Was a phone irrigation Tulsa sprinklers and install a sprinkler system. You need a back flow and you need to come from the water meter. You go straight from the water meter to the back for the backhoe, goes to the zone, valves in the zone, valves go to the heads. Um, we are a very well known company in Tulsa for sprinklers. Uh, the Irrigation Tulsa, amazing people in the world. We have the most reviewed website. Um, we’ve got over 200 reviews and it’s still going up every day. Uh, sprinklers are good things, so you’ll have to drag her out of your hose and water your yard, keeps your ward, your yard looking very good and healthy. Um, we also put rain sensors on your sprinkler system. So if it rains outside, there is no way that your sprinkler system is gonna run while it’s raining because he don’t want to over water your yard for no reason.

You don’t want to hike up your water bill. Um, for no reason. Um, we do wifi controllers. These are controllers that are controlled by your phone. You can literally control your circular system from across the world. Um, there’s that valves are what control each zone. So when you turn a zone on, on your controller, the valves open up and allow water to go to those specific heads in each zone. Um, you can set the zones for a certain amount of time depending on if it’s a grass area or if it’s a flower bed. Um, normally it runs about 12 to 25 minutes on grass areas, seven to 10 minutes on flower beds. Um, we do do other things like drainage and landscape lighting. Um, if you want to get that done, just give our office a call and we can get that set up for you. Um, sprinklers are irrigation. Tulsa is the sprinklers. Living Water Irrigation is the best irrigation company in the world. We, uh, we take pride in our work and we are awesome. Uh,

It worries me that people were going to actually listen to this and transcribe it because this is bad. I’m living water irrigation. We do repairs. Anything from a leak to installing a new controller or just diagnosing your system. We also do winterization is in the winter that costs $45 for us to come out and winterize your system for you. And you want to get your system winterized because if you don’t, you’re backflows liable to bust. And those aren’t the cheapest things in the world to replace. So if we come out and winterize it and if anything does happen to your backflow over the winter after we winterized it, we were placed that back for, for free. So it’s a very good deal for just $45, uh, compared to about 300 to $500 to replace your backbone depending on what kind of backflow you have. A backflow is needed in a sprinkler system because they prevent any water from going from the sprinkler system back into your main drinking water line.

You don’t want that to happen cause chemicals can appear in your sprinkler system and you know what the chemicals to come back into your drinking water because that can make you sick. Um, depending on where your backflow is located is depending on what backflow you have. So if you’re back flow is lower than all your sprinkler heads in your system, you will have an Rpz backflow, which is one of the ones that are on the more expensive side. And then the PB back flow is the backflow that is located above all the rest of your heads. So a PV backflow doesn’t have a dual check or a double check valve. I didn’t like the Rpz. Backflow does B because they are above the head and it doesn’t need that to prevent the water from coming back into your drinking system. But the RPZ has a dual check. It’s a, because it’s so below your sprinkler heads, it needs that to prevent the water from going back into your drinking water. Here at living water, we do all these things including,

I don’t know,

we can get you set up for an install. We are starting to finance and installs, which is six to 12 months, no interest depending on what you choose. Um, I said interest. Did I say interest? Oh my God,

Um, we also do drainage repair and landscape lighting repair. So if you have any issues in those areas, we would be more than happy to come out and check out, uh, your landscape lighting and your drainage for you. Um, we also do redesigns and.

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