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And we’re back and chad wanted to continue his prolific discussion of the eagles and the doobie brothers, please we were just saying i, think affair, and this has nothing to do with tulsa sprinkler repair. So I apologize for those of you who are patiently awaiting more information about tulsa sprinkler repairs, but we’re just talking about how you can’t say:doobie, brothers and not smile. It’s not possible! It’s not possible! Today! Right now, everybody out there right now to be brothers say it say it say it with passion but hasn’t others time you get cut off in traffic. Okay. Next time you feel really grab your wife, burns lasagna, doobie, brothersnext time you slam your hand in the door, doobie brothers next time, a sprinkler head breaks and you got to call living water, irrigation brothers of derby prince, whether you put it it’s just yeah, you don’t even have to sing another song. So anyway, that’s that’s our homework. For today from tsr you facetime text, state doobie, brothers I got a peaceful, eagles eagles, now doobie brothers sprinkler repair in tulsa. So let’s prepare ourselves prepare ourselves for our discussion and outdoor lighting. Our next session, where the living water irrigation also does outdoor lighting. We are your choice for landscape lighting, illuminate your investment. It’s still sprinkler repair tulsa, it’s still lost it’s still living water, irrigation you’re still going to get to see me josh you’re still going to get to hear about chad love it it’s us and we just happened to do a tremendous job, outdoor lighting. So being that this is your wheelhouse did. This is your expertise that this is your feng shui moment. Don’t know how things we have anything to do with that. It just sounded like the things I say so rock out with your yin and yang okay, so low voltage, lighting what-you-call-it outdoor illumination. Absolutely you know there are so many positive things about outdoor lighting. You know how it obviously getting so give me 5 of them. Well, okay, so that’s my one! Okay mood enhancement! If you well that’s a stretch, I should probably be coming like it number 5 or whatever value to your home and curb appeal and let’s say we’ll need one more. What is that one more give me one more, don’t fail me now. Just to keep up with the joneses okay, thanks. Cuz, your neighbors got it and it’s beautiful and you don’t want to be the only doobie brothers on the street without low voltage lighting, but seriously, though I really do I really do love, love all those lights and what it does to a house and what it does to the property in the value dad’s a lot of dimension. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa You know you see it a lot in the front yard and all, but you know, of course, that adds enhancement for people driving by in your neighbors. Don’t know really where you know I love to see the low voltage lighting is some of the stuff that you guys work around in the backyard, and that’s were really. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa Those are aware that people live in a very similar to how people will spend extra money on specialty lighting in their homes for art over the fireplaces, and things like that will do the same thing in the backyard with certain water features in and structural architectural elements, and things like that. So it’s a fun. It’s a fun deal. So much of the time like I said you see, the standard fixtures in the front yard in the backyard is were really some of the specialty features come in I would imagine that you guys are going to be seeing more of those you promote and and do things in as you get calls through. Tulsa sprinkler repairs, slash outdoor lighting, outdoor lighting, so there’s a lot of packages are available a lot of individuals in the past. Have you no told me that they just felt that outdoor lighting was out of their budget? You know they’ve gotten bids in the past, and it’s been 8 grand or 10, grand or $30,000. You know we will we’re really leading the market is, is giving you a great package, deals rap label, a package up, 6 fixtures, and you know what the wife archie’s me with a bluetooth transformer and and really do some neat things to to really set off a specific portions of your home. Now, if you get into it, you know one of our wonderful customers check rutherford who’s. Actually, on our website doing the testimonial. You know we were able to do 32 fixtures at his house. He has a pretty substantial outdoor lighting package, but still very, very cost-effective, very very budget-minded. You know we were able to get to a number with him, whereas other guys would be. You know, 10-12 $14,000 or something like that. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa We were able to do it for a fraction of that and really to to illuminate his landscaping in his pool and outdoor things that he had to really let him enjoy his yard. Perfect man good point, because I mean there’s some similar tub, a swimming pool or an outdoor living area. There’s really not a person that would not love to have a nice professional outdoor lighting job out a person, not one, but you know it’s one of those deals of okay, that’s a low on my priority list and typically how we prioritize things like that is from a costume point. You know I can’t afford to do that. This is going to the man. I tell you what I am constantly telling people when they’re doing projects in their backyard I don’t care. If you have the towel, often always always always tell people i, don’t care if you have to take some of the dollars that you were thinking about, spending with some other contractor or me or whoever else leave money in the budget for low voltage, lighting, landscape & irrigation and all that stuff cuz. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

Sprinkler Repair Tulsa honestly, if you’re going to invest in the landscape, why not light it? And if you’re going to invest in the in the landscape, you got to irrigate it. So all that stuff goes hand-in-hand. You tell me just all ties together. Obviously it does, but it’s like a circle of life. Yes I’ve life and therefore living water. Let’s all take a moment and reflect on your favorite doobie brothers song right now, please dude brothers, doobie brothers. Does a beautiful mama don’t get share their house. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa So, having said all that there was shocked by how cost-effective some of the you know, what is he in history has become more competitive and there’s a lot more high-end, really good quality figures on the market that the prices come down, but that you don’t see you know you don’t see the need to call it by brian, but the malibu light sets for $150 from lowes, probably more real quickly quickly, since we give me a real quick, 2 minute minute and 48 seconds, a minute and 44 seconds of the difference between malibu lighting and like a professional lifetime. Warranty lamp tell me what tell me the different sir, why, when you going to have a far different quality and just a fixture itself, most of the time for malibu lights are going to be out of some polymer type material plastic you’re there, their linda’s room going to be plastic, which we all know what happens with plastic lenses. Particular, please tell me they get scratched. Sprinkler Repair Tulsa They get uv tends to turn up. Come a yellowish color to whether or not as intense I mean truly with a fixture like that. When you get in tonight, accent lights like path, lights and stuff that you get into the spotlight, then the things you’re going to notice a difference in and then light intensity within a year’s time on a cheaper end, lower end malibu light. If you will and then just a light intensity itself is different time and that they’re they’re made to be there made to be thrown away. So whenever one of them goes out, you really need to replace the whole entire set of them as opposed to being able to service and or replace or add to your your existing fixture in a lot of people. Do that because, as you stay in a house just like you, change paint, colors, you’ll change, landscape, you a lot of pool you’ll put a new sidewalk in whatever else light fixtures get moved, they get they get added to and stuff like that. So what I was going to say earlier is probably just as much as anything else in your home. You get what you pay for it. It really holds true with low-voltage lights, and you know the other thing is:is you know if you do get ready to move only thing that really changes with low-voltage lights or just the placement of them? It’s not like that they’re not applicable at your new home or whatever. Of course, you’d want to take these out before you started showing your home, but you could always take. You know your light fixtures with you to another home. So take me with you when you go. Is that a doobie brothers song? So that’s going to wrap up our sprinkler repair, tulsa podcast for this week? We thank you so much for doing this, and on that note, doobie, brothers, doobie, brothers Sprinkler Repair Tulsa

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