheduled programming is going to begin. So, for instance, if you you have your, you know, controller set like right now it is 3:24, so if it was set for 4:20 for all that would happen is as opposed to going off at 6 in the morning. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It would go off at 5 in the morning because it would be obviously an hour early I get why I’m really app for flex I’m having to tell you this with this many tulsa sprinkler repair calls as you get yes, sir, that just because daylight savings time changes doesn’t mean that you eat an hour earlier. If my grass is thirsty at a certain time every day, I buy goodness think that that’s just as important to a healthy yard, as anything is making sure that they get a square drink at the lot of time. Okay, maybe that’s crazy, i, don’t know if maybe I’m thinking too deep, maybe just maybe tulsa sprinkler repair. You has driven me just a little bit battery and I’m thinking outside my mind, right now, I’m just saying I’m here for the grass I’m telling you that’s not fair, are you over now, I am i, am in lunch or text me like that, because it’s yeah you could please go ahead and stupid question about the daylight savings time. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa I apologize now it was. It was one of your three. You still owe me two more good question. Okay, I can do that so I mean by so we get into multiple programming, let’s jump on the mobile programming. Let chad calm down a little bit over his devastation to getting the water an hour earlier an hour later, so what we have on multiple programming? Basically, what that means is this. We can isolate the flower beds. Are we can isolate the front yard from the backyard or we can isolate? This is most common in a lot of larger sprinkler systems and by larger I mean 12 zones and out we learned last week that your average zone that you come across in tulsa sprinkler systems is 528 sounds yes, sir. That is the most common right layout of a design and then I said I was upset because I’ve got seven zones and you said actually you’re above average and yes, maybe feel special fragments, so I’m glad i. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Can we can move past the hour earlier hour, late on the grass water, so I’ll encourage our homeowners to do on these larger systems of 12 jones and up is split them up so water half of the system monday-wednesday-friday? What are the other, have tuesday thursday saturday? So if you look at the average run time of his own now, this is going to vary as we get into rotor zones vs. Drip zones versus mp, rotator zone versus fix sprays versus landscape, zone versus north side of the house in west side of the house. Things like that, but the average run time for a zone is 15 minutes. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa That’s if you average it out. You know you have rotors, give me running for 25 minutes. You can have a side. Spray zone is going to run for 5. So when you do 25 + 5, + 35, what is 15 to the average run time zone is 15 minutes. Well, if you look at that, he got a 12 zone system and you’re running each one of those zones for 15 minutes. Well now your system is running for 3 hours. Okay, quite a bit of time. If you have dogs have kids whatever. So what we recommend on those is running like a monday-wednesday-friday zones, 1 through 6 and then tuesday thursday, saturday zone 7 through 12, who would you recommend them in 3 days a week special in does oklahoma climate. We get some more warm and then we talked about watering for half the amount of time twice a day, so we will gain get morgan to get into that in our next session. We talk about what we recommend for programming, but that means rain bird esp, the hunter pro c has multiple programming program, a b c and d and multiple start times, so you can get in a situation where you can split things up like that, how you get a large commercial products as for the weathermatic kind of jumps, and you get like the rain bird, whatever nonsense, it’s called cuz i, don’t like it and you get the hunter acc or the ai core, those of the larger commercial application controllers. But you will get you a half to when you get into these large 40 and 50 zone commercial projects. You have to split those up into a couple days. It is in comprehensible to run 50 zones in the same day, if you just do this year, math on that, your sprinkler system would run 12 hours a day and obviously nobody wants that. Do you want that? I don’t want that. Nobody wants that. You may want your grass to water at the exactly 6 and it may be 5 or maybe 7, but nobody. Nobody wants to run the sprinkler system for 12 hours a day, I’m the guy that was advocating for my grass getting the drink of water at the same time. Everyday. You think that I’m not going to speak up at the door being overworked. The sprinkler systems being overworked come on, so are common sprinkler repair at salsas will go out to reprogram a controller in that we want to optimize the programming for each and every specific homeowner. We want to make sure that they are specific yard there. Specific sprinkler system is running and we’re back. So we were talk Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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