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Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It is very easy to overwater, and that is another reason why dragging hoses around can cause such a problem, because it is just as detrimental to plant material weather, maybe grass or maybe annuals or perennials, or any other type of landscaping, that it can actually damaged it more by putting too much water on it. Then, by starving it of water, and so it’s not something that people commonly know, you know they go and sit there a little sprinkler out there that they bought at lowe’s and they let it run the same spot for 2 hours, while you’re actually hurting the plant material there, because you’re drowning and it’s not able to to go through the standard stages of growth that it needs to. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So you know that’s another reason why it is so important to have an efficient, well-designed, properly installed, tulsa sprinkler system, because if you do not you’re just throwing money away, you know we. We really encourage our homeowners to understand all that water. That’s coming out of hose right. There really isn’t doing that much good for you, because you’re not getting it off impression, you’re, not getting it off some coverage, you’re, not getting it awesome spread. You know you look at what you’re getting with the little train sprinklers that are driving around the hose. You know when those things are putting out 8 or 10 feet, but because it’s moving well, it’s doing so it’s not putting out the same amount of water in any given area. There’s a really neat thing:it is out there. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It’s called a sprinkler audit, and so, if you look at your tulsa sprinkler system, you can actually audit that system to see the efficiency level of it to see if it is operating the way it should or if you’re, just simply just dumping water out into your yard out of a 5 gallon bucket. So we talk about some of the obvious things that you want to cause this real quick. Can you do that? Okay? So what we’re talking about? What I was getting ready to ask? We kept talking about some of the things that you can add on or some of the differences in and my antiquated tulsa sprinkler system. That’s you know, 25 years old, one thing that some of my friends have got that I’m jealous of this day and age with pools and water features, and things like that. If you were to come out and look at my system as it could go, if you also look at that, like the amount of evaporation, that’s a kind of my pool and possibly look at a way that you could tie that into our existing irrigation relatively simple. Or is that something that of gas somehow that it’s very, not so much prior? But now it’s really really common that we we we do have a relationship with the number of pool builders and off of your tulsa sprinkler system. What you do is put was called an auto-fill, so we can put a static line. So where is your going out in the evenings? And so now? Not only are you a dragon hoes around to get your yard dream, but now you’re also have the stick that hose in your pool right, so that you can feel the full backup and it is pretty standard talking about my existing tulsa sprinkler system that is 20 m in my pool is as old as my sprinkler system and it wasn’t on there. So that would be something that you could could do as well. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa At the same time that you’re out there and then do you typically break down time and you just go through and say this is what a brand new tulsa sprinkler system is going to cost. Or do you break it down and say you know, here’s what we can do and how does that work? How do you go about invoicing or or what am I trying to say? The word is the billing and estimating estimating that she, obviously none of us had won the lottery, so we are very aware of that. You know we’re all just working for a living and trying to make it, and so you can do your tulsa sprinkler system in sections so, for instance, with the what you currently have. If we were to repair that, if you wanted to say hey, you know josh, can you have your guys with living water irrigation come out, and just can you get me up and running you know, and then we can look at getting it properly repaired in the future a properly designed or work on some efficiency things. You know you had mentioned earlier about some of the reporting things that are available on the wi-fi controllers, with flow sensors and rain, and free sensors and things like that. But you know we’re very cognizant of that. Also, the other part is, if you know we have gotten two specific sprinkler systems that do need to just start over. You know it is it’s just like anything else, just like the roof on your house, just like your pickup truck over time. Things need to be replaced, so we may get the situation at your house with your tulsa sprinkler system that we need to just start back over that it’s just more cost-effective for you to scrap. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa What’s currently there start back over and then in that we could do you know the front yard section for you and then we could come back in you know in another season to do the backyard for you so that way, you’re not kneel on that egg for spending 8 or $10,000. You know you could do it at 4,000 here and then 4000 there and and we we set up our systems to be expanded upon cuz. All of us homeowners costly, make changes, so we had a new flower bed or the wife wants to put up some tomatoes in or you know your kid wants a basketball court or you know whatever the case. