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Back again with chad lovett talking tulsa sprinkler repair like it, so we are on what was the last time we talked about in alaska lateral, so we’re discussing that I want to do before we get to laterals let’s jump back to the valves and let’s discuss the things that can go wrong with a zone valve and electronic zone valve a valve I want to get through all the terminology you here in irrigation, district I’m. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Let’s get back to the things that can go wrong with that. That can cause a sprinkler repair in tulsa, okay, so the copper windings in that solenoid. That’s cause it to spool up and get the signal lift up under correct, correct. Sometimes those windings just go bad things just go bad. She said there were winding yessir, so there’s a prone to being corrosive and yes, sir yeah they can go to it. I mean you could get a power surge that comes to your controller and back into the solenoid, the mean there’s a serious thing. The lightning strikeyou don’t know, there’s a lot of stuff that attracted to current things like that insects and bugs do you guys see a lot of it were moles or gophers chew the wires on these things, sometimes because I know squirrels do actually what we were going to get you I’m, very glad, I’m. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So sorry to jump ahead know that that’s a very common sprinkler repair in tulsa’s. Well, so what will get it is and what are we encourage all of our homeowners to do? They have a product I’m by no means endorsing lowe’s or home depot or ace hardware, but then don’t so any of your local hardware aficionados they have a product. It’s. It is a damn a gopher gasser. You know, which is a smoke bomb that you can drop in your valve boxes, but they also have a steak that you put some batteries in and it sends out if you put like 3 d batteries in there and it supposed to last year round what it does. Is you you put that steak in near your valve box? You next put it in the mailbox. We don’t recommend that cuz I put in a steak in there. You could break the cable or piece ofor, something but just close to it. It sends out a and I’m not to go for a remote, so i, don’t know it doesn’t bother me, but I guess it sends out a 5-2 resemblance know. It is amazing, so it sends out a signal that is supposed to annoy them. Cuz, like you, were saying, with the current. So what a solenoid does it’s called chatter, so in a solenoid is functioning you’ll hear it kind of click a little bit like if you were to be listening to it while it was actually functioning or getting a signal from the irrigation controller you going to clicks okay, so from what I understand, moles and gophers are attracted to that clicking and to the current going through. The wire I am by no means a don’t even know. The word is:was going to sound, really smart. I’m, not a ologist of moles or gophers, that you sprinkle repair in tulsa, gynecologist, okay sosteak, you can purchase at your local hardware, store and I think it’s called go for be gone or go for something or whatever, but the steak in it sends out a signal and it keeps them from coming near your valve I’m glad you clarified that cuz i, actually i, do have a gopher problem right now. Obviously, not one with my tulsa I mean with my sprinkler system, because it’s not running but I was going to ask you if that was something else. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Besides, just the tulsa sprinkler repair, I call you for sir. We talk in my caddy shack problem. You know it’s nowhere near that kind of monumental problem. Yet, but if I was to kill all the gophers want to like lock me up and throw away the keyset up an anthony a little. We have fun here on the living water irrigation bobcat out laterals in ps, so boomer. So we as we’re discussing these things i. What I really want to get across is the there are a number of number of problems you can have that can cause a sprinkler repair in tulsa, so as we’re getting further and further along I’m sure you’re realizing on my god, why would I ever get a sprinkler system? Everything is going to go wrong on it kind of yeah if it’s properly design, probably planned out improperly installed. A lot of these factors that we do sprinkler repair on in tulsa can be mitigated by just doing it right to begin with, using a quality manufacturer for your parts and making sure that you’re doing exactly what you need to do per manufacturer specifications to install the system properly so facts about back to the valve bom bom bom. So they can chew things up in there if they do to up the wires it. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It’s a pretty simple fix. You just come out in and put new I wire connections. Other ways are a type called a gel cat. It’s a waterproof, submersible fitting. That is, you know, plastic and filled with gel pens, gel cap and there’s a lot of terms make a lot of sense in the snow today. Yes, so a gel cap, the caps off the wire with gel you right so that we can add them, it really simple. Cuz, that’s sprinkler guys were not smart slot in the planet. Well, I when you say gel cap, I immediately think of like a headache remedy. So as long as you’re, not popping those like you know the liquid ibuprofen, so we can come back and we can I do the very simple sprinkler repair in tulsa there to just rewire that valve reattach everything put new gel caps on it. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Put it all back together that all functions, like, a champion! So now we’ve addressed the cable we’ve addressed the solenoid. Now I would like to get into a few terms not going to bore you with them, but there is what’s called the bonnet and we briefly spoke on the bonnet. Last week, yeah we talked about the bonnet in what part of the sprinkler system the backflow preventer system. So there’s inside of the bed like I said we’re not the smartest lot. There is so they use the same part identifier. Over and over again. Okay see, you have a bonnet in about okay, you also have a spring. You have a ring and you have a diaphragm ready, bonnett spring ring diagram. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Bonnet spring ring diaphragm, pretty catchy in it. Bonnet spring green. I should write a song about motivating song. So what will happen with the bonnet the spring, the ring or the diaphragm. The most common sprinkler repair in tulsa we run across as far as the insides of a valve is debris. Okay. So if you can picture and I’m going to try to feel close, your eyes I want you to imagine the inside of a valve. Okay, you have a diaphragm in there, which is a little piece of rubber that causes that valve to close okay after the controller stop sending a signal. So what can very commonly happen to the pebble some dirt, a piece of glue from when the system was installed, piece of pvc that maybe crack barb bbc barb barb barbara bush barbara. So if a piece of that gets in the valley, little actually cause that diaphragm, not too close, so we get a call very often for a sprinkler repair in tulsa. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa My sprinkler system will not shut off I left this morning it was running when I left I just got home from work with some kentucky fried chicken and it is still running so what most often causes. That is a couple other things either controller malfunction or there is something caught in the valve. So all we can do is disassemble the valve. We build it new bonnet, newspring new ring new diaphragm and freeze protection and stuff like that, but we’re fastly approaching the springtime with lots of lightning strikes and thunder storms and whatnot. Can you have? The lightning strikes, typically only affect the controller, or will it go as far as these valve boxes and all we’ve got stuff wire. So in my ears, in irrigation, I’ve seen it twice seen a lightning damage to cable valve boxes and valves. Okay, we have I seen a number of times without exaggerating couple dozen Times:i’ve replaced controllers do to a lightning strike, but only twice have I seen it done. A sprinkler repair in tulsa for lightning game actually out in the yard will look like calling it that way, so it can happen, but it’s actually very, very rare. What what happened in both of them went through the controller. Obviously traveled through the multi-strand cable, that we talked about travel the current travel through there. One call that we had, which unfortunately, this homeowner had to have essentially a brand new sprinkler system. We got a call late at night, big storm and they had water fountains all over their yard. Well, what happened was the lightning instructor home travel to the controller, bluetooth controller off the wall and when I say off, the wall I’m, not exaggerating it was on the other side of the garage wow blew it off the wall, the current travel to the multi strand, cable, blue, the valves apart blue them apart, like blew it out of the ground, like a bomb, went off in ireland with the palestinians or something of yours, real sorry. So why have seen the that, once we will talk about in our next session the other time that I saw severe damage caused by lightning

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