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You’re discussing lightning damage actually I want to discuss this whole thing about friendship, real, quick, okay, but now anyway, yeah it’s lightning damage repair in tulsa pertaining to lightning damage, so, like I said, I saw one time the controller blown all the way across the garage current traveled all the way through blue the valve boxes apart and therefore there was water going everywhere always have. We did that as we shut their backflow preventer off. So that way, the the line-that’s feeding the valves is called the supply line, so the supply line would shut off. So we just turned off the backflow preventer, so there was no water going out to their yard anymore, and then we had to come back and we had to completely rebuild the sprinkler system. I was pretty substantial deal just cuz of what what happened. We had to put all brand new, cable and cuz if ride the cable brand new valves, new controller, new rain freeze sensor, which will get the sensors much further down the road as well. So the other time I saw it. It was not near as obvious. The controller was just having a fit. It was not doing what it was supposed to do. The homeowner did mention to me hey, you know we had a pretty bad lightning storm the other day. I had some issues with the laptop and what the tv was soon as they said that I knew that they have been struck by lightning and they needed a sprinkler repair in tulsa, namely to replace their controller. So we replaced the controller, nothing works. We go replace all the solenoids on the valve. You remember what solenoid is yeah. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It’s a tightly-wound, copper pan. What is the solenoid do in a lousy, diaphragm to open and close from a low voltage charge that sent from the control panel to the valve? I just got a 4.2 in my your trs, you gpa is skyride rsu. Now there’s something to write. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa A song about I know:tsru tulsa, sprinkler, repair, university, sru yeah works at on applications by the way, by the way-and you can do this all online or at home, we are accredited absolutely and we are convenient for adults and we have the football team starting in the fall boomer. So this gentleman on his lightning strike plays controller end up going to replace all the solenoids in the yard as well. Hey. Maybe we have solenoid problem, we’re still not working. We had to end up running all brand new cable through his to the lightning and I didn’t blow the valves apart, like the last one did, but it was strong enough current through the cable that it burn up all the solenoids and caused damage to the multi strand irrigation wires. Well, so those are the two field issues I’ve dealt with lightning the rest of his just going to controller. So those are a couple times:we’ve had a sprinkler repair in tulsa do to a pretty substantial lightning strike i, unfortunately, that same storm that caused the damage to his his next door neighbor and they live out. There. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Also, wonderful couple get a great relationship with their next door, neighbor’s house actually burnt down that evening. It got struck by lightning as well and actually burnt the entire second story. Fortunately, it is now rebuilt, though so there’s a lot of talking with all this high-tech stuff. These days, other than always a lot of talk about surge protection, german things like that to you ever go out on on older jobs being was, it was proper grounding and search, protecting an all is as popular on a system that might be as old as mine, which is in the early 80s or something if it was put in when the home was put in it is it in with mine, have that proper safety or assuming not obviously I’ve been out walkthrough did the newer transformers that they are developing now and installing cuz. Obviously, you have a transformer that takes that the voltage from 1:20 cuz I’m, coming out of your wall, converts it down to 24 volts that goes into the irrigation controller. Okay, so they’re having the transformers are building now hunter and rain bird and in orbit these guys, the and I’m not sure of the determined as technical terms involved, but they are building them with resistors i. Believe is the term that anytime, it gets a surge greater than the 24. It is just blowing the transformer. So therefore it won’t allow it to blow up the the controller, nor will it cause any field damage. So it’s it’s like a fail-safe. They develop these days, so he did have a lightning strike in a power surge through there. It should cause the transformer to blow up and not allow the rest of the system to be damaged, so you or yours most likely doesn’t have that. So once again, you are pretty / sprinkler repair in tulsa, okay moving on so so we have now any questions about valves about the spring. The ring the diaphragm, the bonnet, the solenoid, the multi-strand gable moles gophers, know I’d like to just digest this for just a little bit and then I’m sure I’ll have some questions. You know after I ponder it for a couple of days. So would you like a moment of silence for anything or know? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know typical university, our class. You have there’s two hours of homework, so we’re going to go out to valves, so I threw the brains of the system per say, minus the controller. So right now, I want to jump into a small little a review of what we talked about up to this point and then the next session, we’re going to discuss heads were going to discuss. Sensors were going to discuss controllers. So up to this point, we’ve talked point of connection. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Do you remember what the point of connection is? Chad, don’t fail me I will kick you straight out of tsru point of connection. That’s where the dating service calls you and says no I can’t I’m on the wrong track. Okay, now I have no idea where the point of connection is where we tie into the main line of water. Come from the water meter to receive water to feed your irrigation system. Okay, that’s, okay! Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Alright, that’s so elementary I mean that was a trick. Question I apologize, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly what your size lee. So the most common sprinkler repairs there at the point of connection is a bad fitting is a an old gate valve for an old brass and metal handle ball valve. So that’s the most common sprinkler repair in tulsa at the point of connection, so the next one that we can discuss is we talked about pipe dreams. Correct me. When we talked about and I wrote, that term did write that turned beside. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It is what’s a syllabus now for t r s t s. Are you all right? The pipe? You know you’re, not a number of different types of pipe you’re going to have pex you’re going to have schedule, 40, pvc you’re, going to have copper steel and we talked about all those different types of different types of fittings required, a different types of things that you need to to do so, okay. So with all that being said and now we’re through types of pipe, we have, from the point of connection to the main line to the backflow preventer remember that term is called the main line. Yes, the main lot most common sprinkler repair in tulsa. There is a crack in the pipe but crack in the fitting people digging and causing damage. Okay from the mainline, we have the backflow preventer. You remember the three types of backflow, preventers, there’s basically the above ground, the end ground, which is not the correct terminology and then the dual backflow preventer, don’t know wrong you’re on the right track, so I mean it. I will give you a d e n t s. Are you okay? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Alright i? Don’t like the curb with your grading, the reduced pressure vessel. Remember when somebody’s house it’s lower than a property does, you know, must be one foot higher than the highest had all I can still remember that reduce pressure, vessel, the, works of a double check spring system. We have the pressure vacuum breaker, the horse off of vacuum, remember the bonnet and the stuff in there. You got me you with me about it, no, but go ahead, and then finally, we have the double check. Member we talked to aaron rodgers discount double check, dude I swear. You been cheating on me. You’ve got somebody else and who you’re talking about bonnets and the double check being an underground back for the functions off of spring system. No seriously, are you hosting another tulsa sprinkler repair, absolutely not use some of these days. You are the superintendent of ts. Are you okay? So we are to this point. We are pointing connection weird type classification, backflow, preventers and then finally, real quickly on valves couple things you could go wrong with him is debris in there causing the diaphragm not to close cable damage caused by moles gophers things like that, the solenoid not functioning properly and not communicating back to the controller. And finally, you could just have a poorly made part happens from time to time and she’s not functioning properly. It won’t open and close like it should. So we are now caught up to this point next time Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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