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Maybe we set up our systems so that it can be very easily adapted to the changes you’re going to make to your home. So let’s say that I did not want to go ahead and do all the repairs took my tulsa sprinkler system. Let’s say:i have eight zones you, but I just wanted to focus on a flower bed in the front and some isolated bed. You can literally just come in and and just repair that and get that up and going just recommend what we might want to go ahead and do now, even though they’re different zones or sure sometimes it’s just like the the knee bone’s connected to the hip bone is connected to the rib bone. I mean sometimes you can’t just get zones 1 through 4 working without because of you know, they are connected directly to zones 5 through 8, but there are other times you can isolate and do some things with cabling or or how you’re getting the water and how your sourcing, the water, through your supply line-and we will get into the details in our next session of each part of the sprinkler system-will go in detail about the terms and all those things I just to educate you on what each specific part is called so I think a lot of people probably have the the same misconception that I do that that okay, I’ve just I do did I hate to keep going back to that busted sprinkler head by the drive the driveway. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa But of course you know that does stick out. So it is our most common I’m sure. There’s, probably a lot of people going to come out. It’s going to cost me as much to come out and have josh look at that as it is going to be to actually fix it or whatever else, and so I’m sure people think will that’s. Is there any repair? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa That’s too small, or you know what to tell me about how how that works so sure so are our service department. When we look at repairing tulsa sprinkler systems, is we take each call as it comes? You know we could go from anywhere from the installing a huge commercial projects with we currently have going on with the city of tulsa. We’ve done a lot of other commercial things in the past. We also get calls to come replace a nozzle, because it’s better than ozil is just simply that wood goes on top of the sprinkler head and will replace that. So it’s not putting out so much water in any given area. So there is nothing for us. Is too small. We value every single customer. We have in every single opportunity. We get okay, so one more question as far as like you coming out on my existing system. Okay, if this is the million-dollar question here or the loaded question, so I’ve got a busted tulsa sprinkler system that needs josh, wilson’s attention. Okay you come out and you just get those two zones that I talked about working. Can you and it unless I have something else, go wrong with it. Me, not being a savvy irrigation owner I have no idea. If I can expect you to have to come back out and winterize it or whatever else do you offer some for the guarantee you when you work? Do you have do you have a program for you come out and winterize for people I mean I’m, sure, there’s all kinds of all kinds of options are so tell me about that. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We’ll talk about on your tulsa sprinkler system. First and foremost, your system does need to be winterized. We do have some cold weather that we do get here. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We’ve been experiencing some lately and you can have pipe breaks. You can have things that go wrong, that freeze and break most importantly, your backflow preventer, which we can go into what that is a little later on, but I want to get to the rest of your answer. How you backflow preventers, typical that thing on the side of your house has a little green bag or brown box on it. So you need to drain that, so it doesn’t freeze and break, but most of our customers, the easy answer to this and then we’ll get to the warranty after that is we see most of our customers two to three times a year that we’ve been very fortunate. The relationships we’ve built, but we typically see homeowners early spring to get their system turned on. We do what’s called a tune-up diagnostic of your tulsa sprinkler system, so we can come out see what you’re currently have how everything is currently functioning if we’ve been there before, obviously too much quicker process, but there is just like anything else:your brakes on your car, changing your oil or adding some windshield wiper fluid. There are adjustments that need to be made to make it more productive and efficient in the spring, and then we’ll see him again in the round thanksgiving to winterize the system so drain it. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We do have other homeowners. That is because of their investment, and they want to protect their landscaping and want to protect their grass and I want good. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Curb appeal will go out and see them again. You know when it starts to get really hot june july and make some adjustments. We warrantee all the work that we do for 6 months on the service, sign anything that we come out and repair if I fix that broken head to your wife keeps running over and it may actually be used to love it, but we busted if we come out and fix that, for you I’ll be happy to come back every two weeks to fix that had that you keep running over and blame it on your what. But if we do fix that, for your going to get a6 month, warranty on that any of our new installation, we actually have institute of the best warranty in the tulsa sprinkler system. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Market, we have a 2-year installation guarantee. