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Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Everbank, hopefully we didn’t lose. You I promised the exciting, exhilarating stunning unbelievable topic of backflow preventers. Let’s hear no, no by all means. No, please, okay, so I don’t even know where to begin with my backflow questions, okay, so well, let me start it off, so we were talking sprinkler repairs in tulsa. So we talked point of connection right. We did that we talked we talked pipe and all the dreams that come with it. Yes, add sprinkler, repair tulsa. The next thing that could go wrong. Is your backflow preventer. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Where did that sounds like it’s? Just it sounds much more expensive than point of connection and pipe much much more expensive, be most valuable part of your irrigation system. Okay, so now this would be a good time to understand it really well because I’ll. So we talked about all of those things and all those items and we’re to the backflow preventer now and so on. The backflow preventer. What we’d like to discuss their is the things that can go wrong. There can cause a repair, so the first and foremost and most common thing that occurs is amber back. So we’re talking about backflow preventer. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So when we look at backflow preventers the things that can go wrong, we’re going to talk about the most common thing that goes wrong and then we can go from there. The most common thing that occurs is lack of winterization, so we get home owners who just don’t know their sprinkler systems well enough to know and educated them on what they have so the most common sprinkler repair we get in tulsa because of black flow preventers is because the system was not shut down and drain properly for the winter time. So we highly recommend to all of our homeowners and all of our customers to winterize their sprinkler systems prior to thanksgiving I know this year we had a crazy winter. That’s far where there was all kinds of days over 70 degrees in december I’m. So sometimes we can wait to winterize, but it is not advisable. It’s always best cuz. You can get those super cold days and get a flash know you can get. So we highly recommend winterize prior to thanksgiving turn the system back on it in march. So if you have a system that is not properly winterize and is not properly drained, what can happen is what’s called egging is the super scientific effect that causes a sprinkler repair in tulsa of the backflow preventer. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So you ask yourself again what is egging you just taking me on, or it is not what you did when you were a kid. It is not that stuff. What it is is egging is:whenever water freezes, obviously it is going to expand the pipes. Correct, backflow, preventers are made out of brass okay, but even brasner you want to make out of brass. Is cuz it’s much more starting an oxy, pvc or copper things like that, but whenever the water expands, it causes that brass to crack. So you will be going to work one day and you have this river running down your yard and you go over and you look at your backflow preventer and it is got a big crack in it and shooting water everywhere. And that’s where going back to knowing where your point of connection is knowing where then you go out there, you shut that down. You go ahead and head to work. Give me a call. We come out and get it fixed. Just a word of advice:you’re, okay, if I’m going to call you out for a tulsa sprinkler repair, I would much prefer for you to use bigger words in more technical terms than aching, and hammering okay I mean I’m, starting to think that these are terms that you just made up yourself. Let’s bring some professionalism to it here. Okay, so egging! Is that because that’s what the pipe looks like after it’s frozen? Yes, that is precisely what it is. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So, instead of having a cylinder instead of having a straight piece of pipe, you will actually get the pipe where the little balloon or expand. So therefore, it looks like what does to love it and egg their. You know what else would be nice to balloon and expand irrigation vocabulary. Okay, anyway, moving forward I will I will I will currently accept and egging and hammering until I go home. I will not say anything else, I’m going to go home and research and see if these are actually at. This is terminology that is, if it is, you know, it’s google, consider it done in the next session. Okay, so so from there, you get a backflow preventer. That is act. So what we have to do is the integrity of the entire unit is in question now so a lot of times there. There are a few different components to a backflow preventer. There are two ball valves, so, like what we talked about back to the point of connection. There are two of those ball valves on a backflow preventer. There is one on the inline side and one on the outs 01 on the inflow side and one on the outflow side, also known as the main line side and the supply line side in irrigation terminology. Those are real words are, there is main line and supply line as we look at the back flow you most commonly will have a crack in one of the ball bounce, so typically the inflow side because of the water current standing there and it’s not have the opportunities movies often so that is the most common place. It oh crap. The other thing that will occur is you have a series of spring o’rings, diaphragms and bonnets that are in depending on a specific type of backflow, preventer we’re going to go to the general and then our next session, we’re going to talk about each different kind of we talk about a double check, a pressure vacuum breaker to reduce pressure vessel.

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa The three different types are most commonly used in irrigation, sprinkler repair in tulsa. So if we have a backflow preventer that has been egged, we’re going to take the whole unit apart tickets to remove the whole unit and install a whole brand new, a lot of homeowners and individuals they asked. If we could just do you know, fix the broken part. But what happens is that’s not the only part that is actually damaged because it has frozen that maybe weren’t showing the damage, but there is other parts of that brass that are now compromised as well because of the freezer. You. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So what we will do, typically, the wonderful thing about a backflow preventer on the labor side of things is it’s typically under a half hour job. They are very costly depending on the specific kind, but the wonderful news of it is. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It is typically a really quick process to replace what it just requires. A pipe wrench pair of channel locks a little bit of thread, tape and pipe dope and some knowledge, and you can actually replace them pretty quickly. So wait. A second you’re telling me that an irrigation technician, it’s a possible repair that he does not have to take a shovel off of his truck i, am telling you that a backflow, preventer, nine nine times out of a hundred you do not use. It sounds like a pipe dream. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It possibly could be because you’re just repairing the backflow preventer and not the pipe nice okay. So this sprinkler repair for tulsa is actually one of the simplest that we do, but unfortunately, one of the most costly-and it does require some knowledge and some skill and some experience to understand how to properly remove the damaged backflow preventer and how to properly install the new backflow preventer to make sure that the biggest thing like back when we talked about doing a sprinkler repair in tulsa on the point of connection, is not getting debris and dirt and all those things in the lights so not allowing that dirty water to compromise the integrity of the rest of the sprinkler system. C, do you need to use a little time a little patience, a little experience to make sure you remove the broken backflow preventer install the new incorrectly. So what we would do on that? If you have one broken, if you have one, that’s an egg and I’ll keep going back to that terminology, because it is correct in the irrigation industry. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So if you do get a phone call from a busted backflow preventer, we do get those calls quite frequently most homeowners. Only let that happen one time and then, from that point forward they do winterize their system. Like we highly highly recommend like we talked about before we were talking about some rates, so our winterization rate, it’s just $45 to repair a backflow, is going to cost you somewhere between 300 to $700. So if you do have a reduced pressure, vessel backflow preventer, a 1 inch double check assembly is going to cost you around 7:05 to $700, depending on the precise amount of time and fittings it takes to replace that. So the best thing we can recommend for a sprinkler repair in tulsa is preventive. Maintenance is, is coming out and making sure we winterize a system properly drain it properly and then come back in the spring and do a tune-up and a diagnostic for you. So that way, you’re not Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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