Now each of these mains power control is behind me operate 24 volts ac solenoid valves. Now these sold no vials, um, have the advantage of being remote from the controller so they can be up to a hundred meters away. I may be more. Now the beauty of the solenoid valves is that that very easy to assemble and very easy to wire. I’m going to show you that in a moment. We do manifold fittings here or little manifold assemblies as a two and there’s a four and a three way. Um, so very simple

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they’ve got an internal seal. The end stop is usually just capped off like so I’m not sure entry into that. So any, anything to one inch BSP male can go into their 25 mils sites, Tim or whatever your supply pipe sizes. And then the, these hunter valves have a one inch Mayo. Both sides. All used do is you simply screw them together.

Irrigation, Tulsa

like site, making sure you’ve got the solenoid valve the right way, round office, Lee Irrigation, Tulsa, that very simply if we have a two valve assemblies, so our inlet is here outside drain port point or I’ll stop hand and those are our valve out. Let’s 12 every silent spring clip, strip line, et cetera. Or You’ll notice on a 24 volts solenoid valve, you’ll have two red wires. Um, these two red wires are not polarity dependent, so it doesn’t matter which one you wire there will be a common. And then a trigger wire, a wall do now is, I’ll just show you how that’s connected into the multicore cable. I just happened to have some multicore cable here and this is a six core cables. So if we separate all the cores out,


make sure you don’t use the [inaudible]. So you’ve got the cables, they know what you want to do for how however many solenoid valves you’re doing, you want to select a common color. And that’s usually for me will be the black one because it seems to to remember. And then we have a trigger wire. So we’ll have number one valve will be red, number two valve will be green. And what I do is I fold those over and secure them. Don’t cut them off, but you may need to see a women chelation tape the cable here. Depending on where you go. If your have are higher, there is a tendency for the water to creep and hearsay always see all those off. Now you mustn’t connect an underground, uh, the foul ball or any vow for example, it’s going to be outside with anything other than these special grease

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failed crimp connectors, very easy to use. But the once they used once that they’re sealed in a silicon grease actually fills any gap in there and make sure no water can penetrate so he can be underwater quite safely. And in an outside Chamberlain underground chamber, there is a danger of it filling with water. So, uh, just be very careful. You do the connection. Yeah, correctly. Now I’ve got two solenoids here, but if you’ve got more than two solenoids, use type one wire from each of the solenoids and link them together as a common. So I’ve got two here, so I’ll just take my two wires from one from each of my solenoid. Now when these, uh, when you connect to into these grease crims, they’ve got translucent bags, so you can see that the cable’s gone fully in. And don’t forget to connect it to your common multicore cable wire, which in our case is black.

And then crimpy Padana is most important, most important that you crimp this properly with irrigation. Tulsa with a decent pair of pliers and you can actually see that my cables or nicely crim together, you don’t need to bear any of the wires, just leave them with the installation on and that will be a nice tight, waterproof connection. The other two are our trigger wires and electric and slightly different. So in my case, this is going to be my number one value. We should go and connect, connect to number two, the red wire. And this is my, my number two hours. I’m going to connect to the Yellow Irrigation Tulsa. So obviously you take the other wire from the chosen solid ride, which is this one here. And again, you connect in to agrees crimp and these are very clever, these grease crimps in the fact that they’re very quick to do when she get going and you could see what you do and again, make sure that see that, uh, is crimped well downs to the ceiling.

Silicon Grease, uh, can actually do its job and a second solenoid. Make sure it fully goes in and then criminal up. That’s it. Very, very simply, very watertight connection. What I normally do once I’ve tested and it works, um, I always bundle these wires together and just put a little ratchet strap around them. Totally eaten them up. Don’t cut the wires back cause yeah, in future, if you ever want to get the wire, get the solenoids changed or move them in and out of the chamber, uh, you, you’ll be glad of that extra bit. The cable. So we’ve one

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bye to our solenoid valves, which can be some distance away from the controller. What do we do now? Well, we take the other end of our signal cable, the cable that we wired into our solenoid valves, and we’re going to why now into the controller. So this can be wired to any of our mains powered controllers will connect to into the Hunter Act score. Cool.

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