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Most of the other individuals in this area will do a 1-year, a 90-day or 6 months, and we we actually provide a two-year installation guarantee. So, okay, since you been ripping me a little bit about the running over the sprinkler head, I just got to just to die grass for a moment. Humor me hear what is your funniest tulsa sprinkler system story as far as like, like you’ve, never seen that ever before, and probably never will as long as you’re in the profession of like what happened, what it was. I actually got a number of those stories we could go on for days and days and days, the the most common thing I get that makes me laugh on tulsa sprinkler system is the handyman or the landscaper. That fix something. I got a bunch of funny homeowner stories, but i. Don’t really want to do that because homeowners don’t know sprinklers, they don’t know irrigation. They just thought it was this or that or whatever I’ve had a couple times where I’ve got individuals who have called me and said my sprinkler system just doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I just had one in the fall, someone to purchase a home of the sprinkler system, wouldn’t work, wouldn’t work. I went out there and found out. The controller was just set to the off position. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Saw you had to simply. Do is turn it on, but no real story on hands with my moles and gophers situation. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Okay, in the whole time I’m out there I’m thinking to myself. This could be detrimental to my already broken sprinkler system, so you haven’t had anything or like carl. The greenskeeper was taking care of eradicating, so what we were talking about was like the whole. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Was it carl, spank there or whatever and little caddyshack action little reference there? What’s the weather, like straight out of college, trying to eradicate his ago for a problem and ends up in so doing the eat tears up the entire irrigation system? That’s what I have in my attempt to get rid of my berman’s, so you don’t have any stories like that. Nothing we’re at ultra sprinkler system just got like blown up by carl with c too so I do have a homeowner. He was out in bixby actually and he had a terrible, terrible issue with moles and gophers they kept getting in his valve box, which we can talk about that later. What exactly is valve boxes, but it’s the little green lid you see throughout your yard. He had an issue or moles and gophers kept getting in there. Well, he thought it would be a good idea to put a smoke out flair in there of some kind, not sure exactly where he got this exactly what he used. We can talk about that another session. You did by doing so. Whenever he put this flayer, it is valve box. Is he burnt all the wires in it? So the issue he was having with the moles and gophers chewing on the wires. He made the problem 1 million times worse because he caught everything on fire. In the valve box, yeah I mean I’d i, believe he a raticate, the mole and gopher problem from that specific location by starting a fire, that’s the kind of store is looking for, but then we went back and had to completely rebuild that area. So the the hundred dollars worth of damage he had from the moles and gophers turned into a I believe 6 or $700 problem now wow. He should have called the professional that would have been a very good idea to have your tulsa sprinkler system. It is always best and I’ve learned this with other areas of my life as I’m sure you have is well chad that it’s just best to have somebody professional doing so. You know i, it’s just a sometimes you spend more money and time trying to fix it yourself or have your neighbor, do it or have the landscaper do it? You know what you have some funny stories in keeping with that in a recent story that I’ve got I have yet to try to tackle the whole tulsa sprinkler system issue of mine, but I did have issues with her garbage disposal right before the holidays and i. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Consider myself to be a pretty handy guy, so I go down i, just immediately assume that it’s the hundred and $15. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know disposal that needs to be replace a rip that out put a new one in probably jump up and flip the switch and still nothing and then I end up preparing the replacing a $15 breaker and when it came right down to it, it was a $2.75 switch. The wall switches actual on off switch on the wall is was just fried, and so you know there in an attempt to save money. I found out a lot of times, I end up, cost myself more frustration, more money, more trip to the hardware store and then really really exposed when an idiot I am to my wife and neighbors. You know so I look the smartest when I pick up the phone and I called the professional said. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know, like you and living water irrigation to the handle that stuff for me. So anyway, common thing for you as well:it’s that is a common thing. What is not common is my admission of the stupid acts, especially on something that’s being recorded so. This is this is monumental. This is actually. This is actually therapeutic for me today. I think I think my psychiatrist, wood would wood. So when we begin this conversation about the tulsa sprinkler system, I never knew that we would venture into an area of your complete failure and lack as a individual reaching out to others to help you, oh yeah. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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