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Remember we talked about damn we’re back we’re talking about the most common repair, so I know that your specific house I know. You tried to blame your wife repeatedly for running over that sprinkler head by your driveway. Yes, yes, thank you bring that up again, but that is quite frankly, the most common call that we get is a broken head. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It happens from people hitting it with a lawnmower people hitting it with their car them just wearing out. You know they have springs and heads up we’re actually going to discuss sprinkler heads as we go a little further along in the components of a sprinkler system. When we get there, we can talk about all the things that can go wrong with them, but now that we talked about 20 connection next thing, I want to talk about his height and the different classifications of five different kinds of pipe I mean I’m. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Sure it’s really exciting to you. When we talk about sprinkler repair in tulsa chad, to discuss types of Pipei’m. Looking forward to this conversation so I’m going to let you segway into that, though, because I don’t even know where to begin deck by sol seems like a long subject, possibly text, absolutely we’re going to simplify it greatly into what we utilize for sprinkler repair in tulsa, we’re going to simplify a greatly into the most common types of pipe that we run across an irrigation. There are thousands of different classification in types of pipe for anywhere from oil and gas to natural gas to water. To anything you want to talk about, so we’re not going to talk about all this talk about the stuff that we use in irrigation and it is running into your house, so the most common type of pipe that we experience these. That is, what’s called pex very, very popular. The majority of home builders in today’s current industry are utilizing packs. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It is a wonderful, wonderful product. It is extremely difficult for it to leak if it is installed. The proper way I know there’s always room for human error and things, but it is taking a lot of that out now. I’m. Have you ever seen packs that little white stuff blue stove red stuff, yes, sir? There specially fittings for those and stuff give correct today the market for that they developed all kinds of new tech, ecology of fittings that aren’t even glued on. You know where I’ve seen that before don’t you in my pipe dreams, we’re so sorry we have an expansion, fitting there’s a class b, but we won’t go into those cuz I’m not going to bore you with with pipe knowledge. Cuz i, don’t want to ruin your pipe dreams by frank. So are sprinkler repairs in tulsa we commonly come across packs. At that point of connection, that’s the only time we’re dealing with it. That’s what your main line is. Do your house or we’re going to talk about briefly, we’ll talk about copper, old houses. They use copper. Obviously they realize overtime. That copper was super duper duper expensive. Obviously it is a mineral. It is rare, more rare than plastic pvc or plastic pex, for instance, so it was much more expensive. So there’s not a lot of times. We run across that there are times and some older homes that will run across steel when we’re doing a sprinkler repair in tulsa that it requires special types of fittings that basically use a compression type thing. We won’t really get into that and boree either we’re going to get to pvc polyethylene pipe. So it is the most common that we come across in irrigation. It is what we utilize to install our sprinkler systems and there’s a few different types of it. So we’re going to discuss how I know back in point of connection. We talked about the schedule:80 pvc ball valve. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Do you remember that I do so? We were that schedule. 80 means the thickness of the wall of the pipe okay. So you have things class, 200, +, 100, +, 400, schedule, 40, schedule, 80 schedule, 200. What those terms mean is the thickness of the inside diameter of the pipe so basically class 200 pipe is going to be really thin. Where is schedule, 80 pipe is going to be super thick, so the terminology is just a state. The thickness of the pipe now don’t get that confused with the diameter of the pipe there’s quarter. Inch pipe is half inch, three-quarter 1 inch and a quarter inch and a half 2 inch 3 inch all the way up to whatever you wanted, so that that is actually the diameter of the size of the pipe. The classification is just designating the thickness of the wall. Yes so, and they obviously the thicker, it is schedule 80 being schedule. 80 could handle a lot more pressure than what, like, let’s say, a class to hunt. So if you’re talking about constant pressure, which will get in the static and dynamic going to mention that earlier today will get into those terms when we get to the technical aspects, you talk about static pressure, so that means you got sup constant water in a pipe. The water is just sitting there, and so just like in your kitchen sink, you have water. That’s all the way up to that faucet. You open that faucet, then that allows the water out correct, run okay! So that’s a ball valve. Do you have there with cat eyes things back together? Maybe a little bit more familiar to you. So when you open that faucet you either have a gate valve or ball valve most of the new ones. If you lift it up the handle, that’s a ball valve. Think it’s going to just let the water through set static pressure. So anytime you have water just standing in a pipe constantly. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You want to use a minimum of class 200 or schedule 40 pipe, because you want to make sure that, because it’s got all that constant pressure that the wall of that pipe isn’t going to fracture because it can’t handle the pressure. You. So this is not jack nicholson. It’s not! You can’t handle the truth, but sometimes pvc pipe can’t handle the pressure in sprinkler. Repairs in tulsa will have a piece of pipe that is fractured. The you know it is, is just broken. What can I typically seen? There is between the manufacturer to the distributor to the contractor to the field. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You got all these points of contact. The people are touching and handling the pipe, and maybe they threw a bundle of pipe off the truck or through at the yard or whatever the case may be, and you get these hairline fractures in the pipe well, when you initially install and you pressurize the system and you’re running, it never shows up well two years from now when it’s under that concert pressure. Finally splits and you have a leak and you go and you look at it and you cut out and go to repair, and you realize it was just a crack in it that don’t happen quite often. Also the most common sprinkler repair tulsa as it pertains to pipe, is a fractured fitting sodalite. They enjoyed what we were talking about their fractured fitting just so what happens is obviously whenever they press the fittings when they mold them together, there is a scene, okay, so that scene from time to time just gives out it just cracks it just. You know it just because things aren’t perfect. So that’s the most common sprinkler repair in tulsa that we seeing what the reason why he gives out of the term called water hammer, so water hammer super duper. Exciting. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa That’s got to be excited right now, I’m excited so every time you turn water on and off it slams into the fittings of the path that is traveling so, for instance, of water. Coming from your water meter into your house, it is travel through a couple. 45 degree fittings are a 90 fitting or a coupling, or you know whatever the case may be, and then into your hot water closet in through your hot water heater at do the attic or under the you know, depending on how your house is plum door under the slab and then to your all. Those fittings in between your the water is coming out of the faucet and the water meter. Every time you turn the water on that water is rushing through those fittings every time they turn the water off. That water is slamming into those fittings, cuz you’re, turning it off because it has to stop. You, so water hammer can cause fittings to fail. As well, that’s a compliment common sprinkler repair that we get in tulsa and that’s from improper design. I was getting ready to ask that go right ahead. No I was just going to say:i mean, surely there’s a way that you guys is a professional installer that you guys size and pipe, and you know all that stuff, but lay it out properly and minimize the number of fittings, possibly I’m, assuming i, don’t know, but so that’s typically a result of of a poor, poorly designed. Absolutely just wasn’t factored for the proper amount of pressure good mentioned in the last session, guys that are truly professionals in in the sprinkler. You know, system or tulsa sprinkler system that they they actually size are do a water meter. Do a pressure test. Is that what you got you’re going to check the pressure? Okay and then that that that will kind of dictate how you size and do the equipment stuff for the design as well right absolutely, and if you want to factor the so we were discussing the wall Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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