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So back to backflow preventer, so we were talking about the best thing you can do for a sprinkler. Repair in tulsa is preventative maintenance. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa It is much better to spend $100 now than $500 later. Would you agree? Oh yeah, absolutely. Would you spend $100 for 5 straight years, so you didn’t have to spend $500 one time. That’s right! What if I told you you could spend $75 for 5 straight years instead of a hundred I would consider that to be a hundred and $25 in savings. You are great with an ass. Thank you thank so what we do is for our common sprinkler repairs. Tulsa do the winterization we come out in spring. Do the tune up and diagnostic and let you know where you stand:hey everything’s, working, everything’s, good or hey. We do have this problem of that problem or whatever, with our winterization does, freeze, damage warranty. We guarantee that if anything is broken because we didn’t winterize a system probably didn’t drain, it-probably we’re going to repair those items free of chargecall, the tulsa sprinkler repair. You call this a tulsa maintenance, so that would be the easiest way to turn that so looking at the backflow, preventer I want to go back to the specific types now, so we can close the book on backflow preventers and then that when our next session we can get onto the zone valves in the sprinkler heads and then wiring in the controllers and sensors and and all the other aspects of the irrigation system. How does it sound if you want to close the book? I’m not ready to close the book on this yet because, if I’m paying for a tulsa sprinkler, repair I really want to know exactly what the backflow preventer does. Okay and and just I think. Maybe you’ve said that before but I’m not quite clear on it again. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So so, yes, you have 10 words or less is can’t be a long drawn-out deal. Becausegot prevents water from back flowing into the drinking water. I believe that was 12 words hits the name backflow preventer, so now we’re kind of back, to, where, the, egg & hammer thing again, it’s like you’re, just not going to believe me. He is so basic I mean come on. Can we of the backflow prevention device? Industry didn’t really have anything good to say better, like hey, if its water for backflow, hey, cool,, I like it in the new international plumbing code, it requires an above-ground backflow, preventer, two most common types. It would be a pressure vacuum breaker and a reduced pressure vessel. So is it possible to say that when you go out for a tulsa sprinkler repair that you go out there with the idea thatmight have to replace the completed the whole backflow preventer and it ends up only they can be repaired made it. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Can it be repaired at times quite frequently so, and so, if you do go out there and it’s also sprinkler repair and you do find out that it can be repaired. But let’s say that it’s below ground and not above ground, can you will you fix that without talk to me that you know what I’m going through it right back to where you’re at so because of new international plumbing code that below-ground backflow preventer? It is grandfathered in okay. We do not have to put an above ground in, we can simply repair the underground, but what, if the underground, when is not repairable-and it has to be replaced-is that considered grandfather door? Do you can replace it with a new a blow ground is called a double check. Aaron rodgers calls it the discount double check, aaron rodgers, but you can do a sprinkler repair in tulsa and replace the existing underground double-check with a new one. Yes, so they literally, though seriously the underground double check, is a different backflow preventer than what you would put above, yes or so the underground double-check, to get it up to code is going to cost more, probably see. If you said to me:hey josh I want my system up to 2018 code. It would cost you a whole lot of money to run a new line to get an above-ground backflow. Preventer I would encourage you as a homeowner being cost-conscious and understanding that none of us had won the lottery to simply, replace the not functioning or broken back for underground backflow preventer. So let me give you a little history. In a little knowledge-and you can go-look this up on google later as well. The reason why so you look at older homes and you look at the old irrigation industry. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa All backflow preventers were put in underground. Yes, so the reason why they went away from that is there is very specialized testing units required to ensure that an underground backflow preventer is functioning properly and municipalities, states counties, first and foremost, spending the money on the testing equipment. Second of all, going out in testing them to see if they’re functioning, properly and third of all didn’t forcing the replacement or repair of one that’s not functioning properly. None of those things are occurred so be there. National plumbing, association determined that hey. We can just do above-ground backflow, preventers cuz, the pressure vacuum vacuum breaker and the reduced pressure vessel have a warning sign of when it is not functioning properly. It’s completely and totally complicated. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You only tell you what it is. I’m sure it’s going to be overly simplify, but, yes, it leaks what wow, so you do quite commonly have a tulsa sprinkler repair on a pressure vacuum breaker and reduce pressure vessel that are simply leaky, and then you can-and that’s what you told me where you know some of the homework to call us and say hey my backflow preventer is broken because of getting water leaking out of it.

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Will the reason why it is leaking is cuz, it’s a fail-safe to let you know that it is not stopping the water from traveling back into the drinking water and so typically most commonly that’s due to either springs o rings or the bonnet. Those are the components that are inside of a backflow preventer, so one of those is damaged, degraded. There’s a rock in there there’s a piece of pvc there’s a piece of glue there. There could be a myriad of things in there preventing the backflow preventer from peru. Getting the water from back flowing into the major key alert got it. That was not a riddle. That was simply an alliteration all right, i. Think so far. My favorite word that you have use as far as the irrigation or sprinkler system. Lingo is bonnet, say one more time on it on it, and this is not little red riding hood on it on it, okay, so what is the bonnet to the bonnet? Is the simple explanation of that is the top piece that is used to secure the rest of the components of the backflow preventer? Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Okay. So let me ask you this:whenever I call you guys out for a tulsa sprinkler repair, it’s not a matter of if, but when, okay and I have not you josh, but I’ve got your sprinkler technician your guru there, okay am I going to overwhelm him with bonnet and underground double backflow, preventer underground, double backflow. Preventer is not at the middle of it. Okay, we’ll see, that’s the reason why we should leave it to the professionals, but anyway, I feel so educated. Now that I just fear that I’m going to make you know and timid and I don’t. We are very fortunate that we have highly trained highly experienced. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Very well-versed, have no chance of me talking over and okay. As far as irrigation, we are very well-versed, very well trained and extremely knowledgeable and certified in irrigation in we’ve done a number of tests and classes to allow how to be certified to repair sprinkler systems. The proper way, the efficient way, the productive way, the living, water, irrigation, way., you, okay, so i, don’t know exactly the wrap-up portion really quickly a pressure vacuum breaker the way it stops the water from back flowing into the drink, waters at creative vacuum. That tv be as it’s called in the irrigation industry. Pressure vacuum breaker is a must be one foot higher than the highest head on your sprinkler system. So therefore it can create a vacuum:okay. Yes, then, the other pressure vessel. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So if you have a home that has a lot of slope in your yard, let’s say:there’s some elevation or some pitch from your front yard to your backyard and I’ve got to cover all the way to the back fence will the back fence is 2 feet higher than where I’m installing the backflow preventer I’m going to install a reduced pressure vessel because it works off of a double check. Spring system and prevents the wall from traveling back by blocking it with a diaphragm and a spring as opposed to a vacuum and not allowing it to travel back. The other way Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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