Let’s talk about sprinkler install Tulsa. Repair sprinklers are an awesome thing. They can keep your water or your lawn watered and looking good. Um, now installing them is a whole other battle. First you want to start with the backflow preventer and go into some PVC and, and get some sprinkler heads and go on with everything you know about sprinklers and keep on sprinkler. Install and do things with sprinkler heads and go along with it. And, uh, your lawn will look amazing after your sprinkler is installed. The awesome thing about these things are about every other week you’re watering and you’re saving water because you’re not overusing water because we installed them. The proper way of living water. Irrigation is 100%. Absolutely the way to go if you’re going to install a sprinkler system. Now keep in mind there are different kinds. The sprinkler system, there’s trip, normal sprinkler systems, however you want to do it, just mainly for flowers or things of those sorts. Sprinkler Install.

Um, and there are multiple different kinds of controllers. Controllers have touch screens, controllers you can use from your phone, from basically anywhere in the world. Um, so if you ever want to change up your watering schedule, you can just use your phone from all the way in like California if you want it to and then you just change it while you’re gone. You can turn it off while you’re gone and as far as them coming on when it rains, if you want them to not come on when it rains, you need a rain sensor, which is actually this little thing that you put on your roof has a little cork in it and when those corks get wet, they float up telling the controller to not water your city or your lawn. Now once they drive back up, it’ll continue to water, but as long as they are wet it will not water and it will also not water if it is below 40 degrees outside. So you just got to install that to keep prevent those things from happening. Now

as far as

sprinkler install tulsa systems are a great thing to have and when you get your sprinkler installed, you’re going to want to make sure the company that’s installing it gives you a good warranty when it is installed. Now, most companies actually do not give you a warranty. Now, as for living water irrigation, we will give you a warranty on everything we did. So if anything breaks within the next 30 days, we will repair it for free. Now as far as winterization goes, uh, we normally costs $45 for us to winterize your system. But when you get a news sprinkler installed through us, you get a, the first year we will always come out and we, we’ll winterize the system for you. And if you’re back flow does break that $45 covers the backflow. So if it breaks, we replace it for free. Now normally that would cost you around 200, $300 to replace. Ewing

But in this case, since you’ve got the warranty on it, it’s only gonna cost you $45 every time you winterize. So that’s a good thing. Now, as far as repairs go, um, and there are a lot of things that have to be repaired over time just because like us, we have a life span. So those are the sprinkler system. Everything has a lifespan, no matter what you do or say, it will always have a lifespan. So we will come out and we will do repairs for you. Um, $75 to service call, $85 for every hour of labor that we do and whatever parts you may get that is included in the costs as well. But we will keep your system updated. We will keep it running perfectly and smoothly as possible, and we can also add things onto your sprinkler system if you ever so please either things like extra zones, more sprinkler heads, you can out of it drip zone to your system if you got new flowers or something like that.

Um, other than that, I mean the sprinkler system is a good thing to have. It’s a makes yard look pretty and you can water as much as you want, but let’s just not water every single day. You need to have at least one day off. So, uh, the grass can actually soak up the water it’s been given and you’re not over flooding your grass. Now depending on how your yard, how you want your yard to look is how much you will water it. Now if you want your yard to look the best, I would suggest watering at least five times a week if you want it to look moderate three times.

So that Kinda gets you an idea how to water it. Now for each zone on how long you should water each his own. It’s very dependent on what zone it is. If it is a, a zone that is covering the yard, he wanted her water it for about 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the yard. And then if it’s flowers or anything in the garden, um, you want a water for about five to seven minutes, just cause you don’t want to over water those things. It will, it will eventually kill the plants that are in your garden if you water it for too much. So I’m glad that I could fill you guys in on this. Thanks for listening. And this is living water, irrigation with sprinkler installed.